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  1. I know it won’t happen so no one jump down my throat but I think it would be so cool to see Steve Bartlestein back and then eventually reunite with Lori when Rosanna retires
  2. So I have a question.. I’m really not up early enough most days to see the early news and when I am I’m out of the house by 5:30.. is Alex a 3rd anchor basically now? How much screen time does she get compared to when she was exclusively traffic? And how major is her role on the show now?
  3. I have a really funny feeling News12 will be available on Verizon https://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/2019/08/20/verizon-commits-hyper-local-not-rnn-fios-1-news-westchester-long-island-new-jersey/2059570001/
  4. It sounds like something that may be outsourced.. the original report listed 150 layoffs.. no?
  5. Sounds similar to what happened at PIX11... just sayin
  6. Unfortunately that most likely won’t happen.. the show seriously needs a male presence though. Robert Moses and either Kerry Drew or Regan Medgie would do well
  7. Today was Sukanya Krishna’s last day on Good Day Wake up.. tomorrow is Jenn Lahmers last day.. wonder who the new team will be.. maybe Robert Moses and Kerry Drew?
  8. News 12 Bx/Bk share a studio.. not sure where it is.. the News 12 WC/HV studio and main newsroom used to be in Yonkers but is now broadcast from LI.. the newsroom in Yonkers is still in operation as is the west nyack center
  9. It’s in the past few months that overnight airs infomercials.. I believe they did it when Altice took over as part of cuts.. they used to have their own team who would fill in on the various news 12s when needed.. now whatever meteorologist is on News12 does the voice over on T&W for their region.. Channel 61 is no longer unique like it once was.. hoping this format change helps them
  10. I don’t think it will.. I am surprised though that the news 12 logo hasn’t been altered at all though.. I always thought the red and blue stripe around the 12 was to coincide with the old optimum logo...
  11. Hopefully they’ll have on camera talent instead of just voice overs for the weather and traffic updates..make it a bit more interesting
  12. Starting tomorrow “News12plus” will replace “News12 Traffic and Weather” on channel 61.. they are teasing it on Instagram and social media.. I checked the channel guide and I see “News 12 Morning Show” listed and “Elizabeth and Elisa” listed in addition to the Traffic and Weather updates.. can’t find anything else on it. Edit: the promo is only in the “News12” instagram.. take a look
  13. Do they leave it on all the time? I remember a few Facebook lives where the screens went black minutes after the newscast ended.. but that’s beside the point.. it looks great. I wish they’d use a live shot I think it would look great.
  14. I’m sorry but WCBS has nothing going for them in the morning right now.. Despite what others on this thread say traffic is pretty important in the morning.. what’s the Happening Today segment? Like a rundown of top stories or something?
  15. Here we go again.. I’m predicting this is John Elliott thread part 2.. look at the profile. PLEASE NOTE: (if you are a new user) they have the station threads for a reason.. no need to create new topics for stuff like this.
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