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  1. Unfinished floor? Not impressive. Seeing what's basically a bigger version of the WKBN set... it looks neat!
  2. A well-deserved retirement at that, and I hope he does well afterwards.
  3. Yeah, I found that even with the most minuscule tilt to the right, NewsNation is still pretty much in the center. And it wouldn't surprise me if Nexstar has been paying attention to the ratings; given that they've been gearing up for the new morning show. I actually don't blame Joe Donlon for being unhappy with the final cut of the Trump interview; and I think that now that Donlon's got his own show, he's basically got creative control over any pre-recorded interviews (much like Banfield does for hers).
  4. For what looks like a hybrid of some of the Avenir font version of Gray L3s with the new opens we saw at the top of the thread; it looks great!
  5. From what they showed in that video, the new set looks fantastic. And to those of you thinking the graphics will be Gray'd, they won't be. Looks like they're still on the old last-gen Raycom graphics.
  6. Same, to be quite honest; and I definitely think that Nexstar has known about the growing pains since the launch of Prime back in September. Heck I mostly watch Early Edition or Prime (or both) whenever I'm not watching the videos on YouTube or scrolling through the NewsNation Now app or website.
  7. Yup. They did this when Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother died in '97 and 2002 respectively.
  8. Yes, apparently The BBC has suspended programming until either 6am or 10am BST tomorrow morning.
  9. The only thing I can commend WJLA for doing with the new logo is using ABC's font. Other than than, it's kinda bland.
  10. Given that there's been around 41,000 complaints to Ofcom (plus a lot of backlash), it could've been something along the lines of Piers giving his immediate resignation, or the head of ITV saying "Piers, we're forcing you to resign".
  11. Exactly! NewsNation is still in its "infancy"; much like the other news channels were at one point. WGN America was going to suffer from ratings decline, much like other channels have been dealing with. To be quite honest, even the most "neutral" newscasts and organizations will have been accused of bias at some point, whether or not we remember. Also, NewsNation has been uploading stuff to their YouTube channel (even full episodes of Banfield). This means that they are trying to make things more accessible to more people.
  12. I agree with you on that, but the thing I'm interested about is that they've got the cameras and teleprompter screens hanging from the ceiling.
  13. After 25+ years with the station, WPXI's Amy Marcinkiewicz is retiring. https://www.facebook.com/WPXIAmyMarcinkiewicz/posts/258786998942715
  14. The new duratrans showing parts of the current CBS News look make the set look brighter. Although I do agree with you all on the lighting and camera blocking.

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