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  1. To be honest, I take anything FTVLive says with a grain of salt.
  2. And I'm getting tired of people beating a dead horse here. I know a lot of you don't think NN will succeed (and I understand that), but the more it gets talked about not succeeding; it gets pretty boring. And part of the reason why stuff like In The Heat Of The Night are still airing is because they're trying to burn off the syndication rights; and a lot of the breaking news stuff that happens, they're trying to rely on the website, YouTube, or Nexstar's affiliates for it because of the shows like In The Heat Of The Night.
  3. It is sad knowing that they're stuck on the blue screen set (because the Paramount+ sports show took over that side of the old studio); but to be honest, I still don't mind the show being pre-recorded. Excluding people like us, no one would've really payed attention to the switch from live to not over the past 2 years.
  4. Having watched videos on YouTube and NewsON, more of the Tegna stations have also received the updates over the past few months.
  5. I don't know why; but I feel like with the current Gray graphics packages, WAVE and KGMB/KHNL have the best implementations of them so far.
  6. Globo has been using that piece of music for Plantão since 1991; kinda like how NBC News has been using the same piece as Meet The Press for its special reports..
  7. Doesn't hurt to get the UK and international perspective on what's going on between Russia and Ukraine. Not to mention, Sky News is also one of the live channels on Peacock.
  8. Almost midnight eastern, and NewsNation is still on their extended edition of NN Prime. At this point, it would not surprise me if they rollover coverage from Prime into Morning in America come tomorrow morning.
  9. NewsNation bypassed Banfield for continuing coverage on NN Prime with Marni and Leland anchoring together since the news broke. CBS News Streaming Network (CBSN) is doing continuing coverage with Elaine Quijano anchoring.
  10. Yeah, the V of Doom never scared me as a kid (whether I was 3 or 8 years old) when watching old shows like Andy Griffith or Gilligan's Island on TV Land or Retro TV.
  11. Would not surprise me if he has some PA and WV ones, as well as the NewsNation one in another one of the trays.
  12. Wow. If that’s true, then all of the Cox stations would gain sister stations. To be honest, I wonder what WPXI would do gaining some more sister stations in NY, OH, and PA.
  13. Because of branding conflicts with stations that already have the First Alert branding, I do not believe so.
  14. Yeah, and then you look at WPXI, which has used the same "11" logo since the 80s.
  15. WJZY is pretty much doing the same thing that WFXT and all the former Tribune CW affiliates did in de-emphasizing the network name in their branding.
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