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  1. How DARE you switch to a flat, modern graphic look?!?!? I am TRIGGERED!!!! Next thing you know, TVNT will switch its music package to C Clarity and and hire COMEDIANS to be the mods. SMH. I miss the good ole days. Screw progress! /s of course. Awesome job on the update. Looks great!
  2. Here’s what WFAA’s election studio looks like. They really did go all out. I’m guessing this is in their extra production studio at young street. The the reporters they toss to are in the newsroom upstairs. It’s definitely not Victory and definitely not their main Young street studio, which still looks as it did when the set debuted back in 2006 (really good still IMO). Not sure if WFAA still has any claims or connection to the old TXCN building next door, but I know there are some empty large studio spaces in there too that this could fit in. Either way, I can’
  3. If “Aerial” could be visualized as a logo, it would be this shit. WGNO wasn’t already broadcasting in HD?
  4. @ABC 7 Denver how do you know so much about every station in Colorado! You are a talking Colorado TV news encyclopedia!!
  5. Major shakeup in Colorado Springs on the heels of a station tragedy... KKTV main anchor Dianne Derby has resigned from the station today, less than two months after her longtime co-Anchor, Don Ward, unexpectedly passed away. The two were very close, and she took a leave of absence most of last month. Just yesterday, the station announced morning anchor Adam Atchison would be promoted to Ward’s old position. Now, they have another main anchor spot to fill with Derby’s departure. https://gazette.com/arts-entertainment/dianne-derby-leaves-kktv/article_41a83488-193f-11eb-ae
  6. Springs is Market 85 now, not 91 I would hardly call 85 an “insanely small market”. It’s on the bigger half of things and growing extremely fast. Mark my words, if local TV as we know it still exists 20 years from now (it’s about 50-50 honestly) Springs will be a minimum 40s or 50s market, if not bigger. Population estimates have Colorado Springs (City proper, not metro) becoming more populous than Denver (City proper, not metro) by 2040 or 2050. Both are growing at lightning speed. Quite frankly, it’s severely undervalued right now, IMO. Almost a million people li
  7. Do you work for the station/company I assume? Will the other stations that got the new weather graphics also be getting these graphics? These seem to have a color scheme meant for the mountain west. I can’t see these looking good on some of the group’s midwestern stations like KMIZ or KNPN.
  8. An update on KOAA... hopefully by the election is what I’m hearing.
  9. Everything g changed pretty much except for the font.
  10. those opening lower thirds with the anchors’ names... just... no Just way too much going on with this package. Some of the little things actually look good, like some of their specially made graphs and some of the weather graphics, but when it comes to the big things, like show opens, lower thirds and Main backgrounds... yikes... someone just wanted to see how many colors and special effects they could add. We’ve seen examples of “simpler is better” going too far (see Scripps, Tegna) but sometimes it’s also okay not to do every possible special effect there is, just becaus
  11. This all just makes me so infuriated. I hate my industry so much sometimes.
  12. When I can get some shots of their AM graphics you’ll change your mind
  13. Are they calling the new Scripps package “Community” now? I move they should rename it to “ZQuil” because it has about the same effect.
  14. So they FINALLY switched away from Counterpint to, get this, Aerial. Talk about switching from one bland package to another. With this switch, every station the DMA now uses very similar Stephen Arnold Packages. This will change a little once KOAA makes the switch to the new (still Stephen Arnold) Scripps package soon, which at least will help differentiate them from the pack... but still... bland! Here are some highlights from tonight’s 6 p.m. Those lower thirds are humongous and hideous. IMG_8974.MOV IMG_897

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