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  1. WTIC uses a weird mix of Tegna graphics and old Tribune graphics Weird
  2. The people behind NewsNet is salivating at the prospect of more affiliates under their coffers
  3. No new graphics yet at the late newscast. So...maybe not today
  4. Booooo....Ariel is being used and wheres John Young?
  5. Nice. Gives people another way to get WILX on their antenna
  6. Someone in Hungary is a fan of the old NBC Sports graphics
  7. This came from the Dominican Republic I mean...come on...you can't be more blatant than that
  8. We got a 2000 WSYT news open (jump to 6:31)
  9. WCBI is still using Always Worth Your Time
  10. You're 3 months too late there, man That's...just funny.
  11. We got a 1993 WTXF news open (jump to 26:57) And a 1993 KVEW news open (jump to 32:43) And a 2001 WSFL news open (jump to 29:07)
  12. Lorimer Sports Network didn't last long. Of course, looks like the production team was auditioning for a CBS Sports job with these graphics
  13. Well...that intro was brief And they still use their old logo for the news open. How do you spell lazy?
  14. We got a 1996 KSPR news open A 1991 KY3 news open A 1993 KSPR news open A 1996 WVUE news open
  15. Their theme music is pathetic. In-Sink was better...
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