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  1. KSFY TV 13.2 has added a 9 pm broadcast on “ DAKOTA NEWS NOW” starting April 6. One of Gray TV improvements since the KSFY- KDLT TV merger.
  2. This could be a problem in the Jacksonville TV market, with Tegna owning WTLV and WJXX, Apollo - Cox owning WFOX and SSA WJAX TV.
  3. Now it's down to Apollo and Allen for Tegna. Will see how it plays out
  4. A nice article on the KSFY/KDLT TV duopoly by TV NEWS. CHECK.
  5. MLB cancels spring training games and delays regular season due to COR 19.
  6. I did not know that KFOX TV wasn't in the top 4 tv station . It will be interesting to see in the next 6 months what happens with Gray and Tegna.
  7. Gray and Apollo want the steak which is Tegna. Will see what the DOJ /FCC do with this situation.
  8. Chicago Fire, the last of Pro Sports on WGN TV. As a Cubs fan it’s a sad.
  9. It's not up to me, will see how it plays out with both parties.
  10. The GRAY/TEGNA TV merger would have to get DOJ/FCC approval. It gets quite messy in TV markets with Tegna and Gray.
  11. Could Sinclair's RSN be pay per view only?
  12. Hurts a lot of Regional teams, like MLB, NHL, NBA teams. I have Fubo TV, Hopefully the Tv services have other nets to rely on.
  13. Dish, You Tube TV, Sling, Fubo, all dropping SINCLAIR RSNs. Hulu might be next who knows. SAD.
  14. Sling, You tube TV, Fubo TV, also dropping Fox Net. Only Direct TV and Hulu tv have Fox Sports Net. Where their other TV groups besides Sinclair were offered for Fox Regionals. Sinclair owns the CUBS Marquee Network also.
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