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  1. Just simulcast WGN9 News again and be done with it...
  2. Unlikely ATM. Tegna will never let WKYC go
  3. A new graphics package looks eminent for CBS O&Os. Now the music is sealed and dealed
  4. That is what the YouTuber did. Used the ol Turner-style stretch-o-vision and upscaled the feed to 720p...
  5. WKBW also used these graphics and the then CBS affiliate KFSN used it too.
  6. Here we have a WBZ 11 PM News intro on Boxing Day 1986 (jump to 33:40)
  7. Sure...if you have lots and lots of money. Best shot if you don't have is a LD or LP or CD...
  8. WDTN had an interesting open back in 75. Looks like they went the Action News route without the theme
  9. KXLY couldn't have made this any more blatant if they try
  10. Looks like NewsNet is coming to my area (WDFL) It's about time, I guess
  11. Look at the young Warner Wolf. Wow...
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