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  1. From what I am reading, Amanda Barren from WSAZ is one.
  2. It seems Amanda Barren has left WSAZ. She has been off the air for almost 2 weeks and her bio has been taken off the website. Big loss for ‘SAZ if so.
  3. WMBF in Myrtle Beach received a new set that debuted yesterday. https://www.facebook.com/17451671719/posts/10158100462256720/?d=n
  4. They are getting the standard Gray package. It’s the same package as WXIX. I seen a promo that showed the new graphics.
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/jerodnbc4/status/1305596213128028161
  6. Veteran reporter Glenn McEntyre is the latest to depart 10TV news(WBNS).
  7. Scott Light has left WBNS in Columbus. This leaves Yolanda Harris anchoring solo in the evenings. https://www.facebook.com/53828014368/posts/10159207054139369/?d=n
  8. I wonder why the new website doesn’t list the on-air talent? I’ve been noticing it on all the stations that have switched.
  9. WKYT has launched the new website design also. https://www.wkyt.com
  10. Since they debuted the news set in January of 2019, all the shows have been anchored out of the Huntington studios. However, they have brought back the “dual box” during this pandemic.
  11. I am curious if Gray is going to roll out new websites and apps for all stations so they are all the same.
  12. Here is the press realease on Gray’s website.
  13. Looks like Gray has also launched a new website. https://gray.tv/

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