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  1. Will the Supreme Court rule for TOP 4 duopolies in smaller TV markets. Only time will tell. It took over a year for KDLT TV and GRAY TV with KSFY. Casper is a lot smaller than the Sioux Falls/Mitchell tv market. KELO and NEXTSTAR are the giants here, while Gray TV is a giant in Wyoming.
  2. I wonder what Leagcy broadcasting would have done with KTWO,KLWY, KFNB TV, and Gray TV with KGWC TV and KCWY TV. Would these stations have improved under the two ownership groups if given approval by the FCC/DOJ.
  3. I think the KCWY/KGWC TV and the KTWO/KFNB TV would have been a great fit for Gray and Legcy broadcasting, but the DOJ/FCC ruled against it. I .wish all three stations the best.
  4. Could Gray and KCWY TV take CBS away from KGWC TV. Where would that leave KGWC TV/ KGWC TV reminds me of KMEG TV in Sioux City when it had a affiliation with CBS and FOX. It had to compete with KTIV, KCAU. and KELO TV for news.
  5. I could see KTWO TV and KGWC TV simulcast the morning and 6, and 10 newscast. Why were the DOJ and FCC worried about GRAY TV'S Control in Wyoming. I live in the Sioux Falls TV market, if anything Gray TV has improved KDLT TV news department with the merger with KSFY. Will see what Coastal will do with all three stations.
  6. I am surprised that the Casper Cheyanne market does not merge. Is KCWY TV the number 1 station in Casper. But Cheyanne is with Scottsbluff Ne.
  7. I know YOUTUBE TV has added most of RSN except MSG and Sports LA( DOGERS). I’m a CUBS fan, so will see if FUBO adds MARQUEE. Adding MLB Network and the ABC/ESPN will now all professional sports on FUBO.
  8. Fubo TV has added ESPN/ABC/DISNEY. Will ABC be on FUBO in my area. I live in the SIoux Falls TV market.
  9. You have to wonder if Legacy Broadcasting had bought KTWO TV and KFNB (KLWY) TV, and KCWY and GRAY TV bought KGWC TV what the Casper TV market would have looked like. The FCC has already been Supreme Court to lo relax duopoly rules. Will see what the court rules.
  10. You would have to wonder what if GRAY TV would have bought KGWC TV and had been allowed to be a duopoly with KCWY TV, maybe if KTWO TV would have been allowed to buy KGWL TV and converted it to a ABC or FOX station, maybe the DOJ or FCC would have okayed the sale to GRAY TV.
  11. I live in the Sioux Falls TV market, Where KDLT TV would have faced the same situation of the news department if not for the merger with KSFY TV.
  12. KCWY and KTWO TV aren't they the only newscasts in the Casper Wy TV market?
  13. I agree with MS. Samantha, the DOJ made a mistake with KCWY and Gray Tv for not approving KGWC TV application in 2018 I don't know the rank or ratings of Casper WY tv market are. It appears KTWO, KFNB, and KGWC TV are under common ownership, While GRAY TV owns KCWY TV.
  14. KTWO TV is the only station for Vision Alaska doing local news. Will see if KGWC TV and KFNB (KLWY) will add newscasts to compete with KCWY TV as well. I assume all three stations are sister stations under the same ownership group.
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