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  1. It would be interesting to know how many folks along Colorado's front range will ever tune into Oxygen because it's on a sub channel of KDEN-TV Telemundo Denver and not on KUSA-TV I would love to see ratings for it.
  2. KUSA, KCNC, & KMGH carried the network special reports live. Then dumped out into regular network programing in progress afterwards at around 8:15PM MDT.
  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes! As far as I'm aware it's a full re-do. As far as I'm aware It's a full re-do, set to be finished sometime mid to late June. I believe nexstar wants to maybe have there style for the studio instead of Tribune's style. That is my guess.
  4. KDVR/KFCT FOX31 is now on the KWGN set starting today with the FOX31 NEWS @4PM. It's unknown currently how long they will be using the KWGN set. The studio & set were last updated in Spring of 2019 by Design Group International. For now it appears this is only an update for the FOX side. No word on if KWGN will be updated after FOX is finished. https://coloradonewscenter.blogspot.com/2022/05/fox31-is-updating-its-news-set.html
  5. KDVR/KFCT & KWGN have been loosing a lot of folks in the past month or so.
  6. Found this clip and now I have a question: Fast question here, did WTVJ end up turning this over to WCIX/WFOR just 2 years later?? If so that kinda sucks. (I know it's a long time ago but still).
  7. I wonder how quickly Nexstar kills off The CW? Or tries to make it NewsNation+. Something tells me this is going to go south fast if the sale goes through.
  8. So I discovered today that DirecTV has added our NBC & CBS affiliates, to 2 more channels, from what i can tell there is a slight delay (about 11 seconds) from the main channel. I don't know why we need two more of the same thing, we already have there HD streams on some upper channels on our lineup. Channel 15 is KCNC & Channel 21 is KUSA, these do not appear to be "HD" streams. Anyone know why they would have done this? And have they done this with NBC & CBS stations in other markets? They switched them on at around 3PM this afternoon, these two channels appeared on the guide Tuesday with the DirecTV logo. The other Denver stations (KMGH, KDVR, KTVD, KRMA, & KWGN) don't appear to have the 2nd feeds.
  9. Well, it will be interesting to see how they utilize the truck during May when severe Weather starts happening more. But at what point do these vehicles become too much of a distraction from actually Forecasting and watching severe weather??
  10. it's KMSG-LP not KSMG, That is a Radio station in Seguin, TX.
  11. There is a Large Wild Fire burning in Boulder Colorado, near the National Weather Service office & the National Centers for Atmospheric Research labs. KUSA is currently the only station, that has interrupted programing. The following sites, should have live video or will shortly. 9NEWS.COM CBSDENVER.COM THEDENVERCHANNEL.COM KDVR.COM KWGN.COM
  12. What issues do KDVR & KWGN have?? Their ratings seem to be okay, esp KDVR..
  13. I think the news will be anchored from 30 Rock tonight it will be interesting to see how that works. It could also be that Tyler Matheson or someone else just fills in over on CNBC.
  14. Last night with the Russia Ukraine blowup, it felt like they were not prepared to cover it. There was a period after the president had finished talking where they went to commercial and took there time coming back from the break at least 5 mins.
  15. WTVJ Long Affilate Promo. Are you looking for this one? One of my favorites.
  16. One of my favorite packages was the December 1992- September 1995 graphics package that KCNC shared with WNBC. I have always thought it was a clean look & way ahead of the other Denver stations at the time. Forgot to mention, I also enjoyed the 2005-2008 Aqua blue & white graphics package that WBBH used as seen here.
  17. Does anyone watch 'The Olympic Channel' ? I like it, it's basically overflow coverage that NBC Sports Can't get on to it's other networks, including the NBC television network.
  18. So I have noticed on Facebook that KCNC-DT is now using the hashtag #CBSNewsColorado I have also seen it used on air since Sunday evening.
  19. TWC has so far had great coverage of the winter storm back east. Even if they are still using there stupid naming system.
  20. FOX Weather has been okay so far during the blizzard back east this weekend, however I think TWC has been doing a lot more in-depth coverage.
  21. I Was sad to hear this earlier today. CBS4 posted this a little over an hour ago: https://denver.cbslocal.com/2022/01/29/les-shapiro-cbs4-sports/ He will be missed!
  22. Well, I think OANN is going to have a hard time staying afloat after this. We'll see..
  23. KPXC Officially launched Newsy this morning on digital sub channel 59.7 it has been on & off color bars and pictures with no audio for 2 weeks.
  24. I think a big problem that the TODAY show has is that Comcast doesn't seem to have the same handle on what's going on day to day with the show. I think when GE owned NBC, NBC NEWS was a much much better run organization.
  25. Altitude Sports & Entertainment, is still not available to Comcast & Dish Network customers in Colorado. So no Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets or Colorado Mammoth games will be available unless you have DirecTV. This is year #3 that Altitude hasn't been available to Comcast & Dish Network customers.
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