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  1. What happens to KTTW Tv after losing FOX. I don't know. I was surprised that Gray now has the ABC/NBC/FOX in SF SD market. There was no mention of the KTTW TV sale.to different owners. I live here we don't know who bought KTTW./KTTM.
  2. Could NBC/ABC flip the Sunday/Night NFL package. NBC getting MNF, ABC getting SNF. I think ABC should get MNF back with ESPN simulcast.
  3. I remember when Gray TV (KSFY TV owner} bought another SF station, I thought it would have been KTTW. Not KDLT TV. I also thought if KTTW were to be sold it would be to Mission (Nextstar) KELO TV. JCB4TV, your right. I thought it would be a KELO/KTTTW TV duopoly. Good thing I didn't put money on it.
  4. I'm not surprised that the FOX station moved to another TV station. I thought KELO (NEXTSTAR) would be getting the FOX affiliation . Topeka, KS, has the same situation except the NBC station is the number 2 station in that market. What happens to KTTW TV is up for debate. This I think caught me by surprise.
  5. Fox TV switches Channels in Sioux Falls, From KTTW TV 7 to KDLT TV 46.2 . KTTW TV announced yesterday at 12 p.m. (Nov , 1). NORTH PINE reported. No details from KTTW TV or Gray's KSFY/KDLT TV as of yet.
  6. Have NBC/ABC split Thursday Night Football. Keep the Sunday packages on FOX and CBS. The NFL wants to keep cable from the NFL.
  7. Could Sinclair sell FOX RSN"s ? With Dish, Sling, Fubo, Hulu, all dropping the RSN"s.
  8. The FCC proposes KGW TV to move the their digital signal from a VHF signal to a UHF signal. KSNB TV wants to switch their signal to a UHF digital signal as well. Will see how it goes.
  9. Its the same way in the SIoux Falls market except the GM is a good guy and the people at KSFY/ KDLT are pretty good. KELO TV is still the elephant in the room and that Gray TV is trying to catch. On another subject, will see how the Supreme Court rules on media ownership rules. I wish WRDW/WAGT TV the best.
  10. A little SNL and school rock humor. I like it.
  11. We also saw the attempt when GRAY TV a few years ago tried to buy KGWC TV, only to be denied by the DOJ and FCC. GRAY did buy KDLT while owning KSFY TV. What happened if Mission Broadcasting bought KDLT instead? What kind of ruling would the FCC have made then?
  12. I'm surprised duopolies between the top four tv stations did not happen before the 1990's. The advent of Cable TV, internet, FOX, CNN,MSNBC have changed platform of TV.
  13. I can't see owning Two top 4 stations in big city markets like LA, New York, Miami, Seattle, Chicago ,Denver, Dallas etc Smaller markets in certain cities maybe. The FCC/NAB want to change a two decades plus outdated rule. Could we see more duopolies if the Supreme Court rules for the FCC. Gone are the days of the mom and pop TV stations
  14. It will be interesting to see if the Supreme Court will overturn the third court's ruling. Allowing cross newspaper/TV ownership and owning Two top 4 TV stations in the same market. The FCC and NAB were happy for the SC to hear the appeal. Will see how it plays out.
  15. YOU TUBE TV, Dish,Sling, Fubo TV have all droped Fox Sports Regionals.
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