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  1. KDKA modified the end of the opens so the center of the eye is now the gold and the rest of the eye is white (like the other O&Os with the new graphics).
  2. KDKA updated the “CBS News Pittsburgh” box, the time/temp/ticker boxes around 6:30pm to the gold color used this morning. Not sure if it was a technical goof or if people complained about the ticker being too dark.
  3. With the KDKA version of the graphics, I could do without the immense amounts of black and gold. The version everyone else is starting to use is fine enough.
  4. With the graphics (and news branding) switch, KDKA is now the third station with the new weather graphics after WWJ and KCNC.
  5. A lot of them were uploaded today, so pretty much all of the ones from today.
  6. I saw. I keep watching the videos from the KDKA YouTube channel to see.
  7. I just saw a promo for “Talk Pittsburgh”, which premieres tomorrow at 3pm, and it shows the new KDKA callsign logo, which looks exactly like the one for KPIX. So, KDKA might be switching over to the new news branding tomorrow.
  8. Just sales taxes on top of that if I remember correctly.
  9. I had a feeling that it would go up (it’s been 3 years since the price went up last). Part of it is probably Nexstar being Nexstar, and then the other part of it is probably due to the sports networks stuff.
  10. And the new theme sounds like it’s an evolution of the current theme.
  11. Can we get back on topic please?
  12. Like I said yesterday, the black and gold is probably being relegated to the new flash-cam monitor in the newsroom.
  13. I'm also thinking that maybe the Black & Gold is only going to be seen on the flash cam monitor graphics. Because aside from the past few years with the Black & Gold variant of the 2016 graphics, KDKA has followed the CBS O&O graphics mandates very closely.
  14. I have no idea. As far as I know, it’s been random (other than WWJ (CBS Detroit) being one of the first 3).
  15. Or maybe it’s because of some of the anchors; or a mix of all 3?
  16. As I've seen on the KDKA (CBS News Pittsburgh) website, the logo on there is in the same design as KCAL and KPIX. So, the Eye w/ channel number box for WCBS is probably just a placeholder on the graphics until they officially launch.
  17. Okay... now I feel like we're just throwing crap at a wall to see what sticks... and I don't like it.
  18. It’s the same music as KPIX. With the new graphics being rolled out, they’re discontinuing use of Enforcer at the CBS O&Os.
  19. Anyways, getting back on topic of Natalie joining CBS News...
  20. Since it looks like the deal is done, we now have over 20 CW O&Os between Paramount Global and Nexstar.
  21. It would not surprise me if KYW and KDKA début the new graphics in time for the start of the 2022 season for the Steelers and Eagles.
  22. Our good friends over at The Other Site have the new open, and speaking of new music... CBS is bringing back the music from '87, albeit slightly remixed.
  23. It would not surprise me if they do new music with the CBS 5-note mnemonic.
  24. Anyways... let's get back on topic...
  25. And they’ve further modified the graphics, moving the logo, time, and temperature to the right side of the screen in a much more compact size.
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