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  1. KGBT TV sold to Mission Broadcasting. Will KGBT return to CBS TV since the FCC approved the sale on 5- 12.
  2. Maybe Gray will sell WIFR TV to Allen Broadcasting if they don’t get the Channel 9 License. Just a thought.I’m still surprised Gray didn’t keep WREX TV along with WIFR TV.
  3. Would love to see KDLT TV pick up ME Tv 2 on a sub channel.
  4. WREX TV being sold to Allen media, a little surprised here since WIFR Tv is a a LP station. Surprised that no duopoly will be created in Rockford.
  5. Fox has MlB/NFL/Big Ten Sports right now. Cannot imagine going after the NHL.
  6. SC ruling may have also impacted the Gray’s Ksfy and Kdlt TV duopoly. The Gray/ Quincy merger is up next with the FCC.
  7. Bally begins today. No April’s fool joke today.
  8. This was a fast ruling by the SC. Will this impact the Gray Quincy deal especially in Rockford.
  9. Did not surprise me Sinclair sold KGBT TV to Mission Broadcasting. Will the sale be approved, and will CBS return to KGBT.
  10. I can’t see a conflict with WIFR TV and WREX TV, with WIFR being a LP other than Rockford’s market size.
  11. I could see CBS move to WREX sub channel if the deal with Gray and Quincy is approved. WIFR TV is a LP station. See how it plays out.
  12. Fox likely would just prefer the Sunday package.
  13. Good to see the Alphabet Network back in the NFL and SB rotation.

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