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  1. Did anyone see this on their website? http://yournewsnet.com/newsnet-breaks-ground-on-building-expansion/ They must be making $ if they can build more space. I think they might be doing better than we all think they are.
  2. Yes they stopped that in 2014 around the time they launched "The NOW Denver".
  3. KMGH has made some sub-channel moves on April 13th. KZCO-LD Aztecia America Colorado was taken off of 7.2 & replaced by Escape TV. On May 7th, 7.4 now has a blue screen saying programing is coming soon, i would assume this will be the new location for KZCO-LD? KZCO-LD & KZCS-LD are both listed in FCC docs as being licensed as of May 7th. Can anyone confirm or deny this? KTFD-DT meanwhile dropped it's .4 sub channel 5/7/19.
  4. For as long as i can remember CBS NEWS has been in the basement. I wonder sometimes if it would help CBS if they had a cable news channel something like CNBC or MSNBC, would it maybe help if they moved CBSN on to a sub channel of their O&Os?
  5. I would have thought that KUSA & KTVD would have been hubbed out of Jacksonville a long time ago. Interesting! I wonder how that will affect DBL if at all?
  6. KWGN Read the Tribune board members & info about Nexstar at 12:30 AM just before the Simpsons it delayed the start of the Simpsons by 2 mins. (They did this 6 days after KDVR/KFCT did it)
  7. I Saw on FTVLive this morning FTVLive BNC that some dude named J.C. Watts Jr. & his business partner Bob Brillante are starting the "Black News Channel" to be targeted at young African Americans, and it is to launch this fall on Dish Network, Comcast & Charter. I wonder if this will get off the ground or not? something tells me this is going to fail, but then again if NewsNet can do it why can't these folks. They have been planning for this since May 2017. Their website say the headquarters & master control are going to be located in Tallahassee, FL, with bureaus in Atlanta, Washington D.C., New York City, L.A., Chicago & New Orleans. Any one else think this logo kind of looks like Master Card's logo? www.blacknewschannel.com
  8. KDVR/KFCT FOX31 just read the Tribune board members, and info about Nexstar, during a commercial break of bob's burgers about 7:34PM. I havn't seen anything yet on KWGN.
  9. According to Facebook the new studio & set will Debut at 11AM during the FOX31 NEWS @ 11. This desk looks small too, like their old one.
  10. I know Tegna isn't as good as Gannett Broadcasting used to be, but I will say that some of their stations are usually on top of severe weather coverage. KUSA/KTVD, WXIA/WATL, WWL/WUPL do seem to be the first to have live streams up for severe weather coverage on their respective websites compared to other stations in the market. With that said, all Tegna stations could do a much better job at covering the NEWS than they do, to me it almost seems as if news coverage has become and afterthought and that's not good for anyone. As far as graphics go, this package they have on air now is really bland--I think they could have & should have done more.
  11. "KMGH Colorado's 7 News" or "KMGH-TV Colorado's 7" They used these titles for newscasts from 1989-Sept 9, 1995 just before the switch to ABC.
  12. I was on Radio.com earlier today, and it now has KOSI-FM, KYGO-FM, KEPN-AM & KKFN-FM all Bonneville stations. Bonneville International now has an arrangement with Entercom Communications, signed sometime last week to have their stations on the Radio.com platform, however if you go to the stations websites, there online player is still powered by Triton Digital. In addition to Denver, Seattle's Bonneville stations are also now at Radio.com (KIRO-FM, KTTH-AM, KIRO-AM). It will be interesting to see if Bonneville drops Triton Digital and switches over to Radio.com for the web player on it's stations respective websites.
  13. KUSA, KTVD, KDVR & KWGN use Live U units here and they tend to have issues with the audio, especially in the mountains & out on the plains during breaking news. That's when you can tell they aren't using a sat truck. Live U is good when the cell networks aren't busy.
  14. TexasTVNews, what is KWGN going to drop to carry Court TV? THIS TV Comet Charge! or will they launch channel 2.5. My guess would be they would drop charge!.
  15. That's what i thought. ( thank you for your reply ) Something tells me the Ft. Myers Broadcasting / Sun Broadcasting combo is a lot more complicated than what Waterman & Montclair Communications have setup.
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