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  1. Forgive for the screw up again. I'm surprised MYTV did not move to KMEG TV on 720p 14.1. CBS on KPTH TV 44.2. I wish Sinclair and both stations luck. My apology for putting in Memoriam. PEACE
  2. I a little surprised that KMEG TV will become a DABL station, after years as a CBS ( First FOX station). I remember watching KMEG TV before DTV, it was a excellent TV station. First to carry FOX NFL station. Could not get the FOX station from Sioux Falls. I'm surprised MYTV didn't move to KMEG at 720p, CBS on KPTH TV 44.2. I wish Sinclair and both stations the best.
  3. I thought I put it in Sinclair. My mistake. Larry King RIP. Good Guy.
  4. KMEG TV another Sinclair station moving to KPTH TV sub channel. I remember when that station had a main CBS programming/Secondary Fox off air programming. How many more Sinclair stations are going to continue this.
  5. What becomes of FOX stations owned or operated by Sinclair moving to sub channels in TV markets like Cedar Rapids IA and Charleston WV
  6. Will one of the big companies be interested in Quincy Media. Kind of surprised me.
  7. KTTW TV’s previous owners are selling to a non profit organization. The Fox affiliate would have gone to KDLT TV or KELO TV. Either Nextstar or Gray TV would have been given the FOX affiliation.
  8. I’m surprised WHIZ TV does not have a FOX/CBS/ABC sub channel.. Zanesville being a small market.
  9. With all seriousness aside, Are Sinclair and NPG broadcast groups making these moves or will other broadcast groups do the same.
  10. “What in the wide wide world of sports is going on”. I mean TV.
  11. Sinclair moving three Fox stations to two CBS and 1 ABC to sub channels. What becomes of the Fox stations in Houghton,WV, and Cedar Rapids, IA.
  12. Sinclair's second move with two FOX stations in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Beaumont, Texas.

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