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  1. They used to have offices at Warren Ave & 3rd street in Silverthorne, CO inside a where house, most of the time the sat truck was parked out in the driveway.
  2. KUSA on the weekends has one person on set, one at home and weather from home, sports from the Information Center. Weekdays the two anchors are separated on set & weather is done from the weather center and sports is done from the Information Center. KCNC on the weekends 1 anchor for the 5 & 10, weather from the Colorado Weather Center, sports from the interview area. (I haven't seen a weekday newscast yet to know what they are doing) KMGH I haven't watched them in a week or so. KDVR 2 anchors were on set last night, weather was done from the pinpoint weather center, no sports segment. KWGN 2 anchors were on set last night, weather was done from the green screen and again no sports segment. KDEN I haven't watched them, so i don't know.
  3. KUSA is now using a virtual set for the Mountain Newsroom in Frisco, CO. This is the first time I have ever seen a virtual set for the mountain newsroom, that newsroom was established sometime in early 1999, they are usually out on location. Here is a picture:
  4. Curious as to why, maybe WJZ or WBZ isn't taking over WCBS's news broadcasts they are closer to New York. Is it because KCBS is a bigger news operation?
  5. Interesting, I wonder how Gray would run 9NEWS & Channel 20 (KTVD) ? It might be a good change for the two stations. They would gain new sister stations, KKCO (11 NEWS), KJCT-LP (NEWS 8 ) In Grand Junction & KKTV in Colorado Springs/Pueblo.
  6. I Was going to not re scann and skip this, but I have had a terrible picture on 2.2 Court TV and on 2.3 Comet TV since Monday. And then this morning I had no picture at all on 9.1, 9.2, 9.4 & 20.1 so I re scanned.
  7. No CBS O&O with CBS as it's main channel is carrying this. CBS Television Stations, Inc has it on CW or My Network TV stations.
  8. KUSA Launched Circle TV this morning, so everyone in Denver needs to Re-Scan there tv's. Circle TV is a Country network, KUSA has it on 9.6 over the air. https://www.9news.com/article/entertainment/television/circle-9news/73-1826f44b-2084-42bf-9358-0de2f95ac4e0
  9. No, WBBH is owned by Waterman Broadcasting Corp, while WZVN is owned by Montclair communications. Waterman Broadcasting holds an investment interest in Montclair Communications and operates WZVN under a local marketing agreement. Both station file separate paperwork with the F.C.C. Waterman Broadcasting is Headquartered in Ft. Myers, FL while Montclair Communications is headquartered in Charlottesville, VA. Montclair Communications is owned by the goddaughter of Bernard Waterman (Laura Kunkler).
  10. I have read in several places recently that ex-Tribune station employees are a month behind in pay, due to trouble with the conversion over to nexstar systems. Any word on if nexstar is any closer to fixing these issues??
  11. Cool, It was all color bars when I looked at around 10AM today.. And now I have a very pixelated picture and no sound.
  12. There website still just has pictures of the studio, no news articles or bios or anything. Unless they have a website i don't know about.
  13. KDVR.com Launched the updated website today at 10:00AM. KWGN.com now re-directs to a protected blog listed here: https://localtvkdvr.wordpress.com/ It certainly is a cleaner look than they had before, however it is taking longer to load in the firefox browser.
  14. Back in the analog days, WZVN had a backup transmitter site in Bonita Springs, FL & WBBH had a back up site in lehigh-acres, FL that appears to be long gone seeing as they shut down both stations.
  15. WBBH NBC2 & WZVN ABC7 are off the air for over the air & satellite viewers, while they replace there 7-Ton broadcast antenna, they went off air yesterday. NBC2 has some drone footage of the tower. NBC2 Broadcast Antenna replacement article. ABC7 Broadcast Antenna article.
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