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  1. As I’ve been watching NN over the past 45 minutes or so, it wouldn’t surprise me if they broadcast through the normal pre-NN programming and into the normal 8-11p slot.
  2. Plus, with how many stations Nexstar owns (between itself and Mission); it wouldn't surprise me any if they do a live western edition (given that the PBS NewsHour also does a live and updated news summary for the western edition/late night east coast feed). The music that has been made for NewsNation just sounds amazing, and the quick glimpse of the graphics looks good too.
  3. I agree. If they did to these what they did to the headers on the weather graphics, it would be much more visually appealing.
  4. Speaking of the new logo (and the old one), they uploaded the 5pm to their YouTube channel. They had the main version of the logo at the beginning of the teaser of headlines, and they went with the variant without the ABC logo at the end of the open. Lastly, the old bug still remains: The version of the logo that they're using on the mic flags and other stuff (non website) uses the 3D version of the ABC logo, not the 2D one.
  5. KSL's new graphics look really good. I really love the way the 5 morphs into the KSL logo (and vice versa) in the time/temp. bug. I'm thoroughly impressed.
  6. I just watched the opening (and rewatched it), and its just the way the 'O' in "Mornings" morphs from the coffee cup.
  7. I've got a feeling that ViacomCBS only approved this change as a bit of a transitional period between this graphics package and the CBSN style one (which I have noticed that KDKA did do a KPIX and boldened the font on the graphics).
  8. I like that! It looks like the KOIN set, but with an added Tampa flair. And those stairs are not a staircase to nowhere (as we've occasionally seen on news sets, hello Rock Center).
  9. Besides, it will take time for the new graphics system to be installed.
  10. I'm thinking the same thing. Thinking back to 2018, WJZ switched to the current CBS O&O graphics on the noon newscast too.
  11. I'm currently watching the livestream of Q13 right now, and they still haven't updated the graphics yet (and its almost 9am PT/12pm ET).
  12. At least 1 of the three will be at home for a broadcast each day.
  13. Yes, WNWO and WOLF still have the same anchor teams utilizing the secondary studio at WSBT's facilities. Also, subtle difference between WNWO, WOLF, and WSBT: WNWO and WOLF are using the new music, whereas WSBT is still using the "Curves" music.
  14. Yeah. I saw one of the Twitter posts about this on the UK equivalent of our site, and it was quite alarming. Yeah, I agree. There’s no coming back for Barbara after this (and I can just imagine what the Twitter cancel culture is going to do to her).
  15. Just hearing Marion's voice breaking like that, and how everyone talks so highly of Dick in these clips, it truly shows you that for a lot of news organizations (and a lot of different workplaces), your co-workers become a second family.

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