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  1. KUSA said this afternoon they have also brought in a photojournalist from WXIA to help on the live shots.
  2. ABC 7 Denver, I totally with you on this, it's not their fault. However i did see some stuff earlier today on twitter & facebook of folks calling on NBC & NBC NEWS to drop it's affiliation with KUSA, which is ridiculous. Where would NBC go if that were to somehow happen? (KDEN? Highly unlikely, they have a bad ota signal in Denver.)
  3. CBS has turned over Broncos/Patriots game to ESPN (Locally in Denver it will air on KTVD-My20 & in Boston it will air on WCVB 5 abc) and the game will now air Monday afternoon instead of Tuesday night according to ESPN.
  4. I'm thinking they should just cancel the NFL season, this seems to be getting out of hand.
  5. KDVR showed the FOX News special report of president trump's flight to walter reed this afternoon. KWGN simulcasted KDVR's FOX Coverage, didn't see anything from NN on the two Denver stations.
  6. Yea it's rare. I know KUSA/KTVD has blue Chroma Key in the newsroom & outside in the "Back Yard" so the cameras don't put maps on the leaves of the trees.
  7. What do you mean? (Like KMGH, or like WABC ?) what is wrong with the logo they have now?
  8. Update: A lightning strike knocked out power to the west side of the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens & the Production truck. They have restored the picture but the stadium is still having some power issues.
  9. CBS Sports has lost the picture to the Miami@Buffalo game & have dumped the viewers to the Denver@Pitsburgh game according to what the announcers for the Denver game just said. Technical Difficulties due to loss of picture is how it was described on air.
  10. Bout time they dump some $$ into WZVN.
  11. Radio station WXNX-FM has flipped formats as of Wednesday NOON. It went from an alt rock station 93X to Trump Country 93.7 airing a country music format.The station started stunting with a loop of country music Monday afternoon. The station also has parked 93xfm.com & they have parked 93X.fm that used to be a redirect to their site. The station is owned by Sun Broadcasting Inc. (www.sbbroadcasting.com) http://trumpcountry937.com/is the stations official site. https://radioinsight.com/headlines/197809/93x-fort-myers-becomes-trump-country-93-7/ https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=245537106796784&extid=DHT8Xj0dXUEqMDlE This is the link I first heard about the switch. It caught many listeners off guard, and station WBBH received several emails asking about the switch.
  12. Yes that is common for KDVR, they have been starting 4 mins early since late June. And yes Mr. Yuhnke says it every day. There sister station KWGN lately has been starting the 7AM newscast at 7:01AM. That KFQX logo doesn't look right with the graphics they are using--OUCH!
  13. KSTU Launched scripps music & graphics yesterday 9/16/20. Dumping the FOX Affiliate News Theme by OSI after 12 years.
  14. In Denver: KWGN has added "The Real" at NOON & the Doctors move from KTVD to KWGN at 2:00PM. KTVD has added "Judge Jerry" at 2:00PM it moves over from KCDO. Extra has moved from 6:30PM to 6:00PM KCDO has added "Intervention" at 2:00PM replacing Judge Jerry. KDVR has added 'Friends" at Noon and moved "Daily Mail TV" to 2PM from it's NOON slot. KUSA no Changes KMGH no Changes KCNC no Changes.
  15. Wonder if this eventually goes national? https://www.cnbc.com/2020/09/11/bill-oreilly-gets-new-show-on-radio-station-owned-by-trump-ally.html
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