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  1. Yes. Lied to, hazed, and then sued.
  2. Cute. Changing the subject is a great way to avoid supporting your position. And CBS 58 has refused to retract. Hmmm anybody remember when they killed Mandela Barnes before the election. He had to issue the correction. See that? No perceived snarky retort. Just another fact for my supposition. That’s how it works in the adult world. Did you even note that I used supposition. You never present yourself as an expert. Good luck at the Emmy awards
  3. Michele has a lot of fans. It’s wrong that this website allows her to be singled out and trashed by anonymous people like you. My name is my own. I make no bones about the fact that I now investigate news stories for a law firm when clients seek retractions. Never had to do it with her stories. But her colleagues keep me busy.
  4. Yeah you don’t seem to be into journalism. FYI there are a lot of people who trust her, respected her and think local news is worse in her absence . And my name is my own. I have not concealed my identity and NEVER would use an alias to assail a person on an industry website. You have singled this woman out. It is wrong.
  5. Yeah you don’t seem to be into journalism. Before you try to attack someone, you should give details. Ya know, substantiate why you would assassinate somebody’s character, anonymously, on an industry website. And you single her out. You do it with no others. FYI there are many in Milwaukee who respect her, trust her and feel local news is worse in her absence. And the name I use here is mine. As a current investigative assistant for a law firm, I can tell you she was among the best. It’s a shame.
  6. That’s not what knocked him out at DJT. It’s more like who
  7. Really so a 1.4 at 10 and .6 at 5 isn’t of value? Okay. That’s your assessment. But losing at 4 pm with the switch also happened. And would CBS 58 have aired the smear story of the lady cop who was cleared of child abuse BEFORE the story aired, but an unintelligent editorial staff cleared for air based on an outdated warrant. It’ll all come out when they’re sued. And I state my name on the record unlike you tv types that hide behind nicknames.
  8. Impactful and original reporting also registers. Only 12 provides that on the most consistent basis.
  9. Bill has really succeeded in Milwaukee despite being a Vikings fan and no college degree
  10. It’s mine. Now Fox 6 is number one at 4 and the switch to whoever the other person is meant DJT also lost ground at 5.
  11. What exactly? The attention to detail? The ability to ad lib without saying something stupid? Or the fact that she would continually pitch in. Shoot . Edit. Not just a promoter reader. What exactly rubbed you the wrong way?
  12. And now this..https://jsonl.in/2OAmaqe WDJT misidentifies candidate as crash victims yikes!
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