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  1. Yep. But with #NexstarLogic, you don't know what we'll get. I'm sure they'll be a lot of pissed off female cordcutters if they put a paywall on that site.
  2. That's a "y tho" from me. Breakthrough was a superior theme compared to this nonsense to
  3. Well...why not. Might as well move one of your 100 cable networks to OTA. I wonder if the gameplan is to set up an ATSC 3.0 subscription which will give you MSNBC, CNBC, USA and Syfy
  4. Good God. Those newscasts can't get any worse. From some of the stuff I seen from Marquee, more people will be running to WCMH to keep their sanity
  5. "Business decision" sounds like either "too old" or "too expensive"
  6. Clearly the latter. It just lazy journalism. Fact checking is key...and the former president shouldn't be your go-to as a source.
  7. Yeah...this newscast is brutal to watch. I don't blame Austin too much. I blame Cocola as this was his call. It might've been more worth it to renew the newsharing agreement with KFSN. This is...not working
  8. Yeah...this channel was doomed from the start. With the Khans having a new pet project in ROH, I didn't see them keeping stuff like this around. It's unfortunate but (black) people around my age aren't watching the news on TV (much less cable TV) so this was doomed from the start.
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