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  1. Plus, with how many stations Nexstar owns (between itself and Mission); it wouldn't surprise me any if they do a live western edition (given that the PBS NewsHour also does a live and updated news summary for the western edition/late night east coast feed).


    The music that has been made for NewsNation just sounds amazing, and the quick glimpse of the graphics looks good too.

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  2. 19 hours ago, newstime said:

    I understand they’re going for a bold and unique look. But there’s just way too much black, which makes the graphics too harsh on the eyes. It’s like the original graphics were modified using MS Paint and someone had way too much fun with the paint bucket tool and filled everything with black. Inverting the black to white and white to black would make the graphics 100000000x better, in my opinion. 

    I agree. If they did to these what they did to the headers on the weather graphics, it would be much more visually appealing.

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  3. Speaking of the new logo (and the old one), they uploaded the 5pm to their YouTube channel. They had the main version of the logo at the beginning of the teaser of headlines, and they went with the variant without the ABC logo at the end of the open. Lastly, the old bug still remains:


    The version of the logo that they're using on the mic flags and other stuff (non website) uses the 3D version of the ABC logo, not the 2D one.

  4. I've got a feeling that ViacomCBS only approved this change as a bit of a transitional period between this graphics package and the CBSN style one (which I have noticed that KDKA did do a KPIX and boldened the font on the graphics).

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  5. Just now, Nelson R. said:

    My guess it will likely be during the noon or evening newscasts.

    I'm thinking the same thing. Thinking back to 2018, WJZ switched to the current CBS O&O graphics on the noon newscast too.

  6. 3 hours ago, tyrannical bastard said:

    WNWO and WOLF also have the new graphics as well. 

    Surprised it took so long for the "mothership" to Sinclair-ize itself while the other two had the "Curves" package from their origins from South Bend.  Do they still have the exact same anchor teams?

    Yes, WNWO and WOLF still have the same anchor teams utilizing the secondary studio at WSBT's facilities.


    Also, subtle difference between WNWO, WOLF, and WSBT: WNWO and WOLF are using the new music, whereas WSBT is still using the "Curves" music.

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  7. Yeah. I saw one of the Twitter posts about this on the UK equivalent of our site, and it was quite alarming.

    4 hours ago, MorningNews said:

    Good Morning America Sunday is covering the story right now and reading a statement from the network, including a reference to the alleged derogatory comment towards Robin Roberts and showing a very visible support for Robin.

    I hadn’t heard the Tory Johnson story but that’s pretty insane. I don’t see how Barbara can come back from something like this in the time we’re living in right now.


    Yeah, I agree. There’s no coming back for Barbara after this (and I can just imagine what the Twitter cancel culture is going to do to her).

  8. Just hearing Marion's voice breaking like that, and how everyone talks so highly of Dick in these clips, it truly shows you that for a lot of news organizations (and a lot of different workplaces), your co-workers become a second family.

  9. 3 hours ago, Weeters said:

    A year later and we get... a new desk! Oh boy, it's a standing desk. So hip!




    It looks like the weather center desk has also been removed, and the two monitors behind either side of the desk (usually used for OTS shots) are gone as well.



    This desk looks like a smaller version of the anchor desk that KDKA has (sidenote: KDKA's set is also a Devlin set).

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  10. 9 hours ago, PTVNews said:


    I was wondering about this. I just saw NBC News' Coronavirus special live on MSNBC and saw the two of them together which raised 2 questions.


    1. Why is Savannah back at the studio if they set her up at home? Defeats the purpose of social distancing. 🙄

    2. Why are the Today Show hosts up "late" hosting a 10pm program. (I assume it was live because MSNBC had a live bug up.)


    To your first question, she finished 2 weeks of isolation just as a precaution due to her kids. With the second one, they were doing a special on COVID-19 and the viewers were allowed to submit questions on Twitter.

  11. 29 minutes ago, Journalist said:

    What... wow. What do I even say?


    There's no doubt that this package was a downgrade. But I wasn't expecting it to be this bad. Like, poor man's NBC bad.





    Literally nothing in this new package makes sense. The italics, the angularity, the gradients - everything - there's no depth or consistency. The animations are so out-right comical, it always make you question, why?


    We shouldn't have ended up here with all of that accumulation from the previous two packs. It's like they stepped two decades back in sports presentation. At this rate I'm honestly worried if NBC and Fox brought back the stereotypical design trends of the early 2000's that they've fought for so long to ditch.


    This... this is bad news.

    I agree. At least CBS's graphics (NFL and other sports) make sense and have consistency.

  12. I personally would've like the Fox Sports Netherlands look to have gotten adapted, but these graphics look good. Despite the blurriness, it looks like its a nice mix of shiny and flat. I guess we'll find out tonight (since its technically Sunday by the time I've posted this).

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