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  1. Here’s a fuller look. Nice. Definitely mimics a Hearst set. An upgrade from what they had before. Seems like it could use a few more monitors and stand up areas.
  2. Interesting. Like it so far. Was hoping for new music and graphics. The monitors behind them look like like something you’d see in a standard issue Hearst set. Tbh every set in that market is pretty nice for being market 85. in particular, plenty of major market stations Would be jealous of KOAA’s set. The only one I don’t like is KKTV’s. While it’s fairly new... it was built during the time when everyone thought augmented reality was the way of the future. So it’s pretty much just a poorly keyed green screen and a desk. KXRM’s is a standard issue Nexstar set. Nothing that sets it apart... but nothing bad to say about it either. However, I’ll place KRDO’s new set as a close #2 behind KOAA. Once we see more, it might be enough to rise up more.
  3. The new set is starting to come together. Another look:
  4. Here’s a look inside the studio now. Look at all the years worth of floor tile buildup.
  5. Gonna have to take off work tomorrow to tune in. Definitely don’t wanna miss this debate of the century.
  6. The station posted a photo timeline of the construction on its website.
  7. (Oh, didn’t realize only some graphics are allowed to be non-flat.) Actually... it is possible that these graphics you presented are non-flat, but so is this Scripps garbage we’re talking about too. It is in fact possible that multiple packages can have non-flat elements. Some can have more than others. But that doesn’t mean those others are now magically flat. You wanna see flat? Look at Tegna’s graphics or WISC’s graphics. That’s flat.
  8. NPG’s KRDO in Colorado Springs is on a temp set as of this morning. Anchor said the build should last a few months. Here are some screenshots.
  9. That whole mess all up the left side is not flat. Neither is the ugly ticker across the bottom. And the fake light shining on the bottom left corner... that’s about as non-flat as you can get.
  10. This look is neither paper, nor flat, to this reporter’s eyes.
  11. 2011 called. It wants its graphics back. No way this is going to be the ‘new’ package.
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