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  1. I demand they hyperlink to my original, exclusive reporting.
  2. Honestly I feel like Tegna has been churning out some pretty nice sets the past few years. WUSA, KTHV, KARE and WXIA come to mind. Even KWES has a pretty cool set given its market size. Of all the major ownership groups, I think Tegna cares a lot about aesthetics. My problems with Tegna lie at their content strategy.
  3. A friend of mine emailed Pete Delkus about it. Here’s his response she forwarded to me: “Yes, WFAA is leaving our Victory studios the end of the year. We’re moving to a brand new studio back at our Young Street location. It will not be open to the public. Sorry…wish it was but…” You’d be surprised though. As long as they’re delivering the product from a certain location, even if that location’s days are numbered, they won’t want to do anything that could jeopardize their product. i.e. cheaping out on a set because they’re gonna move in two years (let
  4. 100% agree. WFAA’s Young street days are numbered. A few years ago some preliminary plans for the high speed rail route showed the Dallas train station to be built on the WFAA and DMN site. While they ended up choosing a different site, I guarantee they wouldn’t have released those preliminary plans if they hadn’t talked to WFAA about buying their property for it. (article: https://www.bizjournals.com/dallas/blog/morning_call/2015/01/high-speed-rail-station-could-redevelop-dallas.html) The Dallas Morning News even admitted in that article it woul
  5. That whole property is being redeveloped into an entertainment district. Record street (which runs between the old DMN building and WFAA building) will be reopened to the public. The front part of the DMN building will remain and is currently being converted to a boutique hotel. The printing press rooms are going to become a concert hall of some sort. That area is ripe for redevelopment. Especially with the convention center right there. The high speed rail station for the line that will run between Dallas and Houston is under construction in that
  6. WFAA doesn’t own the TXCN building. It’s part of the old DMN complex, which is in the process of being redeveloped. The developer is planning to tear down the TXCN building to build a hotel. https://www.bizjournals.com/dallas/news/2020/06/11/redevelopment-dallas-morning-news.html
  7. Was just listening to The Ticket (Dallas Sports Radio station). The Ticket’s studios are right across from WFAA’s in Victory Plaza outside the AAC. One of the hosts was talking about how they run into WFAA personalities outside from time to time, but that is about to end because WFAA is “moving very soon. They’ll no longer be our broadcast neighbors here in Victory Park.” This was the first I’ve heard of it. He emphasized that it is happening in the very near future. Makes sense to me since Tegna neglects the station, compared to Belo. Also
  8. The past five years or so KMIZ has had the edge, though the tides may be slowly turning back in KOMU’s favor from what I hear. KOMU hasn’t been on Dish network for over a year though, so that doesn’t help. I also think it depends if you ask Nielsen or Comscore. I still think most would still consider KOMU the legacy station in the market though. They have far and away the biggest digital following, if that means anything. KMIZ May win newscasts, but I would not call them the far and away dominant news source. It’s fairly competitive.
  9. I’d also consider making better use of the monitor behind the anchor. Put a city backdrop back there. You might as well just not have the monitor if all you’re putting back there is a nearly-static generic animated white background
  10. Weekend morning news open: IMG_4775.MOV I would contend there could be a better opening shot than the school bus on a beat up bridge. None of the open montages I’ve seen so far show Jefferson City at all. I know most people in Jefferson City watch KRCG, but you’d still think KOMU would show the second-biggest city it covers some love. Not to mention it’s a very pretty city. Morning weather open (upon return from break): IMG_4776.MOV New a.m. graphic elements: I like that they have so
  11. They are far from the market leader I can assure you. Those days are gone. also the station is self-funded. It does not rely on funding from the university.
  12. Example from KMOV of similarities to 2011 Belo package Now my question: when does the studio get refreshed? It’s starting to really need it.

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