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  1. I'm not only impressed with the new graphics but the new studio! Very blue, wow. Now they have to get rid of that storm watch graphic...
  2. The number font they used is similar to what the Nashville Predators previously wore on their uniforms.
  3. 45 better get it together. Haven't heard much about the new set lately.
  4. No sir, I don't like it the new ticker... too boring. Which means ESPN is probably in for another big graphics package change.
  5. And that's what I told everyone about what Jessica Kartaljia said along with Audra Swain, the set is not even complete yet... They should've waited until the end of the year or the start of 2019 to show it. Some things are not ready and functioning yet...
  6. The Manic Monday logo changed after watching it this morning. Still got the same bouncy ball but with WJZ's new logo.
  7. Jay Newman was very frugal and stingy and loved the status quo. Hes probably crapping himself now that he retired and saw the new look and said: No no no no no no!!! Whyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!
  8. Chroma cues just doesn't fit anymore... I mean seriously. It doesn't match up.
  9. That's a great picture of Mike Schuh there. I'm a little disappointed with the ticker.
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