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  1. Yep. NBC used to own The Grio but sold it back to their founders and then the founders flipped it to Allen Gonna be interesting to see what programming they'll put there
  2. It's a bit meh to me there...
  3. We got some clips 1985 KCBS news open https://youtu.be/xaQCBkFvBZQ 1995 WXYZ news open (jump to 47:18) https://youtu.be/iAXmi-Jbv1g 1992 WUSA news open https://youtu.be/ouvmEUkBfaA 1986 KCBS news open (jump to 44:03) https://youtu.be/Mi3JPWZmuV0
  4. Yep. I highly doubt that CW saw that Tribune-Nexstar deal coming. Either way, it's gonna be an interesting relationship as the affiliation deal rolls on IMO
  5. Cheap Charlie is running wild again. Hopefully, more and more people get off of that wild ride I do wonder if CW is pondering trying to get out of the affiliation deal. Disputes like these affect ratings and Indy is a relatively big market and is not worth keeping the CW affiliation if the owner is having a go with all of the TV providers bar cable
  6. TBF, the owner is a bit of a greedy idiot. Hes also in a dispute with Dish so...
  7. They also updated the graphics ever so slightly
  8. The set is nice but I'm a not a fan of their new intro
  9. Looking at some of the archives, looks like WWSB met Gray halfway with their new graphics. The intro looks freakish. I also wish they would do away with "Extreme". Such a bland theme really to use for news
  10. Entravision needs a bit of help here with FOX South Texas
  11. Yep. Their owner is a conservative so that makes sense...
  12. Those old WPGA owners wished they didn't drop ABC They don't even exist anymore!
  13. We got some stuff here A 2003 WTXF news open A 1982 WABC news open (jump to 6:38) A 1993 WESH news open (jump to 18:02)
  14. Yeah...it doesn't make sense to run a 24/7 weather subchannel if you can get the same info on your phone. WPEC is the only affiliate in South Florida that still has a weather subchannel. That station is tough to get from here (Hi-VHF) in Miami
  15. I guess I haven't been up to date. Lovely lady and a good anchor. Too bad ABC let her go to FOX

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