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  1. They are showing Inside Edition in place of CBS2 News at Noon
  2. This was 100% Robs choice if not why would they have him working until April?? My question is do they take this as a time to make a few moves or do they just replace Rob? Obviously Mike will play a roll somewhere.. it would be cool to see Joe and Michelle reunite.. they worked very well together and place Mike with Sandra?
  3. If I remember correctly Shirleen was out the majority of last week and when she was there she sounded sick. The news was also on later last night cause if the oscars so Sandra prob didn’t want such a quick turn around
  4. Is the bug for Good Day transitioning between GDNY and FOX5 or does it stay on Good Day?
  5. Most likely.. would probably be something they’d promote
  6. I knew I heard Myles Miller say “we’ll have another report at 7”.. didn’t think too much of it.. interesting
  7. Ummm you do realize you’re talking about their air time right? They’re in the building longer than that prepping and such..
  8. He was just covering and he said that. But he’s no longer with PIX so he may very well freelance across News12
  9. Craig Allen is filling in tonight on News 12 Hudson Valley.. not sure if he was picked up by Altice but pretty cool if that’s the case
  10. BIG issues tonight on WABC.. not sure when it happened exactly but at the top of the 5:00 hour it was commercials until about 5:10. Then Lee Goldberg broke in and gave an extended weather forecast before tossing it back to Bill and Sandra.. they got through about two stories and at the end of Toni Yates story the camera was stuck on her live shot.. they got back to the studio where the graphics from Toni story were still on screen.. they attempted to read the next story and Bill and Sandra quickly went back to commercial. 5:20 and it’s a replay of a newscast with Liz Cho ( I do not believe it’s today’s first at 4) it’s a complete mess lol definitely the computer going nuts 5:30 Lee is back on air and on Facebook live
  11. May give WNYW a challenge this time! Gonna be interesting to see how it turns out
  12. Bill Hemmer taking over the 3pm in January https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxnews.com/media/fox-news-bill-hemmer-moves-to-afternoons-will-lead-breaking-news-division.amp
  13. Something interesting tonight.. Liz Cho is off (not sure who filled in at 4) but Lauren Glassberg is on with Bill at 6.. from what I remember if Bill or Liz were off the other would anchor solo. I even remember them both being off the fill in person would be solo..
  14. News 12 Hudson Valley/Westchester.
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