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  1. Just happened upon this on KOAA’s live stream. Could they be launching soon?
  2. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no
  3. Can you explain? ... Also... here’s WRTV’s open...
  4. This x1000000 The fact that KDFW, one of Fox’s highest performing stations, is treated as the red headed stepchild is just beyond me. Their building is a dump and their set is the oldest of all the O&O Fox stations now. Ridiculous.
  5. Yikes... I’m just gonna have to file this one under “awful everything”
  6. I know this is all happening g suddenly, but my goodness that logo needs to change, and it needs to change fast.
  7. I can tell you at least two of these will launch in September. ... ...Also technically KOAA has already launched if you consider they’ve had the weather graphics since I think March.
  8. This is just terrible news. KTVA is one of the most solid news operations out there and I really feel bad for their people. Their product is so far ahead of what is expected of a market that size. And their brand is respected and well renowned. I’m a little confused as to everything right now... these are my questions. 1. Does Gray have control of KTVA’s news department as of now? Or is it still GCI? 2. Is it still business as usual for the KTVA news department right now? Will they still be on at all their regular times? 3. Why so sudden? 4. Are KTVA’s newscasts going to air on the new CBS 5 now instead? 5. Is there more to come? Are we still waiting for some dominos to fall?
  9. Sinclairified in more than one way. This newscast does not even originate from the market it airs in.
  10. The only other one I’ve seen using them is KJRH but they’ve mysteriously stopped using them for some reason last I saw. I find it funny no other NBC affiliates have opted to use the chimes. I know KSHB and WPTV used the NBC version of Inergy. But they don’t use the NBC version of the new music. ... On a side note, I STILL don’t understand why KOAA has had the new weather graphics for two and a half months but still has the old graphics for everything else. What gives?
  11. I dunno, based on current market conditions, and situations at other companies, I’d feel darn lucky to work for Scripps. I agree with the rest of your comment. Over the past decade and a half, TV stations have gone a little overboard with graphics. They were experimenting with new technology and seeing just how far they could push it. Now they’re correcting for that. They’ve realized, even though they have the technology and ability to Make a complex, 3D, animated graphics package, sometimes simple is better. We’ve seen this trend with more than just TV graphics packages lately. Brand logos, packaging graphics, even architecture, are all taking a minimalist approach. The movie idiocracy is a good example (albeit fictional) of how “flashier” is just dumber. The graphics package fits well with Scripps’ new content strategy of focusing on in-depth, substantive, documentary style journalism, rather than just doom and gloom headlines and borderline fear-mongering (which is what Gray’s strategy seems to be). Scripps wants to be the antithesis of WSVN/WHDH, and actually respect their viewers’ intelligence, and let the quality journalism speak for itself. They don’t need a flashy, in your face graphics package to try to win viewers over. They’re letting their journalism do that. And I think they’ve also watched and learned from Tegna’s mistakes when attempting this strategy. Of course only time will tell. I think most viewer complaints about the package probably don’t even have to do with its overall aesthetic. I’ll bet most complaints are about the somewhat hard to read bug, for people who are vision-impaired.
  12. Honestly the graphics have really grown on me. They’re not bad. I just wish they had some more color other than blue. They’re very blue. i would make some tweaks to make the music a bit more urgent, but again, it’s not terrible.
  13. Looks like WRTV might be next in line.
  14. Here’s my weekly post pondering why KOAA was able to launch the new weather graphics at the same time as KSHB in mid-April (already during the pandemic), but still seemingly hasn’t come close to launching any other aspects of the new graphics? Clearly other stations have been able to go ahead with their launches during the pandemic. What gives?
  15. I wonder why they stopped using the NBC cuts?
  16. Check the cuts from KJRH posted earlier in this thread. They’re the only NBC station I’ve heard using it. And if you watch their newscasts now, it sounds like they aren’t using them anymore.
  17. Per @froyo49 the theme is now on News Music Now at http://www.newsmusicnow.com/news-music/#scripps . More extensive cuts than available on NMSA or Stephen Arnold’s YouTube. My takeaway: They should make a slightly more serious version of the sports theme and use that as the main news theme.
  18. All the small markets have NFL teams these days! Get with times! /s
  19. This is probably the worst website to choose to make fun of “TV nerdz”
  20. A few notes and questions I have for anyone in the know.... -WXYZ has the graphics for seemingly everything except their newscasts. Their promos have them, their stream has them during commercial breaks, etc. So what’s taking so long for them? (This was noticeable pre-Pandemic) -So far, KJRH appears to be the only NBC affiliate that has opted to use the version of the music with NBC chimes. Why? -KOAA has had the new graphics for weather for almost a month and a half. They got the weather graphics the same time KSHB did... but KSHB now has the new graphics for everything. KOAA still doesn’t. What’s taking so long? I get that there’s a pandemic happening... but they already launched the weather graphics during the pandemic. So I’m wondering if there’s something more at play. -How come none of the teeny tiny markets have these yet? It seems like mostly middle markets who have these so far. (Pre-Pandemic) -I’ve heard some deeper cuts of the music, more than what Stephen Arnold has put out to the public. There are some really good cuts that would make for better newscast opens, IMO. There are cuts with more urgency, which I feel like the music needs. Why are stations not utilizing the music package to its fullest potential?
  21. @MidwestTV Any word on what the holdup is with KSHB?
  22. We’ve already been through this. No.
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