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  1. Unfortunately that most likely won’t happen.. the show seriously needs a male presence though. Robert Moses and either Kerry Drew or Regan Medgie would do well
  2. Today was Sukanya Krishna’s last day on Good Day Wake up.. tomorrow is Jenn Lahmers last day.. wonder who the new team will be.. maybe Robert Moses and Kerry Drew?
  3. News 12 Bx/Bk share a studio.. not sure where it is.. the News 12 WC/HV studio and main newsroom used to be in Yonkers but is now broadcast from LI.. the newsroom in Yonkers is still in operation as is the west nyack center
  4. Do they leave it on all the time? I remember a few Facebook lives where the screens went black minutes after the newscast ended.. but that’s beside the point.. it looks great. I wish they’d use a live shot I think it would look great.
  5. I’m sorry but WCBS has nothing going for them in the morning right now.. Despite what others on this thread say traffic is pretty important in the morning.. what’s the Happening Today segment? Like a rundown of top stories or something?
  6. Most likely not by choice.. Carol Silva is at the end of the year too..
  7. The weather center in both shots are the same set.. just different angles.. however there are 2 different weather centers.. one used during newscasts and the other one that’s upstairs which is used during GMA/breaking weather cut ins
  8. My thing is WCBS is not the strongest in the morning to begin with so eliminating something people are accustomed to or rely on is just dumb.. yes they say traffic reports are outdated within minutes but many people that watch live in the suburbs.. if they hear that there’s an accident and the GW is backed up or the palisades is down to one lane they’ll probably adjust their routine.. all in all traffic is just as.. if not more important than the weather in the morning.. which is why it’s done at the top and as often as it is.. i just think it’s insane for them to bypass traffic all together and be so inconsistent with it..
  9. Him and Sandra make a pretty good team.. have good chemistry and flow
  10. Thank you for clarifying.. I was actually not aware of that
  11. So I have a question maybe someone can answer.. For example WABC has Alex Lee fill in whenever Heather is off.. Alex Lee is also heard on 94.7 (NYs Country) and a few others.. Christina Stoffo (who used to anyway) fill in for Ines on FOX 5 is heard on KTU, Z100, Lite FM etc.. obviously the same traffic provider for each station, respectively.. WCBS has radio stations with the same parent company as WCBS-TV.. no?? So why not use Patty Steele from 101.1 or someone from 880.. even if they just sit at the desk or stand at a monitor wall.. Hell, even use a field reporter. But anyway if someone could answer the radio question that would be great.. I’m kinda interested
  12. Today was Baruch Semtovs last day
  13. No they don’t.. however PIX11 does have talent bumpers while going to commercial every so often showcasing the talent...
  14. Hoping they get a male co-anchor (now don’t ban me) the show needs some testosterone and more balance
  15. Possibly the first of its kind anchor pairing this morning.., Alex Stokes anchored with her mother Lori Stokes on Good Day NY.. filled in for Rosanna
  16. Really? Cause Bill Evans specifically said numerous times he’s in talks with other stations and will return... but ya know “not happening” and Dave could easily get TDINY and Rafael the 11 and 4.. pretty easy move if you ask me..
  17. Interesting anchor line up today: Noon: Rob Nelson and Lauren Glassberg 4pm: David and Lauren 5pm: Lauren and Sade 6pm: David 11pm: (assuming) David and Sade I KNOW Shirleen is off the noon until after the baby.. Bill and Liz are off.. but I’m just sayin it’s interesting to see the diff line up today
  18. Unbelievable. Even News 12 has the anchors at least read the traffic report if nobody is filling in.
  19. Guess I really wasn’t crazy when I mentioned this idea. This is awesome news.
  20. New set has debuted tonight at 10
  21. I would think they’d wanna announce it sometime this week. With sweeps coming and everything you’d think they would have something hopefully set in stone
  22. I’m starting to wonder if they’re planning some sort of anchor moves and they’re testing pairs .. Monday night at 5 Mary Calvi was in fir Kristine and Alice Gainer was in the field.. I just find it weird.. also that when Dick Brennan did the 9 he would often fill in on the morning show and now he’s not at all..
  23. Chris Cimino drops F-bomb on live TV.. https://trib.al/JV6JPS8
  24. First of all.. I understand Alex anchoring and giving her the chance but they have plenty of options for coverage if they couldn’t cover her.. I’m sure they knew well in advance that Chris would be hosting the Talk today.. and they could’ve worked a schedule.. I remember even PIX11 a while back if Jill Nicolini was covering the early shift she’d either read the traffic from the desk or the weather anchor (whoever it was that day) would jump in.. traffic is one of the most.. if not THE biggest reason ppl tune in during the morning.
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