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  1. CubsFan79

    Random WGN thread

    Jack Brickhouse, Arnie Harris, and Harry Caray are turning over in their graves. Warning signs from 2014.
  2. CubsFan79

    ABC going after NFL Sunday package?

    The winners could be DISNEY/FOX. ABC could nab the AFC package. FOX keeps the NFC. NBC will keep Sunday Night Football, or could add Monday or Thursdays package. CBS could also go after the AFC package, Monday or Thursday. The loser could be CBS. The new Disney/FOX merger could doom CBS.
  3. CubsFan79

    ABC going after NFL Sunday package?

    ABC could have NFL FOOTBALL right now if they simulcast with ESPN. I said earlier ABC could get MNF in 2022 and THNF in 2022. ABC made a big mistake in 2006 by giving up the NFL.
  4. WGN TV removed CUBS baseball from the SUPERSTATION in 2015. CUBS could do the same with WGN TV in 2020. Too bad.
  5. CubsFan79

    ABC going after NFL Sunday package?

    I like the NFC games on FOX. Could see ABC going after the AFC Package. Maybe MNF back on ABC and THNF also on ABC. NBC retaining SNF. With the DISNEY/FOX Merger who knows who gets what?
  6. CubsFan79

    Gray buying KDLT

    What is the latest news on KSFY/KDLT TV merger with Gray TV. it has been 7 months

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