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  1. Last time WBBM had two meteorologists during the afternoon/evening hrs was back when the news at 4 existed (03-05)
  2. Or Robb probably passed on that offer when he was filling in during those 10 months. On air personalities have personal lives they wanna tend to ya know..
  3. Rob Nelson already accepted a job at Newsy in ATL late last month..
  4. Albert has now jumped over to CBS 2 Chicago
  5. Albert Ramon headed to CBS 2! 2nd former NewsNation personnel to jump over to WBBM
  6. Palatine native Alexis McAdams is out
  7. And Albert Ramon has bailed from NN
  8. Yes he did anchor mornings with Zoraida, before then he was weekend mornings with Ellee Pai Hong and Anita Padilla
  9. I met Zoraida at the tower a few years back she was filling in for Pat on the 4. It’s sad to see her leave.
  10. Former NewsNation anchor Rob Nelson is headed to ATL just weeks after his departure from NewsNation
  11. I was already told a few months back that Mike Caplan didn’t want the evening position.
  12. And lets not forget the surviving one Dana Kozlov!
  13. Actually the last time they put a new set up was July 2011, as they had switched their newscasts to High Definition. WFIE later updated the backdrop in spring of 2017.
  14. Indeed they did. Multiple times, but the last time was from 2003-05, when they expanded from the 4:30pm time slot and as then Antonio Mora was anchoring alongside Childers before Blakley did
  15. Again?! Let’s see, the last to anchor CBS 2 news at 4p was Mary-Ann Childers and Derrick Blakley, which Blakley had came from NBC 5.

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