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  1. If you take a look at all of WMAQ's opens in the last two decades, it normally changes every 5-7 years. The other change I feel is needed is the desk mainly.
  2. Well it has been about 5 years (Which is the time of updated opens). Looks pretty decent, so far, also it's been about 9 years since the set came into play, might be time for a change.
  3. Update: Hassan confirmed it herself. Says she thought about life outside of work in an Instagram post.
  4. Looks like Yasmeen Hassan is out from CBS 2. I took a look at the station site and her bio is no longer there nor is her username on the morning news ticker tape (Bottom Of Screen) is shown. (Screenshot taken, 3/13/2020 during NonStop News Block)
  5. I just realized the desk was from downstairs! Good thing it’s still in use.
  6. Erin Kennedy was laid off last May just 3 months after she came back from Maternity leave. Thats why Audrina Bigos has been anchoring the past year.
  7. Over the weekend Rafer Weigel revealed that Idler was trying to fire him the same way former WLS GM Joe Ahern fired his father years back!
  8. A lot of shade is coming to light. I was thinking the GM was trying to just cover it up, before outside sources (Feder) started to bring it out. IMO I wonder how people would've reacted to this if MG had said that to former anchor Diann Burns during her tenure at WLS.
  9. And I'm saying hoping Caplan gets the spot because we all know how viewers get outraged when an "Out of Towner" is hired to a Chicago station.
  10. Let's see what they do. (Hoping Caplan gets the spot)
  11. Steve Dolinsky has announced that he's leaving. https://www.robertfeder.com/2021/01/29/hungry-hound-steve-dolinsky-leaving-abc-7s-eat-beat/?fbclid=IwAR32kw7rY-ex53o8GXPGMJAiEG-WNnbFElDgXg86ZoBI00LUT5eTUAbrDFM
  12. It's highly likely they could just do Banfield's show from the interview set upstairs in the NewsNation Newsroom.
  13. Last man Standing actually airs on "WGN 9" during the 8pm hour I believe.
  14. As long as the bosses don't tamper with the music even the main "WGN News" Breaking News Theme cut from '97, even though 615's "Chicago's Very Own" is 13 years old.

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