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  1. It's amazing to me that they wouldn't have a backup plan for something like this
  2. Gee didn't catch the whole broadcast on KCNC but the last 10 mins had audio issues, very low volume and a persistent buzz.
  3. How do you all think this national newscast on WGN Amerca, will do?? I don't know that too many folks even watch WGN America.
  4. I Noticed something today on OANN--Most of the video that they air comes from NBC Affiliates & ABC Affiliates. In a 20 min period they showed video from: KUSA, WCNC, WFLA, WMAQ,KNTV, & KHQ. They also aired video from several ABC Stations as well KTRK,WICS,& KFSN, And 1 FOX station: KTXL I would assume they barter for most of the video?? I'm a little surprised that the NBC & ABC O&Os would allow there video on OANN, seeing how the networks news divisions lean to the left and OANN leans towards the right..
  5. The question is why doesn't KFMB have a Generator to keep them on the air?? If I were Tegna that would be something i would be looking into.
  6. One more thing----CBSN is more live than ABCNEWS Live, at least with CBS they go from story to story. ABC NEWS Live appears to be on a tape loop, if you watch for 35 mins you will see the same stories & interviews again..
  7. I Think CBS NEWS & ABC NEWS Are missing opportunities here. I agree with you.. I think in ABC's case it would be a huge benefit to the struggling ABC NEWS unit.
  8. I Believe Disney is missing an opportunity with ABC NEWS LIVE, Why isn't this being advertised during world news tonight or GMA?? I haven't seen an ad on tv for it yet. My other question is how does this compare to CBSN ? I haven't watched it enough to know..
  9. Live streaming on the updated KDVR & KWGN app, is a joke. Nexstar apparently can't seem to get stuff to stream to the apps very well, the picture most of the time freezes and then it's just the audio. The stream works just fine at the full website.
  10. You mean Phil Griffin the president of MSNBC? Bill Griffith is an anchor with CNBC. (https://www.cnbc.com/bill-griffeth/)
  11. KMGH is now available in Southwestern Colorado. It was added sometime Saturday night or early Sunday. Stupid question here, why didn't they add Pueblo stations instead? Pueblo is closer from a DMA standpoint, and I doubt that KMGH is going to have a reporter nearby. https://durangoherald.com/articles/319942
  12. Beginning today, KCNC now halts CBSN Denver on Saturday at 11:30AM and now resumes it at 4:30AM on Monday morning, Saturday afternoon & all day Sunday it is the CBSN National feed. In addition beginning today the CBSN Denver feed is no longer supported on Firefox & Chrome (SSL & Active X Security issue), you have to have Microsoft Edge or the Apple browser to view the feed.
  13. KUSA Rolled out the new website format this afternoon. KTVD has not switched.
  14. They are the platforms being streamed to. I could see stations at some point in the near future doing web only newscasts (Look at what KNBC was doing 4 years ago with NBC4 News Raw). Web is already the only way that most millennial's get there news anyways, the real question is how do local stations stay in touch with millennial's? I Think most will not and in 10 years or so there will be very little "locally originating newscasts".
  15. I'd love to see KUSA as an NBC O&O, not that I'm a fan of Comcast by any means. But maybe NBC would force KUSA to do more hard news instead of the "Story Tellers" & "Spangler Science" series stuff they currently do. I'd like to see KUSA replicate what KCNC did in the early 90s with all of the news broadcasts they used to have outside of network programing.
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