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  1. DENDude

    In Memoriam

    Sad news out of Denver, former KUSA sports anchor Mike Nolan has passed away after a brief illness he was 85. https://www.9news.com/article/news/local/9news-sportscaster-mike-nolan-dies-85/73-1446e700-661d-4962-9595-d668965490ec https://coloradonewscenter.blogspot.com/2022/11/former-9news-sports-anchor-mike-nolan.html
  2. Per his own Twitter account: Reporter Noel Brennan from KUSA & KTVD is moving on to Chicago to join WBBM-CBS2. His last day at the Denver duopoly is next Wednesday November 23.
  3. Has mission broadcasting reached a deal with DirecTV?
  4. KFQX was shut off at 4:03PM this afternoon. I'll be curious to see how long this lasts, what's odd with KFQX is there is nothing mentioning the dropping of FOX4 at Westernslopenow.com
  6. Have you all read this article about ABC NEWS producer James Gordon Meek? If not, it's an interesting read: https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-features/fbi-raid-abc-news_producer-1234613619/
  7. Hmmm, Maybe providers can replace it with Weather Nation TV, who doesn't seem to have as big of a national foot print.
  8. Yes they are in a makeshift studio built in a tow behind trailer at babcock ranch from how they described it. It looked cramped.
  9. I Wonder how the WINK doppler held up during Ian? I know the wink studios were underwater. As far as i know the WBBH (First Alert Power Doppler HD) / WZVN (Storm Warn7 Doppler) Doppler survived.
  10. NBC2 Says there is some minor roof damage on the main building that houses ABC7 (wzvn), but both stations seem to have come out of it okay. WINK Though, yikes!!!! Sun Broadcasting's WARO-FM is still off air. And does anyone know about WXCW TV ???
  11. My question is why can't they seem to make up there minds about the logo, Promos it's the "Fox Box" Pinpoint Weather it's the rectangle FOX logo. Figure one out and stick with it. And I do agree they go through a lot of sets.
  12. Not to sound Naive here---Real America's Voice, what is that?? I've never heard of it or seen it. Is it similar to One America News?
  13. I have never seen a football game on Colorado's Own Channel2. CSU PUEBLO Vs COLORADO SCHOOL OF MINES. A Simulcast of the RMAC NETWORK. I wonder if this is a one off because of it being 2 Colorado schools? Or if we'll see more!
  14. Did Great Day Colorado replace Colorado's Best?? What is new is that the 4 Pm is now an hour news cast, used to be 30mins. The Goldbergs had been airing at Midnight M-Th on KTVD since January.
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