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  1. They also updated the graphics ever so slightly
  2. The set is nice but I'm a not a fan of their new intro
  3. Looking at some of the archives, looks like WWSB met Gray halfway with their new graphics. The intro looks freakish. I also wish they would do away with "Extreme". Such a bland theme really to use for news
  4. Entravision needs a bit of help here with FOX South Texas
  5. Yep. Their owner is a conservative so that makes sense...
  6. Those old WPGA owners wished they didn't drop ABC They don't even exist anymore!
  7. We got some stuff here A 2003 WTXF news open A 1982 WABC news open (jump to 6:38) A 1993 WESH news open (jump to 18:02)

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