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  1. I don't really get the rationale to get this. It's a low powered news station. I guess if they gather enough repeaters, they could mould it into a sports channel when the Rays, Lightning and Magic rights are available...
  2. Ditching that news theme is one thing. But replacing it with This Is The Place? Really, Gray?? Really??
  3. Hmm...Comcast has elected to bring their NOWTV service to the US. Yeah, 20 hr DVR? Are they out of their minds? I don't know if this is a viable option for me as the lack of sports channels (outside of Peacock and what's offered on Xumo) is inadequate. For non-sports people, even Philo is superior
  4. With Allen, I just can't see a similar mess happening. Less station conflicts and he's a smarter dude compared to Kim who had more money than sense really.
  5. Did Gray get their lawyers from the Dollar Store? I can't see how getting fined for grabbing this station violated 1st amendment rights. Of course, they should argue for FCC picking and choosing who to punish for transactions like these
  6. Yeah...basically. Either that or WJBK scoops it up and put it on 2.2
  7. I'll believe it when I see it. I imagine they're using this as a bluff tactic to get more money from cable/satellite providers
  8. That may be it. Of course, I'm in no rush to see that man go. He's part of my childhood and he can still go. Let him break the record and then ride off the sunset after. He's only doing one newscast anyways per weekday...
  9. We don't even need an article. Its pretty common knowldege that having basically having 2 mega corporations run by one entity is not good
  10. At this point, you might as well gut syndicated programming and just run news outside of network times. Go nuts
  11. Just pure insanity from people whos out of touch with reality. Making stuff hard to watch legally is counterintuitive to preventing piracy. Even the music industry knows that. They learned the hard way
  12. You....can't just say that without any context...
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