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  1. One thing that is bothering me is that Ozarks Live! is still on the temporary interview set for their show.... I wonder why they haven't moved to back to studio A.... They have removed Jeremy & Kelly from the intro and made a new one with Tom & Joy!
  2. Here's a link to the first news broadcast on Monday night.
  3. Ozarks Fox doesn't use the KOLR 10 News Desk, rather they stand in front of a monitor!
  4. Here's the set during KOLR 10 Daybreak and Ozarks Fox AM.
  5. I'm sure it is, but I'm not completely sure...
  6. This is the last night viewers will see us anchoring together from our "temporary studio". Big, exciting changes ahead next week. Stay tuned!! - David Oliver KOLR 10 and Ozarks Local News Evening Anchors: David Oliver and Heather Lewis
  7. According to Ozarks Fox AM it's suppose to premiere on Monday October 22nd. I haven't heard about what they are going to do with the newscast on KOZL sorry.
  8. Just a few more days on the temporary set for KOLR 10
  9. According to Facebook, this is suppose to be a mixture of news, weather, and lifestyle.... Although, I don't understand the concept having guest on Ozarks Fox AM since they have guest on KOLR's Lifestyle Show "Ozarks Live!" at 3pm
  10. I haven't seen anything about that yet , but you'll see it here first If I do!
  11. The Hosts of KRBK's morning show have been revealed.... KOLR's Ozarks Live! co-hosts Jeremy Rabe & Kelly Smith will over Ozarks Fox AM
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