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  1. Bill Korbel will be leaving News12 Long Island.. Sam Augeri will be his replacement..
  2. If it was this past weekend it was Regan Medgie.. if it was more than a few weeks ago then it was Samantha Augeri.. she actually left FOX5 and is back at News12 Long Island.
  3. That 5:00 newscast was amazing, probably the best send off we’ve seen. Nice job by channel 7 to celebrate and recognize and amazing career.
  4. Bill Evans has stated numerous times on Facebook that he’ll be back on TV. Just a matter of time before he can announce where
  5. I saw that.. I was thinking it’s a hit at WABC with Sam Champion splitting time between NY and Fri Sat Sun in Florida.. not really sure tho lol
  6. It’ll be interesting to see who anchors.. I would think probably Lori and Rosanna but then again you never know with FOX5.
  7. I think the only stations that do the traffic/weather branding are 2,4 and 7.. WNBC does “weather and traffic on the 4s..” and WABC does “7minutes”/ “Weather&Heather”.. the rest do weather and traffic but they don’t really have a name for it
  8. So I have a question.. has WCBS made any morning news promos with all of them standing together m? Or have they just used clips from the show? I ask because Bill Evans once again responded back to someone on Facebook saying that he’d be back on tv “soon”.. now WCBS is really the only one I can think of that he’s going too. Unless something is in the works at FOX5 that we don’t know about. I highly doubt PIX..
  9. https://www.verizon.com/about/news/verizon-fios-partners-altice-usa-hyperlocal-news-and-content
  10. Yes. They use the talent open fir both shows on Fridays
  11. It’s a video screen as of a few weeks ago..
  12. Samantha Augeri is leaving FOX5 and returning to News12 Long Island. Her last day is Saturday.. wonder if someone is leaving or what changes they’re making?
  13. Samantha Augeri is leaving FOX5 and returning to News12. Saturday is her last day.
  14. I really hope they aren’t planning on making Good Day Wake Up a single anchor show.. all of last week they only had Kerry Drew or Ragen Medgie on (solo) and today it was Kerry again alone.
  15. I know it won’t happen so no one jump down my throat but I think it would be so cool to see Steve Bartlestein back and then eventually reunite with Lori when Rosanna retires
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