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  1. Nex(Trib)star might reach my home market.........


    FOX 46 (WJZY) is too good to be acquired by them!!!

  2. With some of the ex-Raycom stations now having to deal with downgrades that are the Gray graphics packages, I do hope they don't damage WBTV, since it was one of Raycom's best flagship stations.

  3. WGHP is no longer on my channel list after several years. WXII will now take the lead in my Triad list, since XLV is stuck with Sinturd, and WFMY, whose "Dependable Local Coverage" kicked butt, is with the Tegnai-zed bullhagony.

  4. Thanks to Sam Zell, or someone else who wanted to destroy Tribune, but I digress. Now, WGHP is off my channel list for good. I will stick to WXII. Back on subject.
  5. Fox 8 WGHP, thank you for being a part of my station list right here in North Carolina, bud. Now that the shareholders paved the way for Nexthot to (possibly illegally) take over Tribune, I will now have no choice but to remove you from my Triad list, and make WXII the sole leader of my list.


    Rest in Peace, WGHPiedmont 8,



  6. UGH, why in the world did they have to approve this deregulatory bullhagony?!?!? Welcome to the consolidated Nex-Sin duo controlled markets! Nex is going to have WGHP, and Sin already has WXLV/MYV, right here in the Triad! (sarcasm)
  7. Due to freaking Apollo taking over WSOC and WAXN Action64,


    My home market, Charlotte is now on SAFEPARC mode, and it has been activated.

  8. Oh, lord....... Makes me wonder what will happen to Limerick, once these new graphics spread around Gray's new markets.
  9. a novelty name for the process that Tegna puts their stations through to bring them in line with corporate standards has infected WXIA's logo........


    please don't autocorrect what I said here, keep it short and simple.


    UPDATE: Still being autocorrected!

  10. UGH, 11 Alive is now "11 Dead"......... This is the worst case of a novelty name for the process that Tegna puts their stations through to bring them in line with corporate standards infecting a station, and yeah @TheRolyPoly, I am going to barf too!
  11. Angry with the existence of Sinclair Broadcast Group and Nex****, and now, more annoyed with TEGNA being mentioned as a buyer for Cox.......


  12. Tad Martin would rather have Pine Valley's WRCW in his hands rather than JR Chandler selling the station to ol' Perry of Nex****..... Of course, I am applying a soap opera like All My Children to the current situation concerning local stations, all because of deregulation from 1996. From now on, I am now censoring the word Nexstar, designating it as that "N-word" in broadcasting. Keep Nex, but censor the rest.


  14. WCSC's mystery VO from the Stravinsky/Convergence era has been revealed....... According to the Southern Media NMSA, Joe Van Riper is revealed to be WCSC's VO guy: http://www.southernmedia-nmsa.com/#6,3,341 Over at WCSC's sister station [WBTV]. their VO guy is still a mystery......
  15. Gray + RAYCOM = GRaycom......

    What will happen to WBTV and WSFA's status as flagship stations of old Raycom (pre-Gray)? Will WALB take back the title of flagship station? Stay tuned!

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