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  1. I can't see a KOTA/ KEVN/KNBN TV TRIOPOLY in Rapid. Also a KSFY/KDLT/KTTW in Sioux Falls. I know Topeka, KS, and Youngstown, Ohio, have this scenario. Will see what happens.
  2. KSFY/KDLT TV teaser for news. Coming Jan 13. just saw the promo now.
  3. What happen I did not think the submit button worked. It did and pushed the button too many times. My fault
  4. I read a comment on the WRDW TV and WAGT TV being under GRAY. Did WJBF go to court over WAGT TV in 2016, VS WRDW TV.
  5. Will the DOJ/FCC okay the deal with all the parties ( KTWO, KGWC, and KLWY) included.
  6. Nice tribute to WGN sports. With great CUBS moments with Jack Brickhouse, Harry Caray, Dewayne Statts, Chip Caray, Steve Stone, Len Casper and JD.
  7. As CUBS fan for 40 years, It's too bad Marquee could not simulcast 40 games with WGN TV. Somewhere JACK, ARNIE, and HARRY are turning over in their graves. Of course out of state CUBS fans have been without WGN for 6 years. Sad .
  8. Will see what happens with KQTV in St .joe MO. KNPN is a LP station{s} It would be more than a duopoly. Let's see if the DOJ/FCC okay the deal.
  9. Rapid City has a different TV DMA. GRAY Owns KOTA/KEVN TV. KNBN TV. KCLO TV is only SIoux Falls station in Rapid City. Rapid serves the western SD. Sioux Falls the rest of the state except Union County..
  10. Could see that scenario. Small TV Markets are becoming a dying breed.Sad
  11. Gray having 3 networks ABC,NBC, and FOX. could see that happen
  12. It could be like Topeka KS. KSNT is a NBC station and controls KTMJ ( FOX] and the ABC station. KTKA.
  13. If the FCC had denied the duopoly. KDLT TV would be better having a duopoly with KTTW TV. Since KTTW TV has no news. It would have NBC and FOX programming without local news. KSFY/ KDLT TV will have a long time catching KELO TV and NEXTSTAR . I Wish KSFY/KDLT TV the best.
  14. KSFY TV and KDLT TV reunited after 50 years when both were KSOO TV and KORN TV and operated as a NBC regional network until 1969. Likely to see more TOP 4 duopolies with the wave of the internet, cable news. Welcome to the 21ST Century.
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