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  1. The 4 O'clock newscast is being done from the stations front lobby. As seen below on the left. We'll see about the 5PM & 6PM/"NEXT" broadcasts. Does anyone know if they are doing maintenance or updating things in studio "A"? The NOON newscast was in studio "A" this afternoon.
  2. At 5:50 PM MDT / 7:50 PM EDT DirecTV has activated the "HD SEVERE WEATHER CHANNEL" & The "SEVERE WEATHER MIX CHANNEL".. Also MYFOXHURRICANE.COM, NBC-2.COM, & FOX13NEWS.COM have live streams going at there respective websites.
  3. Don't know if other Tegna NBC stations are doing this or not, but KUSA is copying the TODAY Show & NBC NIGHTLY NEWS, with a coutdown clock during the first commercial break during the10PM newscast. (It might also be on KTVD but have not watched the 9pm newscast.) They started this Monday 8/13/23..
  4. KUSA / KTVD Sports director Rod Mackey announced that he is signing off today after 23 years at KUSA. He is not saying what his future plans are just yet. No one has been named Sports director yet. He is the 4th longest tenured on air person currently at KUSA.
  5. Stupid question.... Is Steve Pontius retiring? And is N/D Darrel Adams retiring?
  6. So Direc TV is saying on their looping blackout screen on KDVR / KFCT & KWGN that Dish Network has had Nexstar stations off of their service since January 2023. Is this true? Are nexstar stations not currently on Dish Network? Thanks...
  7. KWGN cut it off and went to Big Bang Theory in progress, with low audio.
  8. Would someone explain something to me please? Why do so many Tegna stations have QVC, QVC2, SHOP LC, & HSN on their digital sub channels? Does Tegna make bank off of these sub channels?? It would seem to me that something like Movies! or Weather Nation TV or Comet would do better at retaining viewers?? KTVD (SHOP LC) KONG (QVC) KING (QVC2) WXIA (SHOP LC) WATL (QVC) KPNX (SHOP LC) WOI (QVC & QVC2) WFAA (SHOP LC) KHOU (SHOP LC) KMPX (SHOP LC & QVC2) KREM (SHOP LC & QVC2) WZZM (QVC & SHOP LC) KARE (HSN)
  9. This was the first time CNBC has broadcasted it live on the network. This was the 4th year they have done a live stream at CNBC.com.
  10. Okay this is just me thinking out loud here... KBCW > KRON KMAX > NO OPTIONS KSTW> KONG WKBD>WADL Sub Channel WPCW>WTAE OR/WPGH Sub Channels WTOG>NO OPTIONS WPSG>NO OPTIONS WUPA>WPCH OR/WANF Sub Channels So I only see the CW missing in 3 markets here after CBS drops them. My Network TV is without stations in 24 Markets, they will do just fine!!!
  11. Reporter Luis De Leon has left KUSA / KTVD effective Thursday, no word yet on where he is headed. He had been with the Denver duopoly since January 2022. https://www.earnthenecklace.com/luis-de-leon-leaving-kusa-tv-9news/
  12. Well it seems the folks behind "News Net" (the CNN news source/ AP TV News highlight channel). has launched a 2nd network out of Cadillac MI called "Sportsnews Highlights". https://sports.newsnetmedia.com/
  13. Sooo Is this over now?? Can Tegna get back to gee I don't know, running TV stations & focus on it's news departments??
  14. KUSA & KTVD are now on the hunt for a new news director. Megan Jurgemeyer has abruptly left the Denver duopoly after 3 years & her bio was scrubbed from the station's website this morning. I have more on my blog about it, and there is info here as well: https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2023/4/15/gone-just-like-that [ Oh and Denver duopoly KMGH, KCDO/KSBS-CD has been with out a news director since April 4, 2023. ]
  15. The F.C.C. Will not allow that, the market is too small. And I'm sure that Ms. Klunkler & Montclare Communications don't want to sell just yet. I would love to see WZVN go to a completely different owner at some point, Tegna, News press & Gazette, or Hubbard, a group that would separate it completely from WBBH. Not that it would happen necessarily.
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