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  1. I heard it also this morning. I honestly must have missed it yesterday. Oddly enough, today at 8, the CBS Mornings theme played during that hour’s eye opener.
  2. The purple is likely a nod to ECU’s purple and gold colors. WNCT is the official station of the Pirates. That’s my assumption anyway.
  3. They made use of every inch of that studio. As I understand it, it was not enlarged. I’d you’ve ever been in it, you know it is not very big by any means. Never thought I’d see talent highlighted either, but I caught this during the 6. IMG_6164.MOV
  4. So thankful for that! It was a long time coming.
  5. New set launched today and is a big improvement over the previous iteration. They did a lot with the existing studio. Shocked by it honestly!
  6. Really enjoyed the look back at the show's various incarnations if only briefly. More than that, I enjoyed the hell out of today's show (I usually do). Why can't the weekday show be like Saturday?
  7. I feel like most everyone else the name change was completely unnecessary. It seems like to me CBS had actually gotten some traction with CBS This Morning. Why throw all that away for a new name? I love the Eye Opener and am glad that it wasn't discarded. But I agree with the poster earlier on who said it is slowly devolving into a tease for the show ahead rather than serving as a look at your world in 90 seconds. The music will grow on me, I suspect. I love the new graphics and studio. I also like the fact that talent isn't confined to the main desk and is moving around a bit more. While I'm disappointed Anthony Mason is no longer part of day to day activities, I'm looking forward to the pieces to come from him which I think he excels at. I'm willing to give Nate the benefit of the doubt, but it seems to me he just sat there today like a bump on a pickle. Not sure what was up with that. He showed a lot more personality during the time he filled in for Tony while he was out on paternity leave. All in all, as long as they continue to focus on hard news the first hour with a bit more features in the second hour, I'll keep watching.
  8. New set construction appears to be underway at WNCT in Greenville NC. The current set dates back to 2012 IIRC. They are broadcasting from a temporary set currently and their main anchor says it will be a few months before the new set debuts.
  9. Agreed. I watched it one day last week, maybe Thursday, after the evening news at 6:30 and they were running whatever had aired during the afternoon block. It was so weird considering everything that was going on last week. I ended up turning over to ABCNewsLive and then CBSN; both were live at that time.
  10. I enjoyed what I saw the first half hour on my phone. Would have liked to be able to cast it to my television or watch it on a Roku app. There's no way I'm going to watch 3 hours on the phone or tablet. And if it's true that Nexstar is going to charge for this, the first month is the last I'll watch of it. It was infinitely better than the screaming matches or talking heads on the other cable news networks from 8-11. JMHO
  11. It's from a soap site, but here's the Live+7 for mid May.
  12. Such an embarrassment. WITN was much better with main anchor on the desk, two field reporters, and the mayor by way of phone. WCTI had a live report with an mmj in uptown. WNCT was once again live from their parking lot. The place has gone downhill fast. In the past few weeks they've run the Amazon VNR and a local health system VNR. Both on this weekend crew's watch.
  13. In the same building, I believe. They just gutted it and rebuilt everything from the ground up. Not sure what they did to try and prevent a flood event in the future. From the promo they just aired, it looks like new graphics package.
  14. I guess we'll see in about an hour. I haven't watched their newscasts lately so I wasn't sure if any of the graphics were new this morning. With the tropical storm off the coast, they went ahead and had their morning met broadcast from the new weather center. They didn't give us a look at the rest of the set though.
  15. I noticed the same technical difficulties coming out of WRAL's Sunday evening news. Not sure about WITN, but would assume it was likewise.
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