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  1. Anyone know why KSHB and KOAA are taking so long to get the full on graphics? They’ve had the new weather graphics for nearly four weeks now, but still have the old graphics everywhere else.
  2. KOAA has the weather graphics but that’s it so far. Now let’s put all “rumors” of a Cordillera exemption to rest.
  3. I said I know for certain several of them are due to receive the new graphics soon. I can tell you I’ve been told this *at least* includes the Montana Stations, as well as KOAA. I’ve been told to expect them to launch by the end of summer—so still a while away. Because... The stations I mentioned I’m told have either already been upgraded or are in the process of upgrading to Scripps’ infrastructure. Some of this involves replacing hardware and equipment, which takes time. As for the entire former Cordillera group, I can tell you there has been no explicit exception granted to allow them to keep their graphics, as was apparently given to the former tribune stations. I don’t think any station gets a “mandate” to upgrade to the group’s new graphics. It’s understood that they eventually will. They’re a Scripps station now. Scripps doesn’t come go WLEX and say “you must update or else.” Scripps just simply comes to them and says “you’re next on the list. We’ll start getting the systems in place for the new graphics,” just like they do for every other station. Unless they’ve been given an “exception” a la the former Tribune stations (which I still have my doubts about), do not hold out hopes for WLEX. They’ll probably get the graphics later than most since they’re a new station in the group and probably have yet to upgrade to the needed systems to support Scripps’ graphics and other systems. It’s possible they are lower on the list to receive these upgrades because Scripps likes what they have and are in no rush to change it, but it will happen eventually. Don’t hold out hope for KSBY either. It’s going to happen. May still be a while out, but they’ll get around to them eventually.
  4. I’ve come to find out it will include the cordillera stations. Hearing several of them are getting ready to launch. Sorry WLEX package.
  5. Do we know when the goal is to have every station switched over? Summer? End of year?
  6. Someone please tell them to fix the proportions on that font.
  7. So I guess they did incorporate the NBC signature into the music. Wonder why KJRH is the only one using it so far? Also they actually seem to be using all the package has to offer (not so much in this example, but I watched their stream last night, and they had all sorts of cuts I hadn’t heard before that sounded pretty good.) All the other stations seem to be using the same three generic cuts. And that opening motion graphic with the 2 logo looks great, but no one else has anything like that. Why did it take a 3rd place mid market station halfway through the group’s launch to actually use the package to its fullest potential?
  8. So it looks like KMGH is not using the new musics in their opens.
  9. Yup. Market Size ≠ Quality level. For example... Even though Colorado Springs is now market 85, to me it plays more like a market in the 60s. Meanwhile Waco is market 82 but plays more like a market in the low 100s. Compare newscasts from every station in those markets to each other and its night and day, CO Springs is better, despite being the “smaller” market. Anyone got a clip?
  10. Denver has not been a “mid-market” for most of our lifetimes. If we’re going to break down the 210 DMAs by “Large,” “Mid” and “Small”, the “mid” markets would be any between 70 and 140. I would argue, for the “large” markets (1-70), you could add a sub categorization for “major market” in there, which would be at least the top 20 or 30. (Also, If your market is big enough to support a team from all four major sports leagues, like Denver, you’re definitely not a “mid” market.) And to say a market’s size is the main determinant of a station’s quality is laughable at best. Sorry, but I have to agree with @ABC 7 Denver on this one.
  11. The font in that box looks like proxima nova, which the new graphics will use. Maybe they’re playing around with things, like KJRH seems to be doing, and doing a soft implementation.
  12. The only thing I can think at this point is that they must be doing a gradual phase in. Maybe to get the viewers used to it? They’re using the new graphics on social media, for full screen quotes, for promos. Maybe trying to ease it in so it’s not such a jolt to viewers? I feel like Tulsa is a market that appreciates a conservative, buttoned up approach. And the new look is certainly a departure from that. Based on what I’ve heard from people within Scripps, this is the only conclusion that I can make sense of it with. Edit: I’m saying this because they were still using the old graphics and music at 10, despite the graphics they used for the tease.
  13. Lol here I am thinking you’ve found the missing frames from the Zapruder film.
  14. Here’s the music demo package. Thanks to @CBS11 Weatherboy for discovering this!
  15. Do they have the rest of the graphics yet or just the weather graphics?
  16. That cut they used after the open should be their open cut. Just saying.
  17. I’m hearing another station will launch tomorrow
  18. While I generally don’t think these graphics are all that bad, this look and music does not fit a Fox station well.
  19. Seems like it wouldn’t be that hard and would blend well. WPTV is the only NBC station to have the new music so far so I’ll hold my breath. Maybe they just opted not to use them? Maybe they’re still waiting on them? Either way, I’m eager to hear the whole package. Does anyone know when we’ll get a name for the package/a full demo compilation?
  20. So I guess Scripps decided it wasn’t important enough to incorporate the NBC chimes into this music like they did with Inergy?
  21. I noticed this with WFTS too... those weather graphics in the monitor... can we make them fit better please?
  22. Just got word moments ago another station is for sure launching the graphics this week. It’ll be the first one that’s not an ABC affiliate. Don’t know which one yet.
  23. Please make this happen for the former Cordillera stations. Let the WLEX package live in in peace! It didn’t hurt anyone I tell you!
  24. I’m hearing KJRH is still a few weeks out from launching... possibly waiting until after sweeps. They were supposed to go live earlier but there’s been a setback... something to do with the music? Im hearing WPTV is planning to launch before the February book. Maybe they’re next? My guess is it’s either them or WXYZ. I’ll be interested to see when they start launching on non-ABC affiliates.
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