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  1. Once again FOX5 is the only station not in “breaking news” mode for the helicopter crash. They’re on as of 2:50 with Ernie Anastos.. last of all stations
  2. Unbelievable. Even News 12 has the anchors at least read the traffic report if nobody is filling in.
  3. It’s sad because while not the highest rated, WCBS had a decent morning team the past few years (stable at that) it they are trying to increase ratings, moving John is not the answer because he is by far NOT the weak link on that show.
  4. Call me crazy but is this a way of making room for Bill Evans???
  5. Could it be they need to edit it still? Unless they’re waiting until after Shirleen comes back.
  6. What WPLJ did the past 2 days was amazing. From the reunions yesterday.. to Todd and Jayde this morning (Todd’s emotional sign off) to Race Taylor this afternoon and the sign off. The staff handled it with such class. Such history, and now completely dark with the website down re-directing to WABC and social media all gone.
  7. So Bill and Sade at 5 and 11.. maybe David and Liz at 4 and 6??
  8. I wonder if they’ll give David the 5 and put Joe at 4? Or if they’ll “test” teams and make more than one move.. By the way.. I started at thread on this (felt it needed it) maybe admin can merge into one thread?
  9. Wow. We knew it was coming but wow. Im guessing we’ll see test pairings in the coming months.
  10. Guess I really wasn’t crazy when I mentioned this idea. This is awesome news.
  11. Guess I WASNT so crazy when I mentioned this on another thread.. this is awesome news.. wow.
  12. Who knows where he’s going.. could be anywhere at this point.. could CBS This Morning add a weather personality? (Lonnie Quinn).. Could someone be leaving a station? Who knows.. The best thing would be if he did wind up on Good Day with Rosanna and Lori.. but who knows.. we’ll wait and see. The big question is who is WABC bringing on? And who will get the morning spot?
  13. Karen Rogers made it pretty clear on social media that she was only subbing and was not leaving Philly.
  14. Paul “Cubby” Bryant of WKTU is moving down the hall and up the dial to sister station WLTW.. it’ll be interesting to see who gets his spot.. and if they pick up anybody from WPLJ https://radioinsight.com/headlines/176862/paul-cubby-bryant-moves-from-wktu-to-wltw-mornings/
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