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  1. Any idea as to who did the 1998 KING-TV "K5 News" graphics?, I assume those graphics debuted in May that year when KING 5 had its logo italicized in preparation for their 50th anniversary.
  2. I also wonder who did the pre-1998 WGRZ graphics?, which was done before Gannett bought the station in 1997 (they had their own in-house agency known as Gannett Production Services). https://www.tvark.org/?page=media&mediaid=17867 Based on a comment from a YouTube video, WGRZ-TV switched to "Image News" and new graphics (similar to WXIA-TV in Atlanta at the time) Not earlier than August and not later than November of 1998.
  3. Well WESH was Pulitzer-owned back then (Hearst-Argyle brought all the Pulitzer-owned stations and properties by 1998 with the deal being finalized later that year), and according to a description in another YouTube video "Pulitzer had a thing for John Christopher Burns as its graphics client" so its presumably a jcbD package.
  4. Also WPBN/WTOM 7&4 Cadillac/Traverse used a variation of TVbD's famous "Balls and Walls" package, I'm not sure if they used the Media General look when they used Counterpoint as their news package (1998-99)? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nk0HeMq3jG0
  5. I wonder who did the WESH 1997 NewsChannel 2 graphics?, considering the fact that it was a carbon copy of WTVJ NBC6 graphics (which was done by Novocom) at the same time. Though most of the Pulitzer-owned stations relied on jcbD Design (jacob christopher burns Design) for their news graphics and station look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GcKMmycaOk
  6. Any idea as to who did the KGTV 1994 News Theme? (The theme screams Late 90s)
  7. Any idea as to who did the WBRE NBC28 news graphics in the late 90s, or was in done in-house? Despite the fact that it used the Background template used by some NBC affiliates at the time (As well as the WMGM NBC40 news open around the time). WBRE's open is clocked here at 25:16-25:55 It was sometime during the Summer of 1998 when WBRE-TV switched news music packages from Gari's "The One & Only" to "Image News" (which was more common with the Hearst-Argyle stations at the time) and got new graphics, one video from May 19th that year showed the old graphics and music being used. Another from later on in the year (August 27th) showed the new graphics and theme used.
  8. Any idea as to who did the pre-1998 WEWS graphics?, it lasted until they got rid of the longtime "Circle 5" logo (which lasted for over 30 years) and replaced it with a new logo and graphics done by Novocom. They debuted the Novocom graphics around late April 1998. But according to a comment on YouTube, they kept the 1995 set until it was replaced in October that year.
  9. Any idea as to who did the WFIE NBC14 graphics at the time?
  10. Actually the KSL 1998 theme debuted in January 1997 when they received new graphics. Although it was done by Pinnacle, it still used the logo from Non-Stop's "Broadcast News" (KSL version).
  11. Compubit, as you stated in one of your comments. Your original plan was to upload 200 videos by Labor Day (Monday, September 6th) which is almost nearing around the corner.
  12. But please tell me compubit, which videos were you in the process of uploading when your Vimeo account was suspended?
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