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  1. Not sure if I would count on that. It's highly likely there will be treatment in a few weeks, if not a month. The restrictions on gatherings will likely last for a month or so, and by then, herd immunity will likely take place. As of now, there are still a lot of unknowns about the virus. However, I am remaining optimistic in all of this, that when treatment arrives, the infection rate may not change, but the death rate for COVID-19 will likely be drastically reduced enough to where events can be held again. Hopefully, sports getting back to normalcy will be a slow process with the sports leagues resuming without fans in stadiums as the number of active virus cases decline then in a few weeks or so, having fans filling up the seats again.
  2. Was WESH that cheap in 1986 to where they weren't able to get the "Come Home" package from their own network and instead made their own "Come Home" graphics in-house? I thought those things were free for them. I would expect this in a small market affiliate, not in a mid-sized one like Orlando was at the time.
  3. KSN's open from the early 2000s look like a ripoff of WTVJ's open from 1997 and they use the same music as them.
  4. Well then. Looks like I gotta plan on updating WKBD/WWJ & WTOG's compilation. Never would I thought WTOG would bring back their newscast. This is surprising news.
  5. Here's some rare footage of KRQE in Albuquerque from 1989, back when it was KGGM-TV.
  6. To add on to my wish list, basically any late 70s-90s footage from the Rio Grande Valley (KRGV, KVEO, KGBT, KNVO, & XHRIO) and any 90s material from WCHS, WVAH, & WOWK in Charleston, West Virginia
  7. Hello! Just wanted to give you all a status update regarding my compilations.


    Currently, I'm in college as a first-year student with eyes on a Graphic Design major. There's gonna be a lot of assignments I'll be working hard on before the semester ends. That being said, that doesn't mean I won't be making those compilations for Youngstown, Salisbury, and Fort Smith, because I will and they will be out as soon as i possibly can.


    I also have other stations planned out, but first, I will be updating WBRC as they recently have updated their new graphics and WTHI since they got a new VO due to Ed Hopkins' passing. As for ABC 33/40, I am aware of clips from WJSU in the 80s being released, but I will be updating ABC 33/40 whenever they get their new graphics. Please be patient and bear with me as I work hard to get my schoolwork done as well as get my compilations up and ready to be released. Thank you.


    - ChocoMingo/NESTLEH

  8. Good news everyone! I'm going to be back at making compilations once again after almost half a year in the shadows. Unfortunately, there's only a few DMAs left that are available so I'm gonna have to make do with what Kyndle hasn't done yet.


    Speaking of which, I saw that she did compilations of Grand Rapids & Toledo, two markets I've been planning to do for a long time now. Since I never got to making them at all, I'll brush those 2 markets off, for now.


    However, I do feel a little uneasy about her updating WROC, WHAM, & WUHF. Unlike Info Junkie (someone who's helped me with compilations), who kindly asked TL Hughes (the guy who started the "news compilation trend") if he could update his compilations, which he granted him to do so, Kyndle didn't seem to ask me if she could update the 3 stations which I've made compilations of. I just don't know what to do about this one.


    The next 2 markets I'll be doing will be kept as a surprise, but the first video I'll be doing is updating WWSB and WLTV, along with making a compilation of 1 other station Kyndle didn't seem to get to.


    Thank you all, keep living the good life, and I hope you all have a wonderful day.



    1. oknewsguy


      You too, get your computer straighten out and we should be golden.

  9. Now the only Taft station ID yet to be seen at this point is WTSP, WGHP, KTXA, & KTSP/KSAZ.
  10. Alright then. I'll keep that in mind.
  11. I was planning on doing the Susquehanna Valley after I finish Rochester and one St. Louis station, but it appears someone already beat me to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qt-x-bJxA38 (WGAL) (Yeah, it seems like embed URLs aren't working for me)
  12. My wish list of markets that I did compilations for. Terre Haute WAWV - Any news material from the early 80s when WBAK had a newscast, as well as mid-2000s videos when WTWO took over and made their "Prime Edition" newscasts on WBAK/WFXW. This is pretty much the only videos that are needed as there is plenty of WTWO and WTHI material on NA3 & WTWO's original compilation. Tampa Bay WTOG - Anything from the late-1980s and early-90s, as well as a "Newswire" open from 1995-1996 with Scott Chapin as VO. WWSB - Plenty of holes for them here and there. Any news material from the WXLT days (the one in my compilation was spliced to make it seem complete) and news opens when they used "All The News". There is a "Counterpoint" open from the mid-90s and while there is audio in the NMSA, I remember watching the video a few years ago, so the video has likely been taken down and nobody has uploaded it back. Birmingham WBMA/WCFT/WJSU - I don't think any material for WCFT would be necessary as given the release of a 1991 open, that part is already satisfied. What is needed, is mid-80s-1988 material from WJSU, especially news opens as there are images of them on Logopedia, but I assume they've been taken down. Same goes for early ABC 33/40 material from 1996-1997. WBRC - More late 1980s opens are needed (first few years of "Palmer News Package"), as well as mid-2000s opens when WBRC had opens with the Fox O&O graphics. WVTM - Opens with Mason Williams' "Classical Gas", the KDFW 1979 theme, and any material from 1995-1995 when they used "One and Only", all of which are in audio form in the NMSA, but their respective videos have likely been taken down. WIAT - More videos when they used the WSLS 1988 theme and any 1996 material, especially news opens, when they were WBMG. As for WIAT, the current morning open. Providence WJAR - News opens from 1994-1996, when they used the general "Advantage" theme. WLNE - Any material when the station was WTEV, any news open material between 1983-1985, more opens from 1985-1999, especially opens when they started becoming an ABC affiliate (again). WPRI/WNAC - Any pre-2000s news opens (from around when they began their newscasts) (in regards to WNAC). As for WPRI, any news-related material from the late 70s-1980, more opens with "Hello News", more 2000s opens (Eyewitness News & first years of Newsforce, their current theme). Puerto Rico WAPA - Any opens using the WNDU 1986 theme, Newswatch 24, News One, Impact, and News Authority. WKAQ - Any opens with the Telemundo 1999 theme, Raw Power, WKAQ 2007 theme, and KBLR 2007 theme, although audio versions are in the NMSA. Hawaii KHON - News opens from the mid 1980s (with 1979-1986 NBC logo) and 1989-1991 open, along with opens from 1994-1996 before they switched to Fox. KGMB - Any news-related material from the 1980s when they used "The Team To Watch" graphics. KITV - There's a lot of time periods with not a lot of content, so there needs to be more news items from the 1980s, especially opens with the original ABC World News Tonight theme, the Tar Sequence theme, and Spirit of Texas. Along with that, opens from around 2000. KHNL - Nothing much that is needed other than opens of their newscast before the switch to NBC (1995).
  13. So far, I'm planning on Rochester (NY) and Grand Rapids.
  14. Merry Christmas everyone! Here is my Christmas gift, a compilation of KHON.
  15. Same can be said for Wichita and his channel being terminated alone may hinder the ability for someone to make news open compilations for that market, especially when considering he had opens when KAKE used The News Image.
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