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  1. I think it was John Drury they hired from outside for a 2nd stint at 5 & 10 in '84. Ron was hired from outside only for the 5pm, but was promoted within for the 10pm after 4 years in 2002.
  2. And I’m not really a fan of JC's anchoring either. It Just doesn’t click with me….
  3. And as we’re down to 7 days, Alan Was given Recognition for his 4 decades in the ABC Disney family at a ceremony in NYC. Jim was also in attendance.
  4. Baichwal really does deserve a weekday position. He actually PAID his dues.
  5. For real. It seems that the male weekend anchors at ABC 7 are forgotten about for promotions apparently.
  6. Ravi has been LONG OVERDUE for a weekday promotion after his first 10 years there everyone was suspecting he’d get the 4pm when Magers was retiring.
  7. The board is back running it seems
  8. Lets hope this good find is a good fit. Besides, Those morning anchor chairs have changed anchors twice as much since the reassignments of Ellee Pai Hong and the Late Dick Johnson 14 years ago.
  9. Let’s just hope the viewers don’t have a hissy fit . You know how it goes when they hire someone born in the city from another news town
  10. Let’s be real now, remember how they waited nearly a year to hire a 4pm anchor to co-anchor alongside Marion (Patrick). He wouldn’t be the first person to be an interim for nearly a year in the morning or any other newscast at NBC 5. Also his bio on the website never confirmed permanency of Patrick on the morning newscast. Quick fact: Currently no one has been able to break Sambolin's record of long-running morning anchor at NBC 5.
  11. And Marion has given a grand tour of the set and some fun facts to it also https://www.nbcchicago.com/top-videos-home/take-a-tour-of-the-new-nbc-chicago-news-studio/2940154/?amp=1
  12. When they did the HD look, in January of 2008 the desk was still Branded as “NBC5” with the “NBC5.com” link added under the logo when did gave the newsroom desk a facelift, then around late 08/early 09 it was changed to “NBC 5 News” as they changed the web link. But Studio 5 initially had a standalone peacock logo in it’s first look.
  13. Actually around 2010-11 somewhere at that point they actually dropped the NBC 5 logo at the desk in both the newsroom as well as Studio 5 and just had the NBC peacock display Before they added the NBC 5 logo back at the desk in 2012
  14. Erin Ivory is set to return soon!
  15. Jim did great as interim 11am anchor years back! So he’s a perfect match!
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