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  1. KNSB TV just recently asked the FCC if they could switch their VHF signal to a UHF signal in Lincoln Nebraska.
  2. This marks the first year since the FCC okayed the KDLT/KSFY TV merger for GRAY TV.
  3. I miss the CUBS games. 2014 were the last time they were on WGN AMERICA. I'm sure BRAVES fans say the same thing for WTBS I miss analog TV also.
  4. I could See WLTZ TV becoming a CW station and moving NBC programming to WTVM TV. I agree with JCB4TV said. This would comply with FCC rules
  5. a triopoly in Columbus? Who knows FCC/DOJ?
  6. WRAL TV has always been number 1. When it was a CBS affiliate it remained number 1, even after the switch to NBC. CBS dropped WRAL TV and NBC was happy to affiliate.
  7. KTUU is the higher ranked TV station. Will see how KYES will do under GRAY TV"S control.
  8. To change the subject a little bit, Have we heard anything on Standard Media and WGBC TV/
  9. I’m surprised that KTUU and Gray TV didn’t just stay with KTVA. Then Gray TV would have to sell KYES TV. The format for news would be Alaska News Now. Much like with KSFY and KDLT TV. With KTUU/KYES it’s now a NBC/CBS vs the ABC/FOX tv market in Alaska Gray now controls the NBC and CBS markets in the 49Th state.
  10. Would Sinclair resell the RSN if they lose money?
  11. I know YOUTUBE TV has added most of RSN except MSG and Sports LA( DOGERS). I’m a CUBS fan, so will see if FUBO adds MARQUEE. Adding MLB Network and the ABC/ESPN will now all professional sports on FUBO.
  12. Fubo TV has added ESPN/ABC/DISNEY. Will ABC be on FUBO in my area. I live in the SIoux Falls TV market.
  13. Have we heard anything on WGBC TV and WMDN TV deals yet from November.
  14. It will be interesting to see what happens when Coastal broadcasting takes over KTWO, KGWC, and KLWY TV. The three stations are still under their previous owners as we speak. Will KGWC TV begin having newscasts
  15. Surprised KTWO TV and KGWC TV did not close the next day. The FCC okayed the deal on April 16. When Gray TV had the okay by the FCC on KDLT TV deal, the sale was consumed the next day.
  16. What are the likely hood of SCOTUS of overturning the Third Circuit's decision. Will the SCOTUS side with the FCC?
  17. I'm surprised GRAY TV was not mentioned. Gray tried to buy KGWC TV while still owning KCWY TV. The DOJ/FCC blocked the deal. Now all 3 TV stations are under new ownership.
  18. KFNB, KTWO, KGWC TV will be sister stations for their respective owners.
  19. DISNEY owns ESPN,ABC, and some elements of FOX(21 Century ). I am surprised they didn't get the FOX tv and regionals, now off too Sinclair.
  20. KGBT TV is now a independent station. They were a CBS affiliate for over 60 years. Too bad.
  21. I didn’t know Sinclair gave up KGBT TV assets to Nextstar and KVEO TV. I take it was over the Tribune attempted acquirement.
  22. To change the subject. NEXTSTAR just improved KELO TV with upgrades. It would not surprise me if NEXTSTAR or Mission broadcasting would purchase KTTW tv in the future. Just a prediction.
  23. What are the possibilities of the FCC approving the sale of KGWC and KTWO TV to their respective companies
  24. Did GRAY TV try to buy KGWC TV a couple of years ago and was blocked by the DOJ.
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