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  1. DENDude


    The shell of WWL? The ratings I found online which are from March 2020, WWL was doing well in the ratings race, they were #1 in the mornings and #1 at Noon. https://www.nola.com/entertainment_life/article_d7fe6f1c-d881-52bf-b625-e4968307ed78.html
  2. It sounds as if KYES is going to simulcast KTVA for a while until they get things up and going, then GCI will determine who to sell the KTVA non license assets to.
  3. KMGH & KOAA to be removed from DISH around 5pm MDT Today.
  4. The KWGN/KDVR app sucks, I un-installed it about a month ago, it would crash when viewing video, and then they changed a feature on the android app that made it hard to shut off push notifications.
  5. I Can see AT&T shutting down CNN in the next few years honestly. Hell--the Atlanta facilities are up for sale, AT&T doesn't really seem to want to be in the news business anyway.
  6. I think this new program will do very well. It will be nice to see CNBC balance out coverage from MSNBC in the evening.
  7. They should launch CBSN as a sub channel on the CBS O&Os and then offer the service to there affiliates, when they re-up with them the next go around.
  8. That must be a first, a reporter with a newsnet mic flag.. Never seen that on there before.
  9. This is nothing new, CNBC has leaned conservative for a long time. I Can name 2 reporters off the top who are conservative: Rick Santelli Phil LeBeau In 1993 Roger Ailes, became the executive VP of CNBC before jumping over to FOX NEWS CHANNEL in late 1996, hence another reason it leans to the right unlike the rest of NBC NEWS & MSNBC. So it wouldn't be so bad to see that in primetime.
  10. Beginning today June 14, 2020 at 6AM EDT DirecTV has dropped: KNBC, KABC, KCBS, WCBS, KTTV, WNBC, WABC, WNYW & WDCW. Because congress didn't reauthorize the S.T.E.L.L.A.R. Act that allowed them to carry these stations. They dropped them for 3 days back in April and then got an extension, but that extension has now expired. They are running Info channels to let viewers know why these stations are no longer available.
  11. This isn't good... Well I guess we can look forward to the same cookie cuter local news on multiple stations., this should kill the local tv news business fairly quickly.
  12. Sunday Night Coverage In Denver: KDVR left the air at 10:30 KUSA & KMGH left the air at 10:58 KCNC left the air at 10:59 CBSN Denver Coverage stopped at 11:55 KWGN left the air at 7:56 (KWGN has no 11 pm newscast on Sunday nights) So nothing too crazy tonight
  13. KRDO had coverage earlier today on there website of marches occurring in downtown Colorado Springs they had coverage for around an hour or so, KXRM had brief online coverage but that ended after just 20 minutes. I didn't see any on live online coverage from KOAA or KKTV. In Denver, all of the stations have been covering the protests and vandalism: KDVR was the last to leave the air Friday night, KCNC was the last to leave the air Thursday night. Who will it be tonight??? All of the stations last night with the exception of KTVD also preempted network programing to some extent.
  14. I Have watched news net now enough to know 2 things. 1) They don't update there "news wheel" and website nearly enough & 2) Remington has a hard time articulating his sentences.
  15. ABC7 Denver, I agree with you. I see a future when CBS doesn't have any O&O stations.
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