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  1. I’m not sure this means KSTU has actually switched to the graphics fully yet. I believe all stations have switched to the new graphics in their live streams.
  2. They’re fine to me. Unplug your router then plug it back in. Then see if the quality is better.
  3. So KOAA launched their 4 pm on Monday. I would’ve thought that would be the natural time to make the switch. I’m very surprised KOAA launched a whole new newscast using the old graphics. What’s funny, is an insider has shown me what their 4 pm open will look like with the new graphics. So it’s already made. Why would they go to the trouble to make an open with the old graphics instead of just using the new ones they seem to have ready? Something seems weird.
  4. Hearing from friends at non-affiliated Nexstar stations (particularly WDVM) as well as some at Nexstar fox stations that the whole “no more CNN video” thing is an absolute shit show, as one could expect. They are literally having to take full screen video from tweets from reporters in other cities in some cases, since they have no VO for national stories.
  5. I think the dark is fine for a late night newscast, but for mornings, middays and evenings, I would hope they could find a way to brighten it up
  6. According to their website, KOAA is launching a 4 p.m. newscast on Monday. Looks like the new graphics in the background in this banner. If I was a betting man, I’d put my money that the new graphics launch on Monday with this newscast.
  7. According to the banner at the top of their website, KOAA will be launching a 4 p.m. newscast next Monday, September 14th. Can’t tell who will be anchoring from the promos I’ve seen, unless they’re just keeping the same evening anchor team.
  8. I feel like WXMI did a good job utilizing the music. I like that they didn’t feel the need to use the four note “stinger” part of the music in the breaking news transition and weather transition. It makes things flow better, IMO. I also like that they waited until the the end of the open to get to the stinger. Most stations I see choose to start off with the stinger.
  9. Update on KOAA... I’ve obtained some insider info. Expect the graphics to launch within two weeks. There is a reason it can’t be later... one of their shows will not be possible without these new graphics... unless they want to open it with the wrong show open. I’ve seen one of the new graphics show opens... looks like they’ll be using the primary theme (At least for this particular show) and keeping the same voiceover person, and the same “always watching out for you” slogan. Also, they’re going to have quite the mess of call letters below their logo in the open. Three signals to account for. Was hoping they might go the WCPO route and use a white background with blue lettering. But they did not. Just the generic blue Scripps open. Overall though, my opinion remains the same that this isn’t bad on KOAA. I’m working to confirm some KRIS/KZTV and WLEX rumors... will come back with updates.
  10. If the rumblings I’m hearing are correct, expect the graphics to launch on KOAA by sometime in September... hearing they may be launching something else then too...
  11. I also spy some proxima nova. It appears the big Cordillera stations will be the last few to fall, but they’re about to. ... And I agree. The mountains in the back look better than just enlarging the logo, which most other stations are doing. As someone stated before, this package’s look and color scheme may actually fit KOAA decently. ... If they could tweak the blue to be a bit brighter on all the graphics for WLEX, it would be a good fit for them too, given their push to attract UK fans.
  12. A couple more snapshots from the stream. Looks like they’re using the new graphics for everything in the stream except for the news updates with main anchors. No new music yet either.
  13. I agree. Honestly this doesn’t look half bad and can actually be considered an upgrade from the current look, IMO. As for the rest of the package—we’ll wait and see.
  14. Just happened upon this on KOAA’s live stream. Could they be launching soon?
  15. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no
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