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  1. Good luck with competition with Nextstar’s KELO and Gray’s KSFY/ KDLT . Good luck with KSFL TV competition with Nextstar and KELO TV, and Grays KSFY/KDLT TV.
  2. I remember when KMEG TV was affiliated with both CBS and FOX.
  3. Have we heard anything on WDAY KVRR Forum acquisition from the FCC.
  4. I’m surprised KWSD TV did not get FOX affiliation before KDLT TV. KWSD had a stronger signal than KTTW TV.
  5. Nice move by WHIZ TV to add FOX TV. Another network WHIZ TV should add is CBS or ABC. How small a tv market is Zanesville.
  6. Nice move by WHIZ TV to add FOX TV. Another network WHIZ TV should add is CBS or ABC.
  7. Nice move by WHIZ TV to add FOX TV.
  8. Nice to see ABC and NBC doing some MLB games. Would love to see NBC do more Sunday morning games in 2023.
  9. So BIG TEN football signs with FOX and NBC. See what happens with the IRISH
  10. Little surprised by XFL moving to ABC ESPN after being on NBC and FOX.
  11. I’m surprised more VHF channels don’t move to UHF digital channels .
  12. With WHIZ TV being in a small market. You would think they would have more than one network affiliation. Outside CW .
  13. I know Peacock/NBC will get MLB , will NBC Tv be doing some MLB games. I get Peacock and Apple.
  14. KVLY is a full power station and KXJB TV is a low power station. I don’t think the FCC will break up the duopoly of KVLY/KXJB.
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