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  1. Do not hold out hope for Move Closer To Your World sticking around. Tegna (then Gannet) shattered my dreams when it ripped the Spirit Of Texas out from under WFAA for no good reason at all. This company’s main goal in life is to take away anything that made a station unique, watchable and likable and replace it with cheaply designed, grossly underpaid, non-focus grouped cow manure. Thus, they will take great pleasure in sending MCTYW down the Lougee Loo and replacing it with their new age scat-snap-and-clap-fest as the viewers of NE PA light their torches and call for some heads—that I can assure you. They will spit in the faces of their valued viewers and laugh as they smash WNEP under their boots. As an aside, can someone please bring back Belo? I will buy you lunch! (For context: I’m not some old fart reminiscing about the good old days. I’m in my early-mid twenties, you know, the demographic Tegna is trying to reach with their crap. Just sayin’.) Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
  2. If they could tweak the blue to match this shade I think the package would be a bit more desirable. I like this graphic’s look.
  3. That’s still the weather ticker from the old package on their stream.
  4. Anyone heard the music cuts they’re using?
  5. As the numbers begin to roll in, let us know how this month looked in your market. Please do not turn this into a list thread.
  6. KOAA’s graphics are pretty dated—definitely need an upgrade. They try to mimic Scripps with their newscast opens and their use of Inergy, but their lower thirds, weather graphics and everything else don’t match at all. Color scheme is off and all looks wonky. Their OTS graphics have a 3D NBC peacock in the background that look straight out of 2001. it’s funny because they were kind of Cordillera’s crown jewel. Cordillera gave them a state of the art building with a state of the art set, but they have always had graphics that looked amateur compared to other Cordillera stations. They have a great set that many major market stations would be jealous of, but their current graphics package does not nearly do it justice. Would love to see them get a GFX upgrade ASAP. They deserve it.
  7. To me this is like if Tegna and Hearst’s graphics had a baby. I’m don’t know what all the fuss is about. I like it for the most part. Once it launches in bigger markets I guarantee we’ll hear more cuts and see more elements. Gee whiz. You guys are hard to please.
  8. So any timeline as to when/where we might see the new music and graphics debut?
  9. Saw this in another thread so I thought I’d bring it here,.. any truth to the the rumor new graphics could debut in November?
  10. Here’s a fuller look. Nice. Definitely mimics a Hearst set. An upgrade from what they had before. Seems like it could use a few more monitors and stand up areas.
  11. Interesting. Like it so far. Was hoping for new music and graphics. The monitors behind them look like like something you’d see in a standard issue Hearst set. Tbh every set in that market is pretty nice for being market 85. in particular, plenty of major market stations Would be jealous of KOAA’s set. The only one I don’t like is KKTV’s. While it’s fairly new... it was built during the time when everyone thought augmented reality was the way of the future. So it’s pretty much just a poorly keyed green screen and a desk. KXRM’s is a standard issue Nexstar set. Nothing that sets it apart... but nothing bad to say about it either. However, I’ll place KRDO’s new set as a close #2 behind KOAA. Once we see more, it might be enough to rise up more.
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