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  1. So I'm watching WJZ this afternoon and it looks like they made some new music selections during the 4pm newscast when new stories come around.
  2. Thankfully it's coming in "pieces" and not all at once. Steve said while the current set may only be 5 years old, there are some fixes in the works. They are prepping for 4K newscasts and also getting the First Alert Meteorologists a larger weather area because Derek Beasley stated he really wants to see WJZ put their own twist on weather forecasts. There was a chance they were going to move to a new studio in Baltimore City because the building they are in is over 45 years old and in need of some repairs but Kathy Hostetter is already setting that in motion.
  3. It was only a matter of time though.
  4. It captures the essence of Maryland.
  5. I did learn from Steve Sosna that there are changes coming to the studio. Steve said there is a nearly $15-$30 million refurbishment of the studio coming (via Kathy Hostetter) as they are working on stepping it up to the CBS News Baltimore brand. They are in fact keeping the Group W 13 as a nostalgic feel to the station. The Offices and the newsrooms of old are getting redone as well as primary newsroom. Kathy Hostetter said they want to put the studio upgrades in piece by piece. And they will finally have a "lower third" that works! I just tried to make the changes on WJZ-TV's wiki page... they said it's not verifiable... ok? How is it not... We saw it for ourselves!!!!!
  6. Well! it's about damn time! The last one is KOVR-13 IN SACRAMENTO!!!!!!!!
  7. I'm starting to wonder if there are upgrades coming to the studio... because I'll tell you, a lot of people are asking questions.
  8. Ok! So WJZ played the new theme at their noon time newscast during news stories they would get to. However it did not stand around long as again... WJZ's music is all over the place with dimension one minute, then chroma cues, dimension again... I'm like... ok pick one and stick with one. Again, I feel like the antfood theme is pretty quirky but it doesn't seem very match worthy.
  9. So I sent the general manager of WJZ a tweet about when they are doing the switchover to the graphics. Kathy Hostetter, who is GM of WJZ said that it's coming but in "pieces" like they did in 2018 (when Audra Swain was GM). We are looking at a possible Late May - Early June arrival of "CBS News Baltimore" as stated by her. WJZ is so behind in the times. In the mornings, they have a bottom third with just weather and traffic. No news or sports report at the bottom. They don't even have a bottom third for their 4, 5, 6, and 7pm newscasts. Hopefully that changes with the changeover to "CBS News Baltimore." Now I did ask her about "THE CUBE." - The Cube is in fact gone and is now the weather center but it's only partially finished... there are some upgrades coming to the studio and the newsroom as well coming soon. One of the meteorologists (Steve Sosna) did complain that the weather center is underdeveloped and it totally is. It's very underdeveloped and looks like just "soundproof walling" and computer screens. Very lazy like. -- I think KOVR is going to beat WJZ to the punch.
  10. Chroma cues was written specifically for the station. I mean I think they're getting close to moving to the CBS O&O form. When Newman ran WJZ, it was because they didn't have the money. Now once he retired and handed the reins to Audra Swain... it was a transformative time for the station. I'm really surprised that CBS-Paramount Global hasn't bought WUSA from Gannett to make it CBS Washington. Apparently the turnover is getting close according to the current WJZ general manager.
  11. WJZ needs to get with the program now.
  12. Yeah, I've been looking for the cube, it isn't there anymore.
  13. I think WJZ is too. I've sort of been badgering the meteorologists and apparently they're prepping for the changeover. The new weather center is in what was then THE CUBE...
  14. I'm not only impressed with the new graphics but the new studio! Very blue, wow. Now they have to get rid of that storm watch graphic...
  15. The number font they used is similar to what the Nashville Predators previously wore on their uniforms.
  16. No sir, I don't like it the new ticker... too boring. Which means ESPN is probably in for another big graphics package change.
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