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  1. I'm trying to figure out why the afternoon theme wasn't in the 11:30 open from 1993
  2. Rob Johnson and Judy Hsu were filling in for Ron and Diann, it was a Friday night so Judy wasn't anchoring her morning shift that day. I'm surprised it wasn't the royal WLS-TV evening theme.
  3. I remember being an infant and recognizing the colors of this talent bump back in the day! Took years to find this!
  4. And I of course recently made a Mugo Odigwe edit, however it will not upload due to the large file....
  5. Bomke is back! (From 8-18-2020)
  6. I know this is may not be ABC 7 Related. But recently I had just left my own news company on August 7th. As I was with my news company, I was trying hard to keep the old ABC 7 '92 theme alive while I was in business. So I did a tease with the classic "Tonight at 10" Theme as well as all the other cuts also that were used on ABC 7. I have it uploaded to YouTube if anyone wanted to find it!
  7. I was stunned to see that it was a true deal. But what about Fazio? He's been on the 4PM for the last two years
  8. I've got a few "NonStop News" uploads on my YouTube channel from around the time Erin was back from maternity leave. In addition to that, I've also edited a "6:52" compilation where the anchors were next to the desk, which is pretty short but better than nothing
  9. So many see lately Yasmeen has been in the newsroom following the breaking stories, which was originally Audrina's role. I just don't know if it seems right. Since Kennedy and Glaros were laid off, we all know that morning show hasn't been the same. I honestly think Mugo Odigwe would be a better fit for the position. (Screenshot taken from a Nonstop News Segment 7-17-2020)
  10. Yeah originally as Breaking News Anchor (Which was a promotion I guess she reconsidered).
  11. So on Wednesday I was watching 10 Minutes of Non-stop News on CBS 2, come to see after that Audrina Bigos was joining the rest of the team at the desk which is super rare
  12. Actually, WEHT was "ABC 25" during the "News 25" Gilmore times between 1996 until the early 2000's before Nextar bought the station. Good to know that WEHT is "ABC 25" again. CW 7, not bad by the way.
  13. New in the News, Former ABC 7 reporter Russ Ewing https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10216220806927697&id=1078072129
  14. Alan and Kathy's 1999 shot is so superb

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