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  1. They must be bored over there
  2. Someone was asleep at the wheel
  3. Do not like the music switch. Should've used CBS local instead
  4. KOVR is using the newest version of Enforcer it seems here
  5. We got a 1991 WTHR news open (jump to 39:55) https://youtu.be/Hg9wNVqle68 A 1986 KCBS newscast https://youtu.be/NPQ1H3PJHG4
  6. HAHA. The mobile site had a bit of a glitch, I guess
  7. I wonder who are gonna be the takers for those extra stations. I guess Lockwood could come in and scoop them up...
  8. Hmm...I wonder who'll get the conflicting stations there?? Lockwood, come on down!!
  9. They're using an interesting cut of Curves and Glass there...
  10. WVLA updated their graphics (way overdue) The Spirit of Louisiana lives on still as Evolution has been retained

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