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  1. TheFizzle21

    The Definitive Fox Sports Thread

    I've read about it now that it's looped around enough, but what truly will be interesting is how Fox responds to this. Don't want to go too much in depth, but this slightly reminds me of another situation with similarities nearly a decade ago.
  2. TheFizzle21

    2018 NFL Season

    It really sucks because this is a definite result of how the league has changed as far as favoring offensive play, especially that at QB far more than any other position. At the very least, NBC still does it the right way (and the best way) with their lineup presentations. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- On another note, any clue as to why Nantz & Romo did not call a game for CBS this week? I checked in with a sports media news site this week and the top-dog crew was not listed.
  3. TheFizzle21

    2018 NFL Season

    Currently watching Ravens-Steelers and I've noticed their lineup graphics on CBS are now constricted to a scoreboard attachment with names only (much like Fox). Not sure if it's been like this since the start of the season, but this is a far cry from in the past where lineups had its own fully fledged graphics.
  4. and the third threatening situation at a Fox station in 2-3 years if you include the incident at WBFF a few years back (if my research holds up right).
  5. TheFizzle21

    NBC Sports/NBCSN/Golf Channel/NBC RSNs Thread

    Surprised no one shared it, but the network's logo for Tokyo 2020 was revealed earlier this week. [MEDIA=instagram]BowO5xwAn3j[/MEDIA]
  6. TheFizzle21

    Preemptions of Network Programming

    Are there any pre-empts for the MLB postseason in the markets involved? I remember checking out the AL Wild Card in 2016 and none of the stations in Baltimore made way for that game, and I doubt they did the same for their playoff games in 2014 and '12. I get the combo of many viewers tuning in via cable and satellite together with the dying/aging viewership of baseball and of coarse, streaming services make this an issue, but if say for instance, Cleveland gets to the ALCS, a broadcast viewer won't see the Indians unless they get to the World Series. Or, take a NL team like the Atlanta Braves. They won't be on Fox unless they make the NLCS, where they might just air a game or two over the weekend at best. Even then, that's no guarantee as Cubs/Dodgers two years ago never saw broadcast television in any of the six games.
  7. TheFizzle21

    2018 MLB season

    Was ESPN set to automatically get the tiebreaker games under the current MLB contract? They aired both the NL Central and West TBs today. Also, on a side note, and of note to another network. Ernie Johnson will miss the postseason for health reasons. Confirmed this morning on his Instagram. [MEDIA=instagram]BoZGABuhFRP[/MEDIA]
  8. TheFizzle21

    2018 NFL Season

    As far as the production music prior to commercials, it's really no different than a standard Sunday Fox game. You only ever hear the Fox theme a few times after the game intro.
  9. TheFizzle21

    Preemptions of Network Programming

    I was on the Ravens website this afternoon and they have WBAL pre-empting NBC's primetime lineup for the TNF game tonight in Cincinnati. Now, in a way, this does makes sense as WBAL is the Ravens flagship station and they have broadcasted games on NFL Network in the past, as well as Monday night games on ESPN in recent years (WJZ did this up until around 2012 or '13 IIRC with ESPN games both in the Sunday and Monday night eras). My only sense of confusion is that I expected WBFF to show it as this is the first game of the Fox TNF era, even though the network debut isn't for another two weeks. I would have assumed that local Fox affiliates are given the rights to pre-empt based off of WJZ getting Ravens-Colts late last December, and that game was on NFLN with CBS production behind it.
  10. TheFizzle21

    Bebas is the new Bold - Tokyo Olympics

    Could have sworn they did the same with London 2012 at the end of Vancouver 2010
  11. TheFizzle21

    The ESPN Thread

    I have my doubts that they are keeping the red shade logo. I watched that same game, which is, to no surprise, where I found the promos for their comedy and drama shows. On the other hand, the promos I've seen for games on ABC use the solid black logo. Hence, it wouldn't make sense as the network already abandoned that concept around their scripted shows and the news shows will follow suit soon (the logo is updated in a newer promo for GMA Day). --------------------- On a side note, did anyone watch NC A&T vs East Carolina? I noticed that game still had the previous CFB package based on the 2014 SportsCenter look.
  12. TheFizzle21

    The ESPN Thread

    In response to why the ABC logo is blackened in the ticker, it's a network thing. Promos for the shows set to come around in the fall have the blackened logo as well, so unless the news department doesn't follow suit, the color-modded logo is dead.
  13. TheFizzle21

    Bebas is the new Bold - Tokyo Olympics

    Miss the days when they had the next Olympiad's logo ready-made and showed it off by the closing ceremony's finish.
  14. TheFizzle21

    2018 NFL Season

    Dolphins have a package so basic, this would have been nice for a RSN nearly 2 decades ago. [MEDIA=twitter]1033700763829039104[/MEDIA]
  15. TheFizzle21

    NBC Sports/NBCSN/Golf Channel/NBC RSNs Thread

    This is why I miss the early days of NBCSN. I remember they were moving in that direction with a morning show that ran down highlights much like an old-school episode of SportsCenter. Though I didn't watch it much, I was excited for what they could build up. It's just sad that they and CBS are aiming low with the sports on a lower tier than the Big 3. I feel like the perspective they take is that ESPN, despite its recent struggles, is too far established as a network to try and compete with full-force. While that might be the case, the peacock's sports division should definitely take action as you said. Either take advantage of covering more popular sports on a daily basis with MLB, NBA, etc. or shut the network down completely, which I don't think will happen as I doubt things are bad enough at NBCSN to just give up any time soon.

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