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  1. I’m hearing KJRH is still a few weeks out from launching... possibly waiting until after sweeps. They were supposed to go live earlier but there’s been a setback... something to do with the music? Im hearing WPTV is planning to launch before the February book. Maybe they’re next? My guess is it’s either them or WXYZ. I’ll be interested to see when they start launching on non-ABC affiliates.
  2. Just to put the whole “my station has the new music during the Scripps endcap” thing to rest, here’s what it looks and sounds like. This was from KOAA the other night. FullSizeRender.mov
  3. KOMU is the J-school’s biggest attraction. And the J-school is pretty Much Mizzou’s biggest attraction. Plus they have plans to build KOMU a new state of the art building. Not a chance they’ll ever sell it unless the FCC forces them. https://abc17news.com/news/2017/11/10/mu-reveals-top-priority-projects-in-five-year-capital-plan-hopes-to-build-new-journalism-building/ I found this tidbit interesting... “the facility would bring together MU’s media brands, including KOMU, KBIA, Missourian and Vox, in order to create a multi-platform environment.“ Would this be the only case of a network affiliate, NPR affiliate, local newspaper and local magazine all sharing a newsroom?
  4. Is it just me or does that L3 look like an updated version of the package that’s being phased out? it almost looks like the graham L3s.
  5. I saw it. It was pretty generic. Just a “coming soon.” Didn’t mention any date or show any studio.
  6. Ed Bark is retiring from DFW TV coverage. Now who will we get our ratings breakdowns from?
  7. Take this for what it’s worth: I saw a commenter on a YouTube video for the new graphics say KOAA is getting them soon. Could they possibly roll out on KMGH and KOAA at the same time?
  8. Seems like we haven’t had a station roll out the new graphics in a while. Anyone know when/who might be next? Is there a timeline for when all of the stations will have the package?
  9. Believe me C Clairty is just the icing on the cake. My problems with Tegna run much deeper than music—that I can assure you. As a fellow 20-something guy, I concur. (I think I’ve made that evident by now). Tegna is the “hello fellow kids” of ownership groups. Depending on who you ask I could fall under Generation Y or Z (born right on the cusp). The problem is I don’t know anyone else my age (who is not also in the business) that actually watches tv news with any regularity. That’s a departure from previous generations when they were the same age. And believe me, I slowly made the switch away from WFAA as Tegnitis set in. This was before C Clarity. The transition from Buttoned-up Belo to Tricked-up Tegna is rather jarring.
  10. Not to mention, Hearst has been using Strive since 2013 and it hasn’t aged a bit. Hard to find a music package in circulation that long that still sounds just as cutting-edge as the day it started.
  11. Just because TV isn’t the main focus doesn’t mean you can’t still put a quality product on air. See Hearst, Griffin, Hubbard, Graham etc. To use the online shopping analogy, Target still makes their brick and mortar stores nice and clean even though more people are shopping online. They even incorporate some online elements like online grocery pickup. But they don’t change the way their stores feel. You’ll still get the same shopping experience inside you always have. That option is still available. When the day comes that no one wants to shop in stores anymore... great, take the stores away. But there’s no need to lessen the experience while they still exist. It is possible to make both your web content AND TV content have quality while acknowledging one is on its way out. Also, I would say major industries like Coca-Cola have a reason to appeal to the young crowd because they want to hook people while they’re young and make them customers for life. But since we know young people aren’t watching TV, there’s no point to appeal to them on TV when they’re never going to be your audience in the first place. Putting TV news marketing and Soda marketing in the same category is an apples and oranges scenario. You’re talking about two totally different customer bases. However, your online product should definitely appeal to them, because you do want to hook them there. We know young people prefer to get their news from the internet.
  12. I’ll remind you I was born in the roarin’ 90’s and can tell you tegna’s approach is stupid and condescending to people my age because it’s transparent that they are trying too hard to appeal to us, rather than just do good work. news flash: most people in my generation don’t watch the news on TV. So stop trying to appeal to them. Appeal to the people you know will watch. Just a suggestion. By the way... to me, TV news peaked in about 2011 or so.
  13. Do not hold out hope for Move Closer To Your World sticking around. Tegna (then Gannet) shattered my dreams when it ripped the Spirit Of Texas out from under WFAA for no good reason at all. This company’s main goal in life is to take away anything that made a station unique, watchable and likable and replace it with cheaply designed, grossly underpaid, non-focus grouped cow manure. Thus, they will take great pleasure in sending MCTYW down the Lougee Loo and replacing it with their new age scat-snap-and-clap-fest as the viewers of NE PA light their torches and call for some heads—that I can assure you. They will spit in the faces of their valued viewers and laugh as they smash WNEP under their boots. As an aside, can someone please bring back Belo? I will buy you lunch! (For context: I’m not some old fart reminiscing about the good old days. I’m in my early-mid twenties, you know, the demographic Tegna is trying to reach with their crap. Just sayin’.) Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
  14. If they could tweak the blue to match this shade I think the package would be a bit more desirable. I like this graphic’s look.
  15. That’s still the weather ticker from the old package on their stream.
  16. Anyone heard the music cuts they’re using?
  17. KOAA’s graphics are pretty dated—definitely need an upgrade. They try to mimic Scripps with their newscast opens and their use of Inergy, but their lower thirds, weather graphics and everything else don’t match at all. Color scheme is off and all looks wonky. Their OTS graphics have a 3D NBC peacock in the background that look straight out of 2001. it’s funny because they were kind of Cordillera’s crown jewel. Cordillera gave them a state of the art building with a state of the art set, but they have always had graphics that looked amateur compared to other Cordillera stations. They have a great set that many major market stations would be jealous of, but their current graphics package does not nearly do it justice. Would love to see them get a GFX upgrade ASAP. They deserve it.
  18. To me this is like if Tegna and Hearst’s graphics had a baby. I’m don’t know what all the fuss is about. I like it for the most part. Once it launches in bigger markets I guarantee we’ll hear more cuts and see more elements. Gee whiz. You guys are hard to please.
  19. Saw this in another thread so I thought I’d bring it here,.. any truth to the the rumor new graphics could debut in November?
  20. Gonna have to take off work tomorrow to tune in. Definitely don’t wanna miss this debate of the century.
  21. (Oh, didn’t realize only some graphics are allowed to be non-flat.) Actually... it is possible that these graphics you presented are non-flat, but so is this Scripps garbage we’re talking about too. It is in fact possible that multiple packages can have non-flat elements. Some can have more than others. But that doesn’t mean those others are now magically flat. You wanna see flat? Look at Tegna’s graphics or WISC’s graphics. That’s flat.
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