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  1. KDKA still has their temporary set that was used until the current set debuted in 2015. They still occasionally use it for Pittsburgh Today Live (PTL). So that gives me a feeling that it could be used for CBSN Pittsburgh when it launches next year.
  2. The graphics have been like that for years, even on CBSN (National, not local).
  3. Seeing WITI using the WDAF graphics package is not surprising to me. To see them only using Avenir as the font, its not too big of a change from the mixture of Arial, Helvetica, and Rockwell used on WDAF and KSTU, but its still easy on the eyes. Plus, the set looks amazing!
  4. Why does almost everyone on this forum hate simple logos like this?!? Personally, I find it aesthetically pleasing; plus it could have a variant with the NBC peacock. You all need to realize that this logo is much more pleasing than something that's had thousands of effects thrown on it. *cough* Univision's 2013 logo *cough* I'm a graphic designer, I would know.
  5. I'm getting WTAE vibes from this set, especially with the steel underneath the monitors.
  6. Well, after nearly 20 years with the exact same set; KTVB finally has a new set. Plus, its a nice change from the Tegna Set-in-a-Box (which I personally don't mind). https://www.ktvb.com/gallery/news/tour-the-brand-new-ktvb-set/277-d03e1b38-20c4-4582-bc63-6a69f485aa06
  7. Just because the preview of the new graphics may look tacky does not mean that the content and/or format of the show will change. I'm going to college for graphic design and I've seen things designed worse than these graphics for CTM (and that's really saying something).
  8. Yes, WTVQ is still owned by Morris. I just double-checked.
  9. The thing that surprises me (in a good way) about KHOU's new set is that is doesn't have the guitar pick shaped desk.
  10. I've got a feeling that it's their new building.
  11. Apparently, BBC Two Northern Ireland used the Paint ident to send off the old idents (which coincidentally was the first one seen of the '90s 2s back in 1991).
  12. WPXI also could use a graphics upgrade, especially since their current graphics are an evolution of their 2007 graphics package.
  13. NBC can't get rid of Hoda just 6 months in as co-anchor, especially since Today's ratings have started to get back to where they were before Ann left.
  14. I also noticed that the "We Are WFAA" promo used the meaning behind the call sign.
  15. Sixième Son has uploaded 6 different portions of the new Tegna music to their SoundCloud.

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