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  1. We have another winner. KASA TV wanted to be Hearst station once upon a time
  2. I mean...I guess that's one way to bump up traffic
  3. The dude is probably making stuff up. WXIA never used This Is the Place anywhere
  4. Here we have a WNEP open from 1997 (skip to 28:20)
  5. We have here a KCRA open from 1987 (skip to 5:27)
  6. I think it's more likely that the FOX branding will be more front and center. The news will be branded back to Q13 FOX News and the usual O&O graphics will kick in with Beyond music
  7. Wanna go back to the future? This station (WYDO) was using the FOX 98 theme in 2005!!
  8. Heres a KKTV news intro from 1997
  9. Not only that but the logo was better under FOX
  10. Nice to know. Still makes little sense to me how a station in SW Lousiana has that theme...
  11. Hmm...using the Spirit theme (or whatever version of it Stephen Arnold made)?
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