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  1. Pretty obvious Scott Jones lurks this forum. Edit: Good morning to you bro.
  2. A tad bit surprised this anchor hasn't made it public they've left WGCL yet. Only thing I'll say is. 1. Jan 1st, 2021 was the last news report they did for WGCL (hasn't been seen on tv since) 2. Jan 7th, 2021 Was contractually their last day at WGCL.
  3. Former WGCL anchors Sharon Reed and Aiyana Crystal made their debuts today on the Black New Channel network.
  4. News of another anchor leaving WGCL will be announced with the next coming days. I have an inside source.
  5. Doubt it. It's too much of a revolving door at WGCL. Vince Simms Sharon Reed Thomas Roberts Ben Swan Alicia Roberts Mike Dunston Brittany Miller Markina Brown ect (Thats just to name an EXTREME few of anchors that have been left that station) It only makes me think what type of pay cuts did anchors such as **Tracye Hutchins and Jennifer Valdez have taken to stay at WGCL. **I can kinda understand with Tracye's situation.....She said in (A local ATL raido) interview shes been staying in Atlanta for the sake of her
  6. The way how things are shaping up at WGCL it makes me have a new found respect for Tracye Hutchins.
  7. Question, What equipment or software do you use to record and post your videos to YT?
  8. CBS46 ''Changed'' their logo and graphics presentation today. Old ''New''
  9. Very good anchor but Brittany Miller rubbed a couple people the wrong way at WGCL (behind the scenes)......I'll reveal that story but that story has to come with at a **''Price'' **By Price, I don't mean money. It seems like WGCL is cleaning house. A good bulk of staff has left since Steve Doer left. Sharon Reed Alicia Robert Ayiana Cristal Vince Simms Mike Dunston Molly McCollum ect.
  10. I think it has to do with her daughters education they reasons why she's stayed for so long. I agree CBS46 (WGCL) has played hot potato with Tracye over the years.
  11. Not sure if it's permanent. But Tracye Hutchins will be anchoring the CBS46 (Wake Up Atlanta) morning show starting 11/12/2020. https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=220325096116919&set=p.220325096116919
  12. I'm happy for Karyn she's been in Atlanta for quite some time. She knows the landscape of that market. 2 other tid bits about WGCL 1. They'll be revealing their new, redesigned news set next week 2. I heard that Fred Campagna might be getting moved to the weekend meteorologist anchor spot.
  13. Molly McCollum and Aiyana Cristal are no longer with CBS46 (WGCL)
  14. Any update on Sharon Reed? heard a small rumor shes getting back into tv soon.
  15. Recently check their website. The date for the nominations is TBD, The new date for The SouthEast Awards is September 12th (Originally it was in May) I really hate Covid19, it put everything on pause.
  16. Anyone knows when the SouthEast Emmys nominations will be announced?
  17. I hit the nail on the head, It was Rick.
  18. I have a strong feeling one of the Wgcl employees that tested positive for Covid 19 is Rick Folbaum, he hasn't been on TV in quite some time.
  19. Happy Birthday to Demetrius Obilor former KLAS and WFAA traffic reporter turns 29 today.
  20. Two employees at CBS 46 (WGCL) tested positive for Covid 19 https://www.ajc.com/blog/radiotvtalk/cbs46-wgcl-has-two-employees-with-covid/rZZLzxfTs1NP1zRw90SifL/
  21. 2020 Southeast Emmy Entry List https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cTsW-db_Xx3GqH_FV14xHKR-BVr5z7Ca/view
  22. Former WGCL (CBS 46) News Director Steve Doerr as been promoted to Vice President and General Manager of Meredith's Western Mass News In Springfield https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/steve-doerr-promoted-to-vice-president--general-manager-of-merediths-western-mass-news-in-springfield-300982792.html
  23. The 9pm news cast for CBS46 (WGCL) it airs on Peachtreerv (WPCH) use to be good interactive show they would take viewer comments and suggestions and air them live, Sharon Reed would livestream from her social media pages while doing the show. Now the show as scaled backed and diegrssed it's just a straight forward news cast now.
  24. Demetria Obilor's last day at WFAA is October 15. https://twitter.com/DemetriaObilor/status/1174338607848525825/video/1

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