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  1. That would be your station's friendly neighborhood program director -- although many of the calls on whether or not to pick up shows is predominately made on the corporate level any more. Decades ago, the trade magazines would list stations that had picked up the shows, and it eventually became the broadcast groups.
  2. KSNF in Joplin, Mo., has delayed NBC's 12:35 a.m. show -- whether it be Later, Last Call or A Little Late -- until 4 a.m. I lived in the market during the Bob Costas Later days, and checking the new schedule, that's still the case. Bumped by a lot of hourlong talk/court shows that everyone else plays in daytime. Aren't those the episodes for the CW?
  3. I didn't realize that WTTV was locally programming its subchannel. How's it branded?
  4. I look at KCDO's website frequently and am impressed by its schedule. Is it considered in the Denver market?
  5. Don't jump to any conclusions until the week of the 16th. Matlock and Gunsmoke are simulcast from MeTV, placeholders. Better than plugging in infomercials!
  6. Why not just air a new, branded newscast at that time? Rerunning your news on your sister station is more like market 105 than No. 5.
  7. There's enough affiliates out there, particularly in the central time zone, that run Access before the evening news that you think there'd be another feed. We'll see. Here in Topeka, it's moving into the old Millionaire spot at 2:30p, after Inside Edition (which is that day's version).
  8. The show made a big mistake on its website, listing the time frame where it *could* run -- likely just copying it off the contract -- rather than the exact times. It's causing a lot of confusion, especially for us syndication junkies.
  9. Here's what's happening in Buffalo: https://buffalonews.com/2019/08/20/new-talk-shows-from-kelly-clarkson-mel-robbins-and-tamron-hall-to-air-locally/ Cliff's Notes: Kelly at 4p on WKBW (Hot Bench moves to 3, replacing Pickler); WNLO will have Mel at 10, Wendy at 11, Tamron at noon (700 Club is gone), WUTV has Judge Jerry at 11 (replacing Face the Truth), Personal Injury at 3, Doctors moves to 9a on WNYO; 25 Words at 4 and 8:30, America Says at 4:30 and 8 on WYNO.
  10. In the Quad-Cities of Iowa/Illinois: WHBF (CBS): 25 Words x2 replaces Millionaire x2 at 3p. KLJB (Fox): TMZ Live moves from 5a to 4a; Business First moves from 4:30a to 5a; Judge Jerry at 6a and 130a; Tamron at 9a (bumping Wendy to 2p, replacing Steve). KGCW (CW): Doctors at 7a (replacing Dr. Oz); Dateline at 8a (replacing Doctors); Divorce Court at 9a (Dateline); Mel Robbins at noon (Divorce Court); Dr. Oz at 1030p (American Dad x2); Bob's Burgers at 11:30p (King of the Hill/HIMYM); HIMYM at 1230a (Comics Unleashed); Comics Unleashed at 130a (Face the Truth). Doubt WQAD has any changes, uncertain what would be left for its 8.3/MyTV. I'd bet Kelly Clarkson would take the 2p on KWQC.
  11. Here in Topeka: WIBW (CBS): 25 Words or Less replaces Daily Mail at 4:30p and 12:35 a KSNT (NBC): Access replaces Millionaire at 2:30p KTKA (ABC): Mel Robbins replaces Steve at 11a KTMJ (Fox): Celebrity Page at 6:30a, bumps Right This Minute to 5:30a; Kelly Clarkson at 3p, bumping The Real to 2; Paternity Court x2 from 4-5p, moving one run of Mom to 11p; Big Bang third ep, 10:30p; Caught in Providence x2 (new in market), 11:30p, followed by Protection Court and Personal Injury Court, then The Game at 1:30a.
  12. I'm hoping this can be a boost for the Viacom networks. Most of them -- CMT, MTV, VH1, Comedy Central and BET -- have had a sharp decline in original programming in the past few years, settling for the same crop of dozen movies repeatedly or lackluster six-hour rerun marathons.
  13. Back in the '70s, KOLN's 10p news had the highest market share of any CBS affil in the nation. KLKN has taken a little dent, but it should be interesting with Deb Mcdermott's (former KOLN PD) company. KSNB is owned by Gray but has a completely different newscast, focusing on Kearney-Hastings-Grand Island. If you're referring to KWCH, that's Wichita, a fur piece (as we say in Kansas) away.
  14. More so than Judge fill-in-the-blank? https://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/protection-court-to-premiere-in-syndication-this-fall https://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/cbs-owned-stations-take-mgms-personal-injury-court
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