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  1. Well, I think OANN is going to have a hard time staying afloat after this. We'll see..
  2. KPXC Officially launched Newsy this morning on digital sub channel 59.7 it has been on & off color bars and pictures with no audio for 2 weeks.
  3. I think a big problem that the TODAY show has is that Comcast doesn't seem to have the same handle on what's going on day to day with the show. I think when GE owned NBC, NBC NEWS was a much much better run organization.
  4. Altitude Sports & Entertainment, is still not available to Comcast & Dish Network customers in Colorado. So no Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets or Colorado Mammoth games will be available unless you have DirecTV. This is year #3 that Altitude hasn't been available to Comcast & Dish Network customers.
  5. WZVN Lost it's audio board last night shortly before the 11PM newscast. This is the 2nd time this year, it happened in early May as well.
  6. Videos on Sinclair stations websites are still taking forever to load, and the playback is still very choppy..
  7. They may have, but it was still on the cable system guide & in the Denver Post guide through this past Friday.
  8. KWGN has dropped it's 11PM Newscast as of Friday October 8, 2021.
  9. In Denver- KDVR was announced last month as the station for "You Bet your Life with Jay Leno" but instead KCDO has picked it up. It will air at 7PM & 7:30PM, it will then Re-Air at 12:36AM on KMGH.
  10. WDSU is Reporting that WGNO and WVUE have been affected by some power transmission issues at there transmitter sites. I feel bad for the folks over at WGNO, hopefully they can stay on the air throughout this storm...
  11. What is up with the Audio tonight on Nightly News? It's has been very low and hard to hear. Then going to commercial at around the :15 min mark, you could hear Lester asking about the bad audio. It's bad tonight.
  12. KUSA didn't send anyone over to tokyo for the Olympics, the first time since they started airing the Olympics in 1996. Instead they will be covering it from there "Mountain News Room" & through the resources of NBC News Channel. They said this morning there equipment that was sent to the network warehouse in New Jersey way back in June was returned by NBC on Wednesday.
  13. It's going to be interesting to see just how well this new streaming service does, or if it's gone after a year or so. It would be cool to see a side by side comparison of FOX Weather with The Weather Channel, Weather Nation TV & AccuWeather. It's good that they are being overseen by the news department, that should give it some credibility.
  14. KUSA is airing it's morning newscast at 4:30AM, then opening ceremonies until 9AM then TODAY until 11, then back to opening ceremonies until 2pm, DBL & Ellen, then local News & NBC Nightly News until 5:30 then the opening ceremonies until 10, and then a newscast for 10 mins then back to Olympic programing. The "Olympic Zone" begins at 5:30PM Saturday 7/24/21. Then on 7/26/21 it goes back to somewhat of a normal programing cycle, morning news from 4:30-7, TODAY 7-10, Olympics until 3PM, then Ellen & 4PM Newscast, Nightly News @4:30, 5PM Newscast, 5:30 Olympic Zone, & then Prime-time Olympic coverage until 10PM. No 11PM newscast this time around like in years past. KUSA has done an 11PM Newscast during the Olympics since the 1996 Atlanta summer olympics.
  15. The KMGH Studios have been sold: (Heads up there is a paywall) https://www.bizjournals.com/denver/news/2021/07/16/denver7-speer-apartments-sold-pmg-greybrook.html
  16. How low do you think the upcoming morning program's ratings are going to be in relation to in the heat of the night & blue bloods reruns? Right now things don't look so good for the rest of there news programing. Yikes!
  17. I hope Comcast wins this, Hopefully it forces the station to go back to Scripps whether they want it or not...
  18. 360 Music merged into Stephen Arnold. 360 Music dosn't exist anymore including copyright information---that has all been transferred over to Stephen Arnold.
  19. Probably a good idea, but Scripps dosn't own NewsNet so how is that going to work?
  20. I don't really care for the music. With that said--i could care less who is reporting the news as long as it is accurate, and tells me what is happening. What is boring about what these two stations are reporting or not reporting?? WTHR now has access to more $ and other stations in the event of news emergency's, so that is a positive of having Tegna own the station.
  21. Why not post the old TV Clips to Vemo's video player?, there isn't a lot of content over there.
  22. I wonder what most Tegna stations will replace Ellen with in 2022??
  23. Does anyone have a station list for this effort?
  24. I Don't think this deal is going to make the CW any better. It will still just be there taking up airspace.
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