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  1. Lot of stations getting delayed numbers right now because of the Dish outage
  2. July sweeps is always seen as not that important. Usually the least important of the four sweeps periods. The ones that stations really care about are May and November, since those are the ones they metric to set ad rates. But more likely, the reason we are seeing this is because “sweeps” is pretty much a thing of the past, with more accurate metrics from companies like commscore which are measured at all times, not just certain periods, many stations are switching away from Nielsen. When I worked at a station in a market that preferred commscore, the saying was “we’re always in sweeps”
  3. Here’s a full tour video. I like it A LOT better with the color schemes and lighting in this video versus that lighting scheme they chose for the sneak peak pic. i think nearly everything from victory got salvaged for this. The BAM and the frames around it, as well as the wall of wood and glass panels with the little silver plays buttons on it, and the desk, as well as the “floating” monitor, and some other things. still think it’s a little too… metal? Is that the right word? https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/local/wfaas-new-innovative-young-street-studio-to-debut-february-1-at-6pm/287-43f6a03c-6104-499c-a4c3-a09b42a916bb
  4. Well I have heard otherwise from people directly involved. Looks like it’s going to follow the same styles of the refresh victory hot in 2018. not a huge fan of that look and color scheme.
  5. Do you know people who worked there during the takeover? Because I do. and let me tell you…
  6. Yes they were. But once Gannett (TEGNA) came in… they wanted to put their corporate mark on the place and frowned on people reminiscing of the Belo days. TEGNA doesn’t want people to remember the days when things were better before they came in.
  7. Don’t you dare call it News 8. TEGNA will have you eliminated if you try to hearken back to the Belo days.
  8. Not NPG finally giving a station a NICE new set, rather than a crappy one like they put in in Colorado Springs a couple years ago!
  9. I just mean more of the fact that this can happen at all… I believe the only other states this is really even possible are California and South Dakota.
  10. Oklahoma’s “no non-competes” law really does help talent wreak havoc on their stations when they just pick up and cross the street and I’m here for the drama.
  11. Holy crap not only is her audio awful, but she couldn’t sound less interested if she tried… like… what?!?!?
  12. It’s almost like viewers want the news—to do—get this—actual news. Hopefully this return to the way things were will be contagious and spread to their sister station in Dallas. But I won’t hold my breath. Maybe that’ll happen if Soo Kim/Apollo/The Cox family (what little power they have left) get their hands on TEGNA.
  13. Is WGCL really beating WXIA now? Way to go TEGNA.
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