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  1. I’m starting to wonder if they’re planning some sort of anchor moves and they’re testing pairs .. Monday night at 5 Mary Calvi was in fir Kristine and Alice Gainer was in the field.. I just find it weird.. also that when Dick Brennan did the 9 he would often fill in on the morning show and now he’s not at all..
  2. Chris Cimino drops F-bomb on live TV.. https://trib.al/JV6JPS8
  3. First of all.. I understand Alex anchoring and giving her the chance but they have plenty of options for coverage if they couldn’t cover her.. I’m sure they knew well in advance that Chris would be hosting the Talk today.. and they could’ve worked a schedule.. I remember even PIX11 a while back if Jill Nicolini was covering the early shift she’d either read the traffic from the desk or the weather anchor (whoever it was that day) would jump in.. traffic is one of the most.. if not THE biggest reason ppl tune in during the morning.
  4. Is there any update on timeline or any sneak peaks? Lol
  5. Yes. As the morning anchor.
  6. No he’s a middle school science teacher now
  7. The search is still on. I’m wondering with the way things go now a days will the new hire fill Evans spot or will they in fact promote? It will be interesting to see who they hire, if it’s a familiar face or if it’s someone totally new to us https://www.adweek.com/tvspy/wabc-still-searching-for-bill-evans-replacement/213203
  8. He only does the 6:00 now
  9. In wondering if some of these (the stand up area) are pieces of the new set?
  10. Yeah I saw that.. the morning open also has has the team open “with Ken Rosato.. Shirleen Allicot.. Heather ORuke with traffic... and the exclusive accuweather forecast.. with a swish of the accu weather logo.
  11. Regardless.. the cameras/ lighting are better in the temp studio then the old one. Lol
  12. Did anyone catch the 9am hour of Good Day this morning? I’m going to assume they did it from the desk? Or is there an interview area on the temp set?
  13. Rosanna had a video on her instagram story.. apparently this was the “good day NY on a Friday in that studio” Construction strats this weekend and will last about 3 months
  14. It seems as if construction may have started. The main anchor desk and the couch set are still being used but many of the demonstration segements on GDNY are being directly in front of the news desk instead of off to the side like normal. They are also using the small area right across from the desk with the white backdrop and TV screen.
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