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  1. ??? Where did you see it? Which station?
  2. Jesus Christ get a grip. Even my NextPVR automatically pads about 5 minutes before the show begins. That way, I don't miss the beginning of a show or newscast
  3. Is there anything that the Australians didn't steal from us?
  4. Speaking of ripping off of WSVN
  5. Now this one is just lazy And a bonus for somewhat ripping off WNYW's old logo and another
  6. So WITI goes back to FOX for the first time for more than a decade....
  7. Now...that's pretty blatant and speaking of ripping off of CBS O&Os...
  8. WAND taking some of the old O&Os graphics (poorly IMO)
  9. I only want the best for these unfortunate stations
  10. I don't post spam. If you don't agree then say why instead of thinking that I'm some random bot...
  11. They both took that logo from WTVJ in the 80s
  12. Come on KARK, you're not fooling anybody with that (this was during the 80s)
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