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  1. Bob Kovachick announced on WNYT's 4:30pm newscast today that he is retiring. October 3 is the last day. He's been at the station since 1988 and has spent more than 40 years as a meteorologist.
  2. They're probably just testing the waters with it for now. If it does well, maybe they expand it later. No reason to go all-in right away, especially since FBN airs actual business programming from 10am-noon on Saturday and 9am-noon on Sunday. Sure, they cold move those blocks if they wanted to but you don't want to alienate your core viewers interested in financial discussion without knowing if people will watch the weather programming.
  3. G4's launch date is November 16, so it's not taking over NBCSN's space. https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/g4-linear-tv-launch-date-1235087025/
  4. I was streaming the NFL games yesterday on Paramount+ via WRGB and there were no local commercials, they all just showed the CBS slate. I was wondering why that was, and this must have been why. Right around 7:30 ET in the final minutes of the DAL/NE game, it cut away from the game and went to the CBSN stream until 60 Minutes started. I thought that was a Paramount Plus issue but maybe it was also related to this (I saw people on Twitter who had the same issue with the KEYE on Paramount+ and Hulu Live). ETA: Streaming the station now, it's CBS Mornings instead of Kelly and Ryan. Then as of 10am, just color bars with the text "NEW YORK TX" instead of Let's Make a Deal.
  5. Retransmission agreements for virtual MVPDs are different than with traditional MVPDs. The networks negotiate carriage on behalf of the affiliates, though not all Fox affiliates are on-board with them (at least as of this 2017 article). But it's a moot point, for now at least, as the two sides have agreed to a short-term extension.
  6. This Deadline article about an upcoming rebrand of CBSN to CBS News mentions that the streaming service will be getting a new studio, repurposed from CBS This Morning's former space. Here's a mock-up of the new set, from the article.
  7. CBS will begin to phase out the CBSN name later this year, rebranding its streaming news service as CBS News. As a result, the local versions will be renamed CBS News New York, CBS News Denver, etc. So at this point, I'd say don't expect the Miami version until after the rebrand occurs.
  8. WNYT/Albany has named its latest weekday morning anchor team. The station's longtime weekend sports anchor Chris Onorato will be co-anchoring with new hire Faith King, who is coming to the station from WAVE in Louisville. The new team starts September 27.
  9. Tonight isn't ABC's only Monday simulcast. The network is also simulcasting MNF in Weeks 14 and 15. https://espnpressroom.com/us/press-releases/2021/09/the-walt-disney-company-kicks-off-the-nfls-biggest-season-ever/
  10. Pat Sajak isn't going to host Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy, so there's no point in speculating what his sign-off would be.
  11. I believe that YBYL special is available for all affiliates to air, not just the Fox O&Os, so keep an eye out for that in the listings for markets where an affiliate hasn't been announced yet. The air window runs from 8/27-9/19. https://syndication.extremereach.com/library/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2021/08/You-Bet-Your-Life-Preview-Special-HTFC.pdf
  12. Yesterday was the first day of taping for the new season. I'm surprised they actually went through with it as scheduled, given the controversy and possibility he'd have to step down/be fired. According to Variety, he'll continue as executive producer. I'm not sure if that's a good idea, but it is what it is.
  13. Rachel Tiede is the new weeknight anchor at WNYT, doing the 9pm (on WNYA) and 11pm shows. She'll also do investigative and breaking news reporting. Her tweet teases that she could do some forecasting as well, as she's completing her BS in meteorology at Mississippi State.
  14. It's gone from the CW+ schedule, not from syndication.
  15. What's your source for saying this companies aren't commanding that much? That information isn't public knowledge. Of course Sinclair is including the RSNs, that's what the dispute is about. Take those out of the ex m equation, since they cost distributors more than local stations. Is what Sinclair is asking for the locals in line with what other companies are charging? No one knows. This is all public posturing. Again, without any context we don't know if "nearly a billion dollars" (whatever that means) is easy too much to ask, including the RSNs, or not. That's my point.
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