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  1. Bill Hemmer taking over the 3pm in January https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxnews.com/media/fox-news-bill-hemmer-moves-to-afternoons-will-lead-breaking-news-division.amp
  2. Something interesting tonight.. Liz Cho is off (not sure who filled in at 4) but Lauren Glassberg is on with Bill at 6.. from what I remember if Bill or Liz were off the other would anchor solo. I even remember them both being off the fill in person would be solo..
  3. News 12 Hudson Valley/Westchester.
  4. They said the logo will gradually make it to air over the next few weeks.. rolling out online first..
  5. Looks like News12 May be updating their logo.. seems like it’ll reflect the altice logo a bit more.
  6. Let’s be honest the chemistry between Steve, Lori and Bill was great.. they all just flowed well together kind of like Greg and Rosanna.. some people just “mesh” well.. it’s hard to find. I really wanted Jeff Rosen to get Steve’s position when that happened.. but Ken was obviously a great choice.. I agree with previous posts where Michelle should’ve gotten the morning show.. Shirleen would do well at like 4:00.. if an anchor shake up we’re to happen I wouldn’t mind seeing Shirleen moved a bit later.
  7. Rob is probably off.. Michelle is covering weekdays for Shirleen.
  8. This is awesome.. posted on the app and website today https://www.google.com/amp/s/abc7ny.com/amp/hilarious-1982-report-tries-to-explain-home-computers/5626542/
  9. Just months before retirement Carol Silva has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.newsday.com/amp/entertainment/tv/carol-silva-news-12-cancer-1.37397729
  10. Bill Korbel will be leaving News12 Long Island.. Sam Augeri will be his replacement..
  11. If it was this past weekend it was Regan Medgie.. if it was more than a few weeks ago then it was Samantha Augeri.. she actually left FOX5 and is back at News12 Long Island.
  12. That 5:00 newscast was amazing, probably the best send off we’ve seen. Nice job by channel 7 to celebrate and recognize and amazing career.
  13. Bill Evans has stated numerous times on Facebook that he’ll be back on TV. Just a matter of time before he can announce where
  14. I saw that.. I was thinking it’s a hit at WABC with Sam Champion splitting time between NY and Fri Sat Sun in Florida.. not really sure tho lol
  15. It’ll be interesting to see who anchors.. I would think probably Lori and Rosanna but then again you never know with FOX5.
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