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  1. KWGN also launched weekend morning newscasts today. This is the first time they have had a weekend morning newscast since the mid 2000s. Channel 2 News @ 8AM & Channel 2 News @ 9AM.
  2. Yes it's there first. FOX was going to launch a weekend morning newscast back in 2005 but it never came to be.
  3. KUSA now has a sports podcast at 9NEWS.com, not something i would expect from Tegna but it's not bad. There first episode was about the Altitude Sports blackout. (There is a thread for that over in the sports section)
  4. Programing update for the Denver market: Beginning today 9/9/19, KCDO has added Judge Jerry, Intervention & a local show called Good Morning Vail. It is dropping Caught in Providence, The Doctors & Face The Truth, according to it's Facebook page. Judge Jerry isn't listed on it's online Titan TV programing guide through 9/20 however.
  5. KCDO has dropped Family Feud at 5PM, effective today. & replaced it with Access Live. KMGH airs Family Feud at 3pm beginning today. KTVD has added Corrupt Crimes at 4PM & Killer Mysteries at 4:30PM replacing back to back episodes of Judge Mathis effective today.
  6. DirecTV/AT&T have the severe weather channels ready, channels will go live sometime tonight.
  7. It is, something about fee increases but I can't find info so I didn't post anymore.
  8. Altitude Sports & Entertainment has been dropped by Dish Network as of Midnight August 28th , as of 5pm today (8/31) AT&T/DirecTV dropped the network & later on tonight Comcast will drop it as well, folks are asking why they don't offer streaming services, but the network hasn't replied. It will be interesting to see how long these sports teams remain off the air or if a new deal will happen. They are the exclusive home to the Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Mammoth, & University of Denver Pioneers Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse & Swimming. https://www.altitudesports.com/pages/dont-block-my-altitude/
  9. C Block: I remember the studio webcam & the newsroom webcam. That was cool.
  10. WBBH has a drone, they call it 'SKY2' they seem to use it frequently. WINK also has a drone "The WINK NEWS Drone", they don't seem to use it as frequently as WBBH. Here is a report from Wednesday featuring 'SKY2': https://www.nbc-2.com/story/40981739/lehigh-acres-residents-better-prepared-for-dorian-thanks-to-irma And here is a promo from when it was first introduced:
  11. KDVR's website from May 28, 2004. KMGH's website from May 28, 2004. (It was part of the IBS network at that point) KUSA's website is no longer part of the internet archive, 9NEWS.com was scrubbed in May 2019. s KWGN Website from April 4, 2001 this was the only shot I could get the archive to load. KTVD Website from September 23, 2004, this too was the only shot I could get to load. They were a UPN affiliate station. (2 and a half years before Gannett broadcasting took over)
  12. Conrad it seems to be around '02 from what I can tell. He was at NBC O&O KCNC-TV from 1990-1994, KUSA 1994-1996, WRC 1996--???, KING/KONG 2002??--??? https://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/dave-lougee-145081
  13. Dave Lougee was KUSA's news director when they switched from ABC to NBC in 1995.
  14. KTVD uses the NBC Look for Broncos pre-season games, produced by KUSA.
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