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  1. Looks like they could be shooting a promo. I’m sure it doesn’t take much to set up the small desk
  2. Liz wanted off the 11 so she could be home earlier
  3. Call me crazy but how about 4 and 6/6:30 Ken Rosato and Airanee 5 and 10 Kori and Shirley
  4. Was wondering because Arianne has been doing the 5:00 and Shirley doing the 6:00 and 6:30 along with the 10.
  5. Tamsen anchored her last newscast at 4pm. Surprised she didn’t finish out the 5 and 6
  6. Per Craig Treadway on Instagram Tamsen Fadal is leaving WPIX
  7. Liz Cho is on tonight with Joe Torres. Are they possible testing parings? As far back as the last few years often times Joe or Sandra were solo if one of them was off.
  8. Looks like Sandra anchored yesterday morning with Chantee and Kemberly Richardson anchored last night with Joe.
  9. That would be cool but someone wrote “hope to see you on TV” and Ken said “soon I promise”
  10. https://nypost.com/2023/10/09/ex-nyc-pix-11-reporter-rebecca-solomon-in-israel-during-attack/# scary times for Rebecca who just recently left WPIX
  11. Bill has been off Fridays at 11 since I think the summer. Before Mike was promoted he was doing the 11 on Fridays for a while. Bill is there tonight because of the breaking news I’m sure. WNBC had David Ushery on as well
  12. Some of the names from NJ. https://newjerseyglobe.com/media/news-12-layoffs-takes-out-zdan-gregorio-six-others/amp/
  13. Seems that she has something lined up… a lot of people seem to be showing up on NewsdayTV. I wonder if that’s where she’ll go
  14. He not really for working for PIX is he? Isn’t the show syndicated? He’s not really working for their news division. So technically still WNBC and WPIX
  15. https://abc7ny.com/eyewitness-news-mornings-at-10--shirleen-allicot-mike-marza/13718273/
  16. She was in for Heather the other morning. Wonder if she’s a permanent add to the 4:00?
  17. I agree I just feel like having the morning show split is weird. Wouldn’t it make more sense doing the AM and the 10. Then the noon and 4? Or the AM and then the 10 and noon?
  18. I’ve been watching on and off since 5:30.. I’m almost sure Brittany was doing weather. Going to break David Novarro said Sam Champion will be in with the forecast.. so maybe they are splitting?
  19. Yup they were going to move it to a sub channel I believe maybe at the 11th or 12th anniversary and people went nuts
  20. I don’t know that I agree with this. Maybe you’re not from New York? But that’s a day that literally happened in our own backyard. It was a day that almost everyone.. if not everyone.. was affected and likely knew someone that died. Do I think the reading of the names will continue forever? No. But as long as it does I do feel the local NY stations will carry it. It’s not like it used to be before the 10 year where there was coverage from early morning to late night with replays of the day of the event, but I don’t think it’ll just stop cold on the main channels.
  21. The newscast at 9 is CBS News Now or whatever it’s called. They stopped producing the local news a while ago at 9pm. So this 8pm is technically new or a “reboot” per se. I wonder who will anchor? It would be nice to see Dick and Alice again.
  22. I almost feel the article is missing something or is just wrong. That aside and not to speculate but could Sam also be winding down and maybe just do off camera stuff and special assignments (Weather or Not etc..) and lighter reports and let Brittany do AMs and Dani afternoons?
  23. I know all 3 won’t be on in one newscast. I’m just saying that if the article is saying Brittany is taking on mornings and Dani is doing the 10am that means they’ll all be in the building at the same time. Sam seems to have very cushy terms so him (not) picking up extra air time wouldn’t shock me. I’m just saying it would make more sense if he did mornings then let’s just say Brittany did the 10am, noon and maybe 4. But the article clearly says Brittany is taking on weekday mornings
  24. The article also says Dani working the 10am? Seems a little overkill to have all 3 in the mornings.. no? Also leaving Jeff on weekends again seems a little unfair as he’s more than deserving of a weekday spot
  25. I guess that means John Elliott is back to mornings?
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