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  1. Agreed. I watched it one day last week, maybe Thursday, after the evening news at 6:30 and they were running whatever had aired during the afternoon block. It was so weird considering everything that was going on last week. I ended up turning over to ABCNewsLive and then CBSN; both were live at that time.
  2. I enjoyed what I saw the first half hour on my phone. Would have liked to be able to cast it to my television or watch it on a Roku app. There's no way I'm going to watch 3 hours on the phone or tablet. And if it's true that Nexstar is going to charge for this, the first month is the last I'll watch of it. It was infinitely better than the screaming matches or talking heads on the other cable news networks from 8-11. JMHO
  3. It's from a soap site, but here's the Live+7 for mid May.
  4. Such an embarrassment. WITN was much better with main anchor on the desk, two field reporters, and the mayor by way of phone. WCTI had a live report with an mmj in uptown. WNCT was once again live from their parking lot. The place has gone downhill fast. In the past few weeks they've run the Amazon VNR and a local health system VNR. Both on this weekend crew's watch.
  5. In the same building, I believe. They just gutted it and rebuilt everything from the ground up. Not sure what they did to try and prevent a flood event in the future. From the promo they just aired, it looks like new graphics package.
  6. I guess we'll see in about an hour. I haven't watched their newscasts lately so I wasn't sure if any of the graphics were new this morning. With the tropical storm off the coast, they went ahead and had their morning met broadcast from the new weather center. They didn't give us a look at the rest of the set though.
  7. I noticed the same technical difficulties coming out of WRAL's Sunday evening news. Not sure about WITN, but would assume it was likewise.
  8. Nearly two years after a hurricane took away their set and facility, WCTI will roll out their new set at 5 p.m. Monday. They put out a preview video and, despite the creative editing, it looks like a big improvement for them and the market. For those with FB, here's a link to the video:
  9. Here are some screencaps for those not able to watch the debut live.
  10. In a Facebook video this morning (Tuesday), WRAL says today is the last full day on the existing set. They are moving down the hall to the new studio Wednesday. It will launch at noon barring anything unforeseen.
  11. The desk hasn't been moved. It's in the same place. They've just removed the monitors they put behind the anchors, which blocked off the newsroom, and put up a printed backdrop. As I was told a few years ago when the monitors were installed, it was because consultants said they needed to look more like their competitors and the anchors were griping about noise from the newsroom and distractions in the background. The last time I drove by their Western Blvd. studios, they were building an addition onto the building. I believe that is where the new set is going. We shall see soon since they're t

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