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  1. It seems as if construction may have started. The main anchor desk and the couch set are still being used but many of the demonstration segements on GDNY are being directly in front of the news desk instead of off to the side like normal. They are also using the small area right across from the desk with the white backdrop and TV screen.
  2. RealNews18

    Bill Evans Out at WABC

    I was under the impression that Jeff and Amy work select days during the week anyway behind the scenes. not sure tho
  3. RealNews18

    Bill Evans Out at WABC

    Not sure if I posted this already but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give Jeff the morning then maybe Amy the noon and 4? And hire 2 new meteorologists for the weekends. Expand the weather team a bit now they may have some dollars to spare with Bill gone
  4. RealNews18

    Bill Evans Out at WABC

    You mean Jeff Smith.. and Amy is likely going to weekend evenings. Whoever they hire will be for weekend mornings
  5. RealNews18

    Bill Evans Out at WABC

    Never again will we see the chemistry that there was with Lori Stokes, Bill Evans and Joe Nolan. Ken seems to get along with everyone but the chemistry between the 3 mentioned was amazing. It’s defiently going to be different now. Not that Jeff and Amy aren’t good a what they do.. they’re just different. How cool would it be to see Evans get picked up by FOX5 and have him on Good Day with Lori Stokes and Rosanna?
  6. Do we know when this wil begin? I know they said complete by May.. but like moving the home base and such?
  7. RealNews18

    Bill Evans Out at WABC

    I really don’t see him being back on NYC TV. Who’s gonna hire him? Everyone is pretty much staffed and most of the meteorologists/weathercasters are pretty decent teams. It’ll be interesting to see who they bring on at WABC. Personally one thing id like to see is what WNBC does and use a diff person for the noon and 4.
  8. RealNews18

    Bill Evans Out at WABC

    Wow. Just wow. I hope they invite him on air just one last time.. like they did with Lori Stokes. It’s really the end of an era at Eyewitness News. Best of luck to Bill. Now.. does Jeff Smith get the spot because he’s been there longer? Or do they give it to Amy Freeze? They’re both deserving and if recent history shows it doesn’t always matter who’s been there longer. Oooorrrrrrr how bout this? They bring Sam Champion to do mornings. (I know not happening) lol but just a thought
  9. RealNews18

    Bill Evans Out at WABC

    All I’m saying is if I remember correctly.. in the weeks before Lori Stokes left for channel 5 she was on vacation for about 2-3 weeks.. then came back on air at the end of the newscast to say goodbye. I really hope this isn’t the case this time. While Amy and Jeff are great I really can’t imagine mornings without Bill Evans
  10. RealNews18

    Bill Evans Out at WABC

    The only thing I can think of is if he’s just using up anytime he has at WABC and is planning on leaving? I would hope not. Or he’s just using any earned time and helping get the station up and going? The whole thing just seems weird. Maybe it’s me
  11. RealNews18

    Bill Evans Out at WABC

    Read this post..
  12. RealNews18

    WPIX - PIX11 News

    Maybe FOX5 is finally getting another sports anchor?
  13. Now they just need to work on their content and they’ll be ok lol but it’ll def be interesting to see how it comes out and what happens along the way
  14. RealNews18

    Bill Evans Out at WABC

    Anybody know what’s going on with Bill Evans? He’s been off the air for a few weeks now.. hasn’t been on social media either
  15. RealNews18

    CBS News Head David Rhodes Out.

    Is it working now? Asking for a friend..

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