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  1. Aw man, you beat me to it! But anyways, I am thankful that someone had unearthed a CLT newscast from 1996. I do hope more people are willing to unearth more CLT content. AirchiveSloan is a legend!
  2. The man himself (Romines) came from WTEN in Albany, so it could be interesting.
  3. News Nation from Nexshit is like Sincrap's NewsCentral, but slightly less conservative!

  4. WECT still uses the old Limerick LIM4 graphics, that we all knew and loved!

    It would be great if Gray could just leave its Ellis-era logo alone and not screw with it!


  5. Good golly..... What works in Charlotte (home market) will not necessarily work in Tucson! Not to mention, Raycom graphics were previously hubbed in Tucson prior to the hub's move to Charlotte (again, my said home market) in 2014.
  6. Nothing says it like flipping the bird at the slightly lesser-evil Nexshit who probably shouldn't have gotten their hands on WJZY in the first place! Unfortunately, that's what happens when you have the Telecommunications Act of 1996 put into law that same year Hurricane Fran hit the Carolinas!!


  7. Introducing........ TriadMetrolinaNewswatch.

    WBTV, WCCB, and formerly WJZY until 2020 are my favorite Charlotte stations; in the Triad, it's WXII, WCWG (WTWB), and formerly WGHP until 2019.

  8. Apologies, I might just have to resurrect this dead thread.... Who was that voiceover guy for WJAC around the early 2000s? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCNCm-m9Dbo&t=19s&app=desktop You could also hear the same mystery voiceover guy on KRIV Fox 26's open in 1999: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G69p7V4eCkI He also did VO work for WWOR UPN 9 in the early 2000s. (This is in 2001): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eYcYfqgc_Q&t=20s The question: Who is this mystery voiceover guy that did plenty of work for a few stations (Cox, Chris-Craft, and Fox Television Stations)? Stay tuned! And again, apologies, if I have to resurrect this dead thread to help solve a mystery.
  9. In Mexico --


    Televisa and TV Azteca are like the Sinclair and Nexstar of their nation.

  10. Nex(Trib)star might reach my home market.........


    FOX 46 (WJZY) is too good to be acquired by them!!!

  11. With some of the ex-Raycom stations now having to deal with downgrades that are the Gray graphics packages, I do hope they don't damage WBTV, since it was one of Raycom's best flagship stations.

  12. WGHP is no longer on my channel list after several years. WXII will now take the lead in my Triad list, since XLV is stuck with Sinturd, and WFMY, whose "Dependable Local Coverage" kicked butt, is with the Tegnai-zed bullhagony.

  13. Fox 8 WGHP, thank you for being a part of my station list right here in North Carolina, bud. Now that the shareholders paved the way for Nexthot to (possibly illegally) take over Tribune, I will now have no choice but to remove you from my Triad list, and make WXII the sole leader of my list.


    Rest in Peace, WGHPiedmont 8,



  14. Due to freaking Apollo taking over WSOC and WAXN Action64,


    My home market, Charlotte is now on SAFEPARC mode, and it has been activated.

  15. a novelty name for the process that Tegna puts their stations through to bring them in line with corporate standards has infected WXIA's logo........


    please don't autocorrect what I said here, keep it short and simple.


    UPDATE: Still being autocorrected!

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