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  1. Don't know if this is network wide right now or just a station problem. But (KDVR/KFCT) keep having the audio cut out during the Giants / Cowboys game on both satellite & over the air. Aprox every 4 mins the audio goes out for a few seconds.
  2. KCEN's set is from 2004, it was moved from Denver to Waco, TX. (It's the former KUSA/KTVD news set)
  3. Ah okay, the on-air ads KMGH was running yesterday said they had moved frequencies.
  4. KMGH Moved frequencies at 7AM this morning. And KWGN Moved frequencies at 11:55AM this morning. KWGN to physical channel 36 from 34, KMGH to physical channels 7 & 30 from 17. KMGH also Moved there main transmitter to the KSBS-DT tower & now shares tower space with KSBS & KCDO. KUSA, KCNC, KTVD & KDVR are un-affected at this time. **KDVR, KMGH, KUSA, & KWGN are now showing as HEVC signals**
  5. News Nation feels like a local newscast that's trying to do national news. My biggest annoyance with it is they cover a story or event, that in no way is of national interest. Like this story for instance (Why are they covering this? This isn't of national significance): https://www.newsnationnow.com/us-news/northeast/connecticut-school-teacher-uses-hip-hop-to-help-homeless-community/
  6. Newsjunkie24: The News with Shepard Smith is a much better newscast than News Nation!!! It's certainly feels like a national newscast unlike news nation.
  7. Cool, I'll be curious to see how well it does. (It will be NBC Weather Plus 2.0, with search lights )
  8. Are mission broadcasting stations off the air as well due to the dispute with Nexstar Media & Dish Network? Or is Mission on a different contract?
  9. Gee this new set seems smaller than there old one, and I agree they seem to be standing very close to one another. I hope they don't have a coivd-19 outbreak in the studio or newsroom.
  10. The question is this, who stays off longer? Tegna stations on DirecTV/AT&T or Nexstar stations on Dish Network? I'm thinking Dish Network on this, they seem to have a nack for dragging things out.
  11. KUSA is reporting this morning that in Denver this dispute is only affecting KUSA/NBC programing for now. I havn't seen the crawl on KTVD at all & the KTVD website doesn't have the "Attention AT&T/DirecTV customers" banner on there website.
  12. For the first time since April 2009, so 11 1/2 years KUSA went back to a double anchor format today for the NOON newscast. Personally I think that is a bit overkill, considering the majority of what they do on that newscast is show packages from News Channel. I liked the single anchor format.
  13. Wonderful just what we need, another news network ---let some of the smaller one's we have now fail first.
  14. It's nice to see a company like Sagamorehill picking up some more stations, as opposed to say Sinclair, Nexstar, or Scripps.
  15. How is it not ethical? They pay licensing fees to the F.C.C. just like other stations, or is it there political leaning?? If it's not ethical then should NBC not be on KSL-TV? That's owned by Bonneville International Corp--a subsidiary of Deseret Management Corporation, which is owned outright by the LDS Church.

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