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  1. Today was Andrea Grymes last day anchoring at WCBS. She is unsure if she’ll continue with them reporting during the week, as she was ONLY working weekends.
  2. Not sure about that.. they run the one at 5pm
  3. Looks like Kendis and Arainee will be doing the 4&5 he debuted last Monday from what it looks like on insta
  4. From what it looks like the 10am is now done from the main set
  5. Interesting. So I’ll assume anyway it’ll be Airinee and him at 4 and 5 then Shirley and Kori at 6 and 10?
  6. Right but Brittany does the 4:30-6 part of the show so I wasn’t sure if they’d have 2 diff talent opens for the morning show
  7. The noon open debuted (first time watching this week) officially with David Sandra and Brittany.. question for the 5am opening are they using one with Mike Shirleen and Brittany or are they still using generic?
  8. Do we think they’ll have talent opens for the rest of the newscasts? Or standard opens like this ?
  9. New graphics on air as of 6pm tonight. Did not get to see the open
  10. It’s like the times Michelle has been passed over for a weekday spot (which she hinted she wanted at one point) its definitely a somewhat odd decision, unless Toni doesnt want to be tied down to every weekend. What I think would be even cooler tho is to have Joe and Michelle reunite being that Sandra went to weekdays.
  11. I’ve noticed that too. And she’s not been active on social media. Hope all is well and she’s just on a long vacation or something
  12. He will be doing the full 7-10 and apparently during the NFL season he’ll do Tuesday-Friday
  13. Interesting. I wonder if Chris Welch will be joining Bianca on the 6:00 as well
  14. And 2,5,7 and 11 all had newscasts you could watch. if you want to watch the news watch somewhere else.
  15. I get what everyone is saying… but it was Christmas Morning… not many wake up and say let me turn on the news… if anything it would be background noise while you’re opening gifts… I don’t see this as a huge deal especially if it means the staff gets time off with their family. Also GDNY ran a taped special at 9, not a live newscast as expected
  16. Per social media.. Regan posted she does not have a set schedule yet and she’ll be on at diff times… also she’ll be reporting and doing the weather so it definitely seems more than freelance
  17. She must be training. Dani put up an Instagram story and she is in the studio with her. So they now technically have 6 on air weather people?
  18. During the banter at 6:00 tonight Liz had made a comment (to which the guys replied) and she responded with that’s what happens when you anchor for 3.5 hours straight. It was kinda funny. Lauren anchored with her at 4 and 5
  19. They also appear to be short handed this week. It seems as if everyone but Liz was off last night. Not sure who did the 4:00, but Joe and Sandra did 5/11 and Liz did the 6:00 solo. Mike also worked like everyday last week so he is entitled to a day off finally lol
  20. Looks like they could be shooting a promo. I’m sure it doesn’t take much to set up the small desk
  21. Liz wanted off the 11 so she could be home earlier
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