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  1. Cable nets are in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. it will soon be the backup for NBC and Telemundo networks. Network master -- the NBC and Telemundo networks -- are moving from 30 Rock to Denver. Telemundo is there now as of a few weeks ago; NBC move coming this summer. Also, NBC utilizes three different uplink locations for NBC and Telemundo: New York (as mentioned above), but also an uplink near Denver and another in Universal City, California. Separate from the NBC area at the Dry Creek office, Comcast has master control facilities for things like the NHL and PAC 12 network. Not sure there is any backup anymore in Los Angeles -- at least for NBC and Telemundo network. There is a big NBC office, including production and control rooms, but no master control facility. SkyPath is the NBC system for KU satellite distribution to NBC affiliates. NBC uses SkyPath to "switch" stations based on clearances, they use it to send urgent messages to affiliates, etc. Only regular show produced/sent from DC is Meet The Press. NBC uplinks their primary channels (East, Central, Mountain, Pacific, but not alternate channels like the breaking news channel) via C-Band. Telemundo is only distributed via C-Band.
  2. Correct. I don't think universal City has been in the mix for network/cable/locals origination for awhile. Under the new setup w/o 30 rock: Dry Creek: NBC & Telemundo network, O&O hub, and cable backup (they also do cable streaming I believe). Englewood Cliffs: Cable channels and NBC & Telemundo network backup
  3. Same building. Dry Creek is the CMC. NBC NOC here is for the O&O's, cable streaming and backup and soon to be network. 30 rock NOC going away, and the other NBC NOC in New Jersey at CNBC building is main cable master and will backup network after the Colorado move.
  4. Dry Creek has been the backup for at least a few years, as far as I know. Use to be a bare bones type backup, but they've really built it out in preparation for this change, im told. All the shows from 30 rock, DC and LA are fed there now over fiber, recorded and they backup every network feed now. They've been shadowing everything for awhile. Friend told me they had to use the Colorado facility for like 8 hours a few months ago when 30 rock master had a huge problem. Despite that letter, they're moving forward. Like I said, per chatter inside the building, Telemundo full time here in the next few weeks and NBC next summer. There were more letters I saw from the union conceding the change would happen, but can't find them on their site. Dry Creek has hired a bunch of new operators and managers.
  5. NBCU is moving their master control operations for both NBC & Telemundo NETWORK to their facility near Denver - known as Dry Creek. Telemundo originating full time in the next few weeks, NBC by next summer. Shutting down what they call "BOC" at 30 Rock. Source: I work in the building. Also, union representing the operators in New York: [MEDIA=twitter]1022189298144227328[/MEDIA] And this is the same facility their NBC & Telemundo O&Os are located.
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