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  1. KGO rolled back the sands of time with the music in this intro
  2. I don't think they have a choice as the affiliation agreements are all tied up ATM. If Weigel owns it, you might as well call it "The X"
  3. It's a no brainer for Nexstar...as WBNX is on an UHF frequency. They can easily move WJW on there and place the subchannels (and the new one coming out) on their own virtual channel (55.1)...
  4. Yep, I heard of that. It's an obvious excuse for Comcrap as they wanted the channel to remain exclusive to them so that more people can subscribe to them. Now with cordcutting becoming more popular, clearly they can't do that anymore. This model I imagine will be a win-win for both sides
  5. Philadelphians would LOVE this. NBCS Philly has had a long history of distribution issues (DTV and Dish doesn't carry it still) so getting it ala carte would work instead of shifting TV providers
  6. Looks like they got the thumbs up from the existing providers here. Gonna be interesting to see how they'll handle the extra traffic and whatnot...
  7. I would love that. I miss JD calling games so I wouldn't mind him somewhere
  8. Tegna have a LOOOOTTT of problems themselves, yes. Would've been a nightmare of Gray to try to handle that. This deal is better for them.
  9. YUCK. Very generic looking compared to the former logo.
  10. Holy sh!t, what a bombshell. Hopefully, these stations will be treated better than Meredith treated them As for WJRT, I can see Allen or Lockwood scooping that up. A wildcard may be Disney but they just cut costs recently so that's unlikely
  11. We got a 1991 WHAS news open (skip to 28:57) https://youtu.be/3x29wtwskwE Three 1985 KWTV newscasts https://youtu.be/trQrR7qJ7Wk https://youtu.be/htT-ToUGsfw https://youtu.be/uhfhCSfprMY

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