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  1. I'm thinking the same thing. Thinking back to 2018, WJZ switched to the current CBS O&O graphics on the noon newscast too.
  2. I'm currently watching the livestream of Q13 right now, and they still haven't updated the graphics yet (and its almost 9am PT/12pm ET).
  3. At least 1 of the three will be at home for a broadcast each day.
  4. Yes, WNWO and WOLF still have the same anchor teams utilizing the secondary studio at WSBT's facilities. Also, subtle difference between WNWO, WOLF, and WSBT: WNWO and WOLF are using the new music, whereas WSBT is still using the "Curves" music.
  5. Yeah. I saw one of the Twitter posts about this on the UK equivalent of our site, and it was quite alarming. Yeah, I agree. There’s no coming back for Barbara after this (and I can just imagine what the Twitter cancel culture is going to do to her).
  6. Just hearing Marion's voice breaking like that, and how everyone talks so highly of Dick in these clips, it truly shows you that for a lot of news organizations (and a lot of different workplaces), your co-workers become a second family.
  7. This desk looks like a smaller version of the anchor desk that KDKA has (sidenote: KDKA's set is also a Devlin set).
  8. Keeping this on topic w/ CBSN stuff, CBSN National is back to having its normal graphics and anchors instead of relying on CBSN Boston, CBSN LA, and CBSN Bay Area.
  9. To your first question, she finished 2 weeks of isolation just as a precaution due to her kids. With the second one, they were doing a special on COVID-19 and the viewers were allowed to submit questions on Twitter.
  10. And with the Today Show, Savannah is back with Hoda in Studio 1A this morning after anchoring the show from her basement for the past two weeks.
  11. I am watching CBS 2 News at 6 on CBSN New York, and WCBS has not evacuated the building.
  12. CBSN Pittsburgh has decided to do a mixture of the CBSN graphics and the CBS O&O graphics. It looks interesting, and it looks like CBSN Pittsburgh doesn't have its own set yet, so it is using the main KDKA news set.
  13. These graphics look like a botched version of the current WPXI graphics package. I would rather WFXT have that or the WFTV graphics package.
  14. The open looks a lot better with the white background for some reason.
  15. I agree. At least CBS's graphics (NFL and other sports) make sense and have consistency.
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