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  1. Gray still hasn't switched some of the ex-Raycom stations so...we're gonna be waiting for a while for most...
  2. I don't get it I think they made a big mistake.
  3. Looks good. Too bad the WTVJ Custom Theme is dead and gone but I like LA Groove better anyways so...
  4. Don't forget Weigel just launched MeTV+. So I wouldn't be surprised if they chuck that on to WZME...
  5. Yes. Because that's exactly what people want. A minimart version of CNN Cablenews is in the gutter for a reason so I have low expectations for CNN+. What am I going to get for a fee that I'm not gonna get for free (ie. Newsy, BBC, Sky, France24, etc)
  6. Nice to see that the old LA Groove cut is being used here
  7. So generic and boring. Like their music and graphics package so it fits, I guess...
  8. I wouldn't blame them one bit for that. It's not like MyTV was moving the needle in order for them to pay for the service. Thus frees up a bit of cash and they could easily shift one of their diginets on there to replace MyTV
  9. CourtTV is on 9.2. Always has been really. Nice to see that I have a free news channel in Miami (I can easily get WHDT now )
  10. We got a few more A 1984 WTVJ open and close https://youtu.be/xdB9fCSDn8I A 1996 WCMH open A 1994 WBNS open Another 1996 WCMH open

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