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  1. That's a "y tho" from me
  2. That girl looks possessed in that mug shot. I hope the station also sanctioned her. This is despicable behavior
  3. Yeah...that is...pretty bad there
  4. Not even InfoWars want anything to do with Q. When you're too far right for the most far right winged media entities, you got some issues
  5. They'll be out of business soon anyways. No big media entity would want to invest in that dumpster fire.
  6. I've never been a fan of either 3 shows. I can't even think what female audience would want to watch a bunch of middle aged to old ladies talk nonsense for a hour. If one or three of them get canceled, it would do the world good
  7. If affiliates are dropping it, then certainly not. I'm pleased that WBFS dropped it as it opens up more local programming spots.
  8. He must've had enough and was holding this one in. Hope it's worth it as I can't see him finding work anytime soon
  9. I'm sure the few low powered Indy stations here won't mind picking it up. It's either that or one of the bigger affiliates (ie. WSVN or WPLG) will put it on their subchannels
  10. Looks like it's reverting back to an Indy station which will open up more opportunities for some extra newscasts...
  11. And Peacock WON'T be successful because of this...
  12. Old MG graphics mixed with Honeycomb? Looks good
  13. That's a "y tho" from me I guess they're hunting down some more LPs to be repeaters
  14. Nextpvr can playback those channels. Just need to grab the plugin for that
  15. Once they lost most of their sports rights (Nets, Yankees, Giants simulcasts) and their newscasts, it was game over
  16. I'm still kind of hoping they just go back to letting KFSN handle the news. This is brutal and Austin (and his boss) doesn't seem to have a clue.
  17. Good God. That's a part my childhood gone right there RIP
  18. Don't know but you can check here https://rabbitears.info/search.php?request=network_search&network=Oxygen
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