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  1. News 12 Westchester is building a new set in Yonkers as well. I guess they’ll report from there instead of the newsroom until they go back to 2 anchors on a set... isn’t the Long Island newsroom/studios supposed to be relocating this year?
  2. Couldn’t agree more.. I wouldn’t mind seeing Mike take over the 5 with Sade and have Bill go back to doing just the 6&11. Would Phil Lipof come back to his old spot? Who knows? I guess it’s 2020 and anything is possible
  3. I’m sorry but an hour long newscast should not be anchored solo. I understand the pandemic perspective (and budget cuts) but in the long run I don’t see a solo an or at 5 working out.
  4. Agreed. And the “breaking news as we come on the air tonight” has got to stop.
  5. 1.) why are we bumping this thread? 2.) Strahan is on network not local WABC. 3.) Everyone takes vacation in the summer.. especially since most wont be able too in the weeks around a major election. 4.) Has Ken been off more than anyone else? I’ve seen him there almost every morning I watch.
  6. News 12 gave a bit more of an extended tribute with staff on Instagram
  7. She was a reporter for News12 Hudson Valley/ Westchester a few years back.. she’s been a few different places it seems since then.. she was always pretty good.. I liked her.. definitely stood out a bit lol
  8. Interesting.. I’m gonna assume here that either Kori picks up the 6 and then him and Tamsen do all 3 shows... or... one of the evening shows get a new team..
  9. When Mike Marza was brought on wasn’t he “anchor/reporter”? I’d be pretty shocked if he wasn’t given some sort of more permanent anchor role now that a spot is open
  10. Rosanna and Lori are both back in the studio this morning.. socially distanced of course
  11. Welp. There goes my theory as Ernies replacement. It’ll be interesting to see once everything winds down a bit what they do with the 6.. wil they go to a more traditional format (hopefully) and who will anchor?
  12. Hopefully they’ll go back to regular newscasts at 6pm.. as they have the past few months... Probably Joe Tooey (sp?) who I believe has been doing the noon and the 6 the past months.
  13. Lee was back on for the 5 and 6
  14. I was always under the impression that Ritter doing the 5 was always only temporary.. until they got someone else and to “ease” the transition. Lipof was always liked by viewers and I know Bill was a fan too.. could always be he comes back and gets the 5:00 and fill in. Again all 100% speculation at this point and it won’t be for months but who knows.. As for Lori Stokes she seems very happy with what she’s doing with Rosanna I don’t see her going back to WABC
  15. Phil Lipof has left NBC10 in Boston.. take a look at the post.. a lot of comments say “wish you were back in NY” etc... his responses don’t say “yes” but they definitely don’t say “no”. Could he reunite with Michelle? Changes to early evenings? I predict yes https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2512481385731799&substory_index=0&id=1833114843668460&__tn__=*s*s-R
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