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  1. They still use Tar Sequence. Channel 7 also used to use the iconic ABC Circle 7 logo in their earlier days
  2. WTLV 1980-1986 logo was a ripoff of the Lazer 2 logo of KTVU.
  3. Nah. Hearst music is straight up garbage. Doesn't resemble a news theme. It resembles an entertainment news theme tho. Sinclair is also garbage. Scripps theme is ok along with COX's news theme (usually used on WFTV and WSB)
  4. God help this station but they need some backing in order for it to survive for long...
  5. They need to change that theme indeed. Maybe go back to This is Home or the previous theme before that...
  6. Just why though?
  7. Heres another lazy one and this came from Memphis
  8. WAFF ripped off some of the old Heart graphics
  9. WTHI ripping off WPLG and WEWS here
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