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  1. KTVD uses the NBC Look for Broncos pre-season games, produced by KUSA.
  2. DENDude


    Newsy is great, it has quick headlines. It kind of reminds me of Headline News or CNN Headline News before they went to the crime & justice thing they have now.
  3. I don't think the graphics are bad, but I could take or leave the music. At least Tegna graphics aren't a ripoff of another groups graphics, like what WBBH currently has. As far as the radio side goes, I think the stations Tegna has will make a lot of money for the group as a whole. If they can get the right digital marketing strategy going there could be a lot of money on the table.
  4. So effective this morning on DirecTV the CBSe feed is no longer WCBS it is now WUSA & the CBSw feed is no longer KCBS it is now KFMB.
  5. Is this really a good idea? I think this merger will backfire on them. CBS Corp has the better properties of the two it just seems as if Viacom doesn't have much of anything worth merging for. Case in point below: CBS Corp has: CBS, The CW, CBS Sports Network, Decades, CBS Films, CBS All-Access, CBSN, CBS Money Watch, CNET, TV.com & CBS Television Stations Inc. Viacom has: CMT, MTV, MTV2, VH1, TV Land, Comedy Central, Paramount Network, Nickeloden, BET, & Pluto TV. Of the viacom networks I only watch Paramount Network on a regular basis because it has Bar Rescue. I don't watch any of the other networks they own. I watch CBS & CBS Sports Network & their CBSN Streaming service...
  6. KUSA Has E/I at 12:30PM on Fridays and that has only been since October. It's kinda weird.
  7. Question: where is Judge Jerry going to end up in Denver? (KWGN, KTVD, or KCDO?) I can't seem to find a listing for what stations are carrying his new program.
  8. What has KSTU done to the tribune Graphics? YIKES!!! Their weather graphics don't seem to match what other Tribune stations are using, their lower thirds are very bland. I'm glad Scripps Broadcasting is taking over soon at least the graphics will be updated.. (Below are screen shots I took from the website)
  9. And another thing I thought of, KMGH was using a very nice circle 7 logo in the early 1990s when it was a CBS station, did they have to pay ABC for that? They could go back to this for all I care just put the ABC logo to the right. 1991-1995 Logo.
  10. I have an over the air antenna, so all is good. They can keep it off of DirecTV for as long as they like.
  11. I agree that Scripps screwed up KMGH's logo. I think they should just go old school and make it close to what WXYZ has. What is so hard about that?
  12. KCNC Was pulled at Noon MDT today, they were in the middle of airing a promo for an upcoming newscast and it went off.
  13. They say that CBS is blacked out on DirecTV/U-Verse I have DirecTV & KCNC is still on my line up (Around 1:50AM, MDT), Unless I missed something here.. Smithsonian & CBS Sports Network went off at 12:03 AM today.
  14. I don't think Nexstar will buy back WPIX for a little while, they have to wait until early to mid 2020 early 2021 before they can attempt to buy back PIX. By then who knows what the TV landscape will look like.
  15. The only thing i have seen on the DirecTV Hurricane info channel is KADN & WAFB, I haven't seen anything from New Orleans yet. One more thing.. WVUE--FOX8 started their live stream on there website at NOON CDT time today.
  16. <<My Apologies beforehand if this is in the wrong thread...>> I have noticed since last night that WWL-TV & WVUE-TV are the only ones so far that have fairly consistent live streams going on their websites as Tropical Storm Barry moves towards the Louisiana coast. WDSU-TV & WGNO-TV have replays of newscasts but nothing live yet. I would bet that this will change as the storm moves closer to the coast. wwltv.com wdsu.com wgno.com fox8live.com
  17. When I took a look at the KREX/KGJT website nothing is mentioned about being blacked out by AT&T/DirecTV and even the DirecTV promise website dosn't mention KREX/KGJT. However the KXRM-FOX21 website has the banner at the top talking about getting blacked out. Weird.
  18. KDSP-AM Orange & Blue 760 is dead, it changed it's call letters June 25th and is now stunting as of this morning with a wide variety of freedom music, it's new call letters are KDFD-AM (760Khz). It is expected to be called 'Freedom 93.7' as it will be on translator K229BS at 93.7FM as well as 760KHz. It's the 3rd format for this station in 5 years. Let's see if the 3rd time's the charm here. More here: https://www.westword.com/news/broncos-radio-station-orange-and-blue-760-is-dead-11404147
  19. I Don't believe there will be an affiliation switch between KDVR & KWGN. I agree that KWGN is in a vulnerable position but whoever gets the station will be better than tribune. Tribune has had ample opportunity to make KWGN a news powerhouse in Denver over the years and they haven't. The news department has already seen a merger that happened back in 2009 when KWGN was moved into the "News & Technology Center" and was being managed by Local TV, LLC.
  20. Wow I wonder what the folks in the WJLA newsroom think of the bad ratings? Yikes!!! This has to have Sinclair corporate mad. I also wonder what ratings are like at other Sinclair properties around the country?
  21. It wouldn't necessarily hurt KWGN all that much to be under the same umbrella as KMGH, KWGN hasn't been much of a factor since Tribune & Local TV, LLC got together. With that said I doubt KWGN would go to scrips they just took on KOAA and I believe that will be there focus. I hope that Nexstar or who ever get's KWGN does something with it.
  22. FTVLIve also says fox has it's eyes on WJW & KDVR/KFCT. Wonder what will happen to KWGN?
  23. KUSA added Cozi TV in December to it's digital sub channel (9.2) replacing Weather Nation TV. Today when I was out I noticed a billboard advertising Cozi TV on 9.2 & 25.3 Over the air & Comcast 249. I also noticed an ad on the side of a bus stop promoting Cozi TV, why dosn't KDEN-TV just drop Cozi and just have it on KUSA?? The KDEN signal is very weak on the south side of the Denver Metro area, while KUSA's signal covers all of the metro. If I were NBC Universal I would just move it over and be done with it-put another Spanish sub on to 25.3. I would think Tegna would be pushing for that to happen.
  24. A Missed opportunity by ABC NEWS to have a cable news channel.
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