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  1. One thing that’s nice to see (besides anchor pairings we normally don’t) is seeing specific people anchor that might normally not.. Janice Yu has been anchoring Friday mornings and some weekends. Today was Chantee Lans with Michelle.. nice to see
  2. I can definitely see that. There was never chemistry like he had with Lori. Sandra seems like the “work mom” that everyone loves. Everyone seemed to have liked Ken as a person it’s sad that it ended this way. Sadly it’s not likely but I wonder if anyone will pick him up at some point
  3. Todays anchor pairings so far: Morning: Mike and Sandra 4: David and Michelle 5: Regular crew
  4. https://pagesix.com/2023/05/15/abc-7-anchor-allegedly-used-vulgar-word-for-co-anchor/?utm_medium=SocialFlow&utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=NYPFacebook&sr_share=facebook&fbclid=IwAR1ehlOztZicK2KWT6ZYfHAjdUZUgMyVgLjORY51_4oyFuvlQw3kuq8s5Tc if we’re going by this the c word was used about Shirleen
  5. So not to speculate but who do we think gets the spot? I really hope it’s (finally) Michelle. And do we actually expect an anchor shuffle like mentioned above or will it just be to replace the openings.. One last thing.. for example like David Novarro does the noon and 4.. would a morning show spot be considered a “promotion” being that it’s a more viewed time than the early afternoon shows?
  6. According to a post above it doesn’t seem like it’s just gonna be a slide in move. Looks like there might be more.
  7. Hopefully Michelle finally gets a weekday anchor spot.
  8. It SEEMS as if WABC is testing some different anchor pairings. Today I guess Liz is off.. I’m not sure who anchored at 4 but Sandra and Sade did the 5:00 show. Bill who is not off did not off did the 6:00 show solo. I noticed too a few weeks ago when Bill did the evening shows that he did not do the 11 and Mike Marza was on.
  9. Yes it absolutely does, he shows clear bias.
  10. That’s exactly it. FOX5 used to do Lews View and clearly label it.. I believe WPIX too used to do something similar.. Bill just interjects and shows clear bias.
  11. Does anyone know who anchored at 4 yesterday? Sandra and Joe did the 5 and did EXCELLENT with the breaking news (as expected) Liz and Joe at 6 again excellent Not sure about the 11.. I might be a little bias here cause I’m not a huge fan of Bill Ritter but it was so nice seeing some different faces on there and not throwing in any sort of comments just straight and to the point.
  12. Naveen Dhaliwal has joined WCBS-TV
  13. I guess it depends.. you had Eileen Lapalmer (not sure of spelling) go right to WPIX.. Anthony Carlo right to WABC..
  14. They used to do it all the time like this then it seemed to have stopped for a while
  15. The other day when Star Harvey posted the new set she said something along the lines of other changes coming that she “couldn’t talk about yet” I wonder if she moves to weekday mornings or does at least part of the week?
  16. Star Harvey posted as well. Looks like maybe possibly the interview area across from the weather area.. also posted “I’ll have more news to share in a few weeks”
  17. Anthony Carlo (am anchor) had left news 12 the Bronx.. he posted “I’ll be seeing you soon” or something like that.. I guess he’s headed to one of the city channels.
  18. Not too sure. I only saw the first few minutes and last few minutes of the show. Hopefully we’ll see tonight
  19. Looks like WABC has ended social distancing with anchors like all other stations and is back to having their anchors in “pre-pandemic” seating
  20. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2021/5/20/gone-in-nyc
  21. Anyone know what’s going on with Sade? She hasn’t been on at 5 but has been on at 11.
  22. I think they’ll be back closer/normal format soon. News 12 just allowed both anchors in the studio again (for Hudson Valley/ LI regions at least). WABC seems to have the anchors further apart than others as most stations are using a wide shot rather than split screen. All that being said with vaccinations increasing I could see regular set up returning sooner than later
  23. Seems like News12 is taking a similar stance with coverage.. this morning all regions took the Long Island feed for the shooting at Stop and Shop. This afternoon for the verdict it seemed they all took the New Jersey feed.. it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out in the future especially with the development of the News 12 New York feed online
  24. I can see something like this happening with News 12.. they seem to be trying to “up” their image and they have already launched News12 New York online.. seems like they’re lighter stories right now but they’re pulled from each News12 station.. it’s kind of interesting to wonder if it’ll develop more and make it to tv.
  25. Since the pandemic it’s been happening a lot. Lori as well has been solo a few times.. I figured it was to limit exposure, kind of a long time to anchor solo
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