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  1. I don't really care for the music. With that said--i could care less who is reporting the news as long as it is accurate, and tells me what is happening. What is boring about what these two stations are reporting or not reporting?? WTHR now has access to more $ and other stations in the event of news emergency's, so that is a positive of having Tegna own the station.
  2. Why not post the old TV Clips to Vemo's video player?, there isn't a lot of content over there.
  3. I wonder what most Tegna stations will replace Ellen with in 2022??
  4. Does anyone have a station list for this effort?
  5. I Don't think this deal is going to make the CW any better. It will still just be there taking up airspace.
  6. A little change to you listing here: KRDO & KUSA are news share partners, and KOAA & KMGH are now sister stations because Scripps purchased Cordillera Communications on May 1, 2019.
  7. I saw this on the newsbar I have running on the bottom of my desktop, 'Weekend Anchor Leland Vittert is out at FOX NEWS according to The Hill': https://thehill.com/homenews/media/551259-fox-news-says-network-and-anchor-leland-vittert-have-parted-ways
  8. Found this while goofing around online this afternoon the "Big Switch" in Denver, a throwback segment from KUSA-TV: (Too bad they don't show the Phil Hartman promo that aired right before the first 9NEWS@5 as an NBC station).
  9. Is it me or does Nexstar seem to be afraid of digital? What I mean is, you don't see nexstar stations trying new digital things & live streaming appears to be very inconsistent across nexstar stations . While KDVR did launch "FOX31 NOW" that is just an online stream & it's minimal effort at that, mainly traffic accidents, weather ect. For example: KXRM has very little in the way of live streaming on it's website, it does stream all of it's newscasts but that is about it. KREX & KFQX have no live streaming options available at there website. Again inconsistent a
  10. Let me add one more thing here: It appears that Tegna needs to take a hard look at who it is & isn't hiring, I believe things could get nasty for them quickly if they don't get out ahead of it and make a few adjustments.
  11. Read earlier today that they were possibly suspending programing until Noon BST Saturday. It would be interesting to see what they are airing right now on BBC1 or BBC2, I know that BBC World News has had continuous news programing today talking about Prince Phillip.
  12. I wouldn't mind seeing a new N/D at KUSA/KTVD. Maybe they would go back to covering news instead of so much non news stuff (like science experiments, entertainment news, ect).
  13. Do all tv stations have a monitor in the control room or newsroom that shows the other stations in that market on split screen? And who runs that? (master control, the networks??). I know the Denver stations do, KUSA & KCNC for example have numerous monitors in the newsroom showing the other stations. They monitor each other and maybe CNN or MSNBC.
  14. The question is, when does WOOD-TV switch up the news music, they have been using "Primetime News" in some form since 1995.

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