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  1. I'm only 26 and can do nothing but wish to have remembered and experienced the major swings of affiliates. As much as I'd like to see how crazy the general public would go watching a similar situation go down in present day, there's no more room for another broadcast network to pull a Fox-like move neither a major company looking to swallow up any of the Big 4. Not to mention, the last two major acquisitions that involved the Big 4 (Comcast buying NBCU; Disney getting 20th just this year) had little to no impact on station affiliation (thanks, streaming, cable, and satellite?) I guess there's always the What-If threads of Speculatron to help me find those alternate timelines
  2. C Clarity to me is just a catchy theme, but not a great theme. I think it has good cuts that work, but as a whole, I'd give it maybe a 3.5 or 4 out of 5. Compared to the other media giants, I'd much prefer Sinclair's Glass and Curves in all honesty and maybe behind that, Hearst's Strive or Inergy
  3. As far as videos in general, I'd like to see more moment-of-switch videos from the stations affected by the New World/Fox deal of '94 and CBS/Westinghouse the following year, whether they be boring and uneventful or noticeable and acknowledged. Now for the stations in particular that I look forward to (subject to change...of coarse): Baltimore WBFF: News opens from the 80s when they featured the classic "Turn to News" WBAL: If I recall correctly, there's a newscast from 2001 or 2002 (at the very least, prior to switching to the LLE Hearst music package) that features footage of...ME as a kid at a visit to the doctor. Would love to share that in the Breakroom someday if I come across it WMAR: More videos from the 2 News Now era, easily my favorite of their history. WJZ: Coverage of the first Ravens Super Bowl victory parade in 2001
  4. Great video on the network's history! Didn't think too much of UPN or watch it until I caught onto SmackDown! in the mid-2000s. I left thinking deep about the future of television considering how the internet has had a helping hand in revamping the vast spectrum and outlook of television on a daily, especially for what will be the future of the broadcast networks. Though, to be fair, it's hard to see any of the current 5 disappear, let alone 6 if you want to include MNT, without pissing off local stations or the shows that look to these networks when they don't want to be just another mainstay on Netflix or Hulu.
  5. I would have credited the start of the trend to Google from the early 2010s when Android tablets and phones (subsequently) started to see a flat-design GUI update in then-recent versions of Android, but a quick glance in the comments says that's much thanks to Microsoft when they brought out the Zune in 2006. Either way, a good insight
  6. Coming soon to a TV near Albany...
  7. Though it means I'll have to wait an additional year for NBC to have the Super Bowl (best network that does it IMO), the 2021 combo of this and the big dance is always a W. Just hope LV isn't another doozy. Kind of a bummer CBS has fallen on bad luck with less than memorable games their last 2 Super Bowls.
  8. Yes...you read that right: two networks traded their rights to air their next broadcasts at the big game itself. Not sure where this story fits considering we're between seasons and the fact that this concerns the two Super Bowls after Fox does LIV next year, but here it is: https://awfulannouncing.com/nbc/super-bowl-trade-nbc-winter-olympics-cbs.html
  9. WJZ too...it's bug has been 4:3-safe since the big "refresh" last summer Tuned in today and well...my original post did not age well. I didn't know the bug moved. Last I saw it, they had it 4:3-safe for the post-Grammy newscast some weeks back.
  10. Boston isn't the only one in the AL East with major changes to the radio booth. Joe Angel confirmed his retirement today. His now-former partner Jim Hunter would be next in line, but since he's also backup PBP to Gary Thorne at MASN, that's a wide open spot to fill between now and Opening Day.
  11. By the looks of this image I found on a Google Image search, that would be a yes. I admittingly didn't know E-league coverage was its initial purpose for the studio. I guess that's why they had an audience for the last year's Selection Show
  12. Looks like TNT had their NBA pregame show (All-Star draft show for last night) inside the studio for their March Madness coverage. Didn't have to wait a whole year to see this place again, right?
  13. I just saw this service advertised on a WBFF newscast this past weekend. Before seeing this post, I wasn't sure how this would fair, but we shall see. Maybe at least 2 channels besides the locals will sound appealing if I had to predict.
  14. Is it too soon, let alone allowed, to discuss potential Wild Card scheduling? I have a feeling NBC will take up the Cowboys-Seahawks game for sure, leaving Fox with the other NFC game and then ESPN/ABC and CBS split AFC Wild Card matchups.
  15. I've read about it now that it's looped around enough, but what truly will be interesting is how Fox responds to this. Don't want to go too much in depth, but this slightly reminds me of another situation with similarities nearly a decade ago.
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