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  1. KDAF would beg to differ on that argument
  2. Set looks good, although looks like somethings up with the monitor behind the sports guy at the beginning. my goodness Quincy’s graphics are horrendous though.
  3. There is not a thing wrong with Hearst’s current graphics or music. It’s aged so well, and in my opinion can still live on for many years to come without seeming dated, if they wanted.
  4. My thoughts... this color scheme works well for KOAA... especially well in these clips given the fact it looks as though winter weather was the big story of the day... blue works well for that. I think opening a newscast with the weather stinger is a little bland... needs to be more urgent. it still looks like they’re using a lot of elements of their old graphics package, like the “5” transition between headline stories. I don’t think these graphics work well with their set, which consists of a lot of blue, but a lighter blue shade. Also, they ha
  5. Agree. This set is way too busy and over the top. But I guess ABC likes that because that’s what they’re all about. They overhype everything. Everything is “breaking.” They never speak in past tense. And they only know how to describe things in hyperbole. So I guess it makes sense they’d build a set and chose a color to commit visual assault on the viewers, in addition to verbal/editorial assault. The new TV3 plays into this as well.
  6. Does anyone with any intel have any idea why Fox still hasn’t given one of their best performing stations, KDFW, any love since 2006?
  7. I find it funny that somehow, KOAA and WLEX appear to be the only stations who have actually been able to push back against the new graphics and be successful, at least so far. They must know some secrets about someone high up in corporate
  8. Well so much for that. Idk what the hell their deal is anymore.
  9. It just proves how much our senses can influence each other. When we hear something while seeing an undesirable image, we also find what we hear undesirable. But when we hear that same thing while looking at a desirable image, we find what we’re hearing more pleasant. Just like how something can look gross but taste good, but our mind tricks us into thinking it actually tastes bad because of how it looks.
  10. How DARE you switch to a flat, modern graphic look?!?!? I am TRIGGERED!!!! Next thing you know, TVNT will switch its music package to C Clarity and and hire COMEDIANS to be the mods. SMH. I miss the good ole days. Screw progress! /s of course. Awesome job on the update. Looks great!
  11. Here’s what WFAA’s election studio looks like. They really did go all out. I’m guessing this is in their extra production studio at young street. The the reporters they toss to are in the newsroom upstairs. It’s definitely not Victory and definitely not their main Young street studio, which still looks as it did when the set debuted back in 2006 (really good still IMO). Not sure if WFAA still has any claims or connection to the old TXCN building next door, but I know there are some empty large studio spaces in there too that this could fit in. Either way, I can’

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