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  1. Yep. Sad state of affairs. I guess I'll stick to Judy Justice after Mathis is done with WMD
  2. This from WOLO seems like a MG ripoff https://youtu.be/tOkDEFphOyg
  3. Well...the only thing they didn't replace it with was a comedy show
  4. NY1 for me...at least back in the days when I lived in NY
  5. Good God. What even is that? The graphics, the music and the logo. The holy trinity of awful there. It's like they were possessed by Scripts there
  6. Bad move by Perry there. LIV is a pariah for a reason. The man is so desperate for content, he'll do anything to get it. Sad
  7. It is a freakshow graphic-wise. God only knows what they were thinking opting with that....
  8. That's a "y tho" for me. No one wanted this or needed this. Unbelievable
  9. Sad state of affairs but Azteca abandoned that channel a long time ago so it was inevitable
  10. Christ Almighty. Once again, Perry out-of-touchness running wild. I hope the rivals eat them alive for this decision
  11. Happy retirement, Jim!! Being old sucks. I wish some of these anchors could do it forever but father time sucks
  12. My only memory of PAX was watching AFV reruns and maybe you get a replay of the WNBC news or some programming that was preempted on NBC. As Ion, it is just rerun city. There's nothing really special there and I'm surprised Paxton got someone to pay for that network for a lot of money.
  13. I think he's going for the world record as an anchor. That's why he's sticking around
  14. That girl looks possessed in that mug shot. I hope the station also sanctioned her. This is despicable behavior
  15. Yeah...that is...pretty bad there
  16. Not even InfoWars want anything to do with Q. When you're too far right for the most far right winged media entities, you got some issues
  17. They'll be out of business soon anyways. No big media entity would want to invest in that dumpster fire.
  18. I've never been a fan of either 3 shows. I can't even think what female audience would want to watch a bunch of middle aged to old ladies talk nonsense for a hour. If one or three of them get canceled, it would do the world good
  19. If affiliates are dropping it, then certainly not. I'm pleased that WBFS dropped it as it opens up more local programming spots.
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