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  1. The backdrop doesn’t really look bad though in my honest opinion.
  2. Last I recalled, I think there’s a few cubicles where the old NBC 5 desk once stood when I got a tour of the station a few years back.
  3. Told Y’all a while back a new was gonna be needed lol. Currently on a temp!
  4. And they deleted the clip a short time later
  5. The only person I think NN has in their New York side is Tom Negovan (former WGN News At Noon Anchor)
  6. I took some time out to catch on the 4pm and finally seeing that CBS 2 not only uses the “Swinging” cut of “The Enforcer” package for “NonStop News” in the morning but also being used for “Four Stories At Four”
  7. And with Stacey Baca preparing to sign off in the next few weeks they’re probably looking closely between Jordan and Nagy maybe. Let’s not forget the last female who anchored weekend Mornings on ABC 7 I believe was Judie García.
  8. I second that when it comes to Padilla. After Darlene Hill left, Padilla's demeanor just became eh.
  9. https://abc7chicago.com/abc7-eyewitness-news-chicago-anchor-stacey-baca/11808892/?ex_cid=TA_WLS_FB&utm_campaign=trueAnthem%3A+Trending+Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR3CWj6Af2WiaM-dIahtHjzlGeQzqpzMQrY-smti2wCoE-XphzSAsAOVWSI Confirmed
  10. And the only modification on the desk is that it has wheels.
  11. Mark made it clear in multiple interviews he’s done with the biz, in addition to that he sent his message across stating that he will NEVER forgive her and forget what went down.
  12. Ed Curran talks about why he was away. He’s expected to be back 4/2!
  13. Donlon Making a move back to WGN would sound pointless IMO. Besides Slots for anchors there are full.
  14. Wait I thought Tellez anchored from 4-6am?
  15. And speaking of renovations, Dawn Hasbrouck showed a photo of their new Fox 32 newsroom
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