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  1. Any idea as to who did the KGTV 1994 News Theme? (The theme screams Late 90s)
  2. Any idea as to who did the WBRE NBC28 news graphics in the late 90s, or was in done in-house? Despite the fact that it used the Background template used by some NBC affiliates at the time (As well as the WMGM NBC40 news open around the time). WBRE's open is clocked here at 25:16-25:55 It was sometime during the Summer of 1998 when WBRE-TV switched news music packages from Gari's "The One & Only" to "Image News" (which was more common with the Hearst-Argyle stations at the time) and got new graphics, one video from May 19th that year showed the old graphics and music being us
  3. Any idea as to who did the pre-1998 WEWS graphics?, they lasted until they got rid of the longtime "Circle 5" logo (which lasted for over 30 years) and replaced it with a new logo and graphics done by Novocom. They debuted the Novocom graphics around late April 1998. But according to a comment on YouTube, they kept the 1995 set until it was replaced in October that year.
  4. Any idea as to who did the WFIE NBC14 graphics at the time?
  5. Actually the KSL 1998 theme debuted in January 1997 when they received new graphics. Although it was done by Pinnacle, it still used the logo from Non-Stop's "Broadcast News" (KSL version).
  6. Compubit, as you stated in one of your comments. Your original plan was to upload 200 videos by Labor Day (Monday, September 6th) which is almost nearing around the corner.
  7. The pre-Hearst Camera WBAL graphics were done by TVbD.
  8. But please tell me compubit, which videos were you in the process of uploading when your Vimeo account was suspended?
  9. Most of the Pulitzer-owned stations used jcbD Design for their news graphics as mentioned earlier (KOAT, WYFF, KCCI, WDSU, WXII, WGAL etc...). By 1998, all of Pulitzer's stations & properties were bought and sold to Hearst-Argyle Television (then owners of WCVB, WISN, WTAE, KMBC, WDTN, WBAL, WAPT, KITV, WPBF, WNAC Fox64 and several others).
  10. KULR-TV produced and did all of their news opens in-house like most other stations did at the time (late 1990s), the station's own production department was headed by Mark Hanson.
  11. WLOX-TV also did a variation of TVbD's famous "Balls and Walls" package as mentioned earlier. https://archive.org/details/wlox-newswatch-13-dec-18-1996
  12. Well you also take donations at the moment, I know a station that had kept their news archives (KSBW Action News 8). But unfortunately they're unable to grant me access. We all know you're on Internet Archive now and you're starting over.
  13. Do you know which agency did the pre-Hearst WPTZ graphics?, WPTZ was one of the few Sinclair-owned NBC stations, they sold WPTZ/WNNE and the WFFF (FOX44 Plattsburgh) LMA to Sunrise Television (who in turn sold it to Hearst-Argyle Television, Inc. which the swap becoming official on July 2nd, 1998). youtu.be/C4_bcow28ok
  14. It seems like the 1998 KLAX graphics is a knockoff on the Hearst-Argyle camera mandate (Hearst is the second largest owner of ABC stations behind Allbritton).
  15. The Hearst-Argyle camera mandate was also used on WISN 12 (ABC) and KMBC 9 (ABC) along with the "Image News" package, HA were the largest owners of ABC stations behind Allbritton Communications back then.

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