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  1. The station posted a photo timeline of the construction on its website.
  2. (Oh, didn’t realize only some graphics are allowed to be non-flat.) Actually... it is possible that these graphics you presented are non-flat, but so is this Scripps garbage we’re talking about too. It is in fact possible that multiple packages can have non-flat elements. Some can have more than others. But that doesn’t mean those others are now magically flat. You wanna see flat? Look at Tegna’s graphics or WISC’s graphics. That’s flat.
  3. NPG’s KRDO in Colorado Springs is on a temp set as of this morning. Anchor said the build should last a few months. Here are some screenshots.
  4. That whole mess all up the left side is not flat. Neither is the ugly ticker across the bottom. And the fake light shining on the bottom left corner... that’s about as non-flat as you can get.
  5. This look is neither paper, nor flat, to this reporter’s eyes.
  6. 2011 called. It wants its graphics back. No way this is going to be the ‘new’ package.
  7. Anyone know why reporter/weekend anchor Zach Thaxton has been scrubbed from KOAA’s website? Haven’t seen him on air lately either. What’s the tea?
  8. Always liked Colleen. WFAA just lost another of their few remaining good ones. She probably saw the way things were headed and jumped ship. —————-CHANGE OF TOPIC—————— Sad news out of Colorado Springs. 36 Year old KKTV reporter Dustin Cuzick has passed away. https://www.kktv.com/content/news/Memorial-services-for-KKTVs-Dustin-Cuzick--512784901.html
  9. I don’t think it’s Gill Sans. Looks like Chantilly Serial to me.
  10. I’ll bet you $1,000,000,000,000,000 Scripps graphics and music remain unchanged throughout 2018. You on?
  11. The ratings suggest otherwise
  12. “Tenga” Do not look it up. You've been warned. I learned the “hard” way (if you will) that I should always make sure I’m spelling Tegna right when I google it.
  13. As a millennial in the market, I don’t find her, or any of the selfie stars Tegna is running through there, relatable. I prefer news to be about the story, not about the person telling it.
  14. Agree. WIAT’s new set is a great look that can probably stand the test of time.
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