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  1. Josh White Design did the on-air & newsgraphics for WJAR NBC10 in the late 90s, before Josh left for WTVJ in 2000 (around the same time they left their Downtown Miami studios (316 N. Miami Ave) for their new Digital studios in Miramar). https://vimeo.com/286541456 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TebhAddP6ZY
  2. I have another one for you, do you know who did the WTOV9 news graphics and opens around the same time? These graphics were kept even after they switched the news theme to "This is Your News" (another Frank Gari composition) and lasted until 2000 when Cox Enterprises bought the station (along with WJAC-TV Johnstown, PA) and switched to the WPXI Novocom graphics and theme (615 Music's "Total Coverage").
  3. Do you know which agency did the 1997 WCAU NBC10 news graphics & opens?, these graphics debuted in Fall 1997 after they dropped 615 Music's "Impact" (which they used since the affiliation switch to NBC in September 1995) and introduced a new theme ("NBC10 News Theme" by Eve Songs).
  4. Any idea as to who did the 1997 WCMH NewsChannel 4 graphics and open?, WCMH's open is clocked at 2:31-2:40 in this video.
  5. Actually Cinetel Studios did the news graphics for WPTV (an NBC affiliate in West Palm Beach) at the time (late 1990s), although it was included in a reel for Quantel HAL in 1997 (Though I'm not sure who did the WBIR-TV graphics and opens at the same point). I wonder if Cinetel also did the look of other Scripps-Howard Broadcasting stations? (although WXYZ used Novocom and Giant Octopus for their news opens as mentioned earlier)
  6. Thank you!, now I wonder which stations the Dallas-based Electronic Graphics and Design (EGAD) did graphics for at the time (1998) besides WVIT and WVTM? I've tried the Internet Archive Wayback Machine but it doesn't get me any results.
  7. Any idea as to who did the WVIT 1998 graphics?, on another thread it was said that "A now-defunct company did the look for WVIT and WVTM at the same time, and they also did a few other NBC affiliates" (That's the only clue that I can give you).
  8. Beside WTHR (pre-1997), and WBAY, WGEM-TV also used a variation of TVbD's famous "Balls and Walls" package as did WHP-TV (mid-90s) and WLOX-TV (late-90s).
  9. Do you know which agency did the WDIV-TV news graphics & opens around the same point?
  10. To add to that Giant Octopus also did news graphics for WFTS ABC28 judging by their client list here: http://web.archive.org/web/19980623201803/http://www.giantoctopus.com/clntlst.html
  11. Or even ViewPoint Studios (now Viewpoint Creative) which did news graphics for WLBZ/WCSH, KHOB/KHOG, KOIN, WNYT, WHTM, WZZM, the 1997 graphics redesign for WMUR-TV, WPXI (before they hired Novocom), WHDH, WCVB (before the went to the Hearst-Argyle Camera mandate (done by LoConte Goldman)) and WFXT. https://vimeo.com/59077835
  12. I've just sent Dan Dean a message, but he's yet to get back to me.
  13. That's the same link I've posted on the earlier comment (sans KOMO-TV)
  14. Any idea as to who did the KING 1990 News Theme?, I know Dan Dean did a number of themes for KING-TV for a couple of years (Evening Magazine, Almost Live! (which is considered to be a local Seattle version of Saturday Night Live) etc...) https://www.dandeanmusic.com/king-tv-music-comp-for-site/
  15. Do you have any idea which motion graphics design agency did the KING-TV news intro & graphics during that time? (late 90s) I assume these graphics were used from mid 1994 until late 1998 when KING-TV got new graphics and an updated theme (the "K5" logo was italicized in time for KING-TV's 50th Anniversary (where they briefly brought back "King Mike" (originally a creation of Walt Disney))).

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