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  1. Clickbait. It takes him no time to post something like this, and it gets him clicks with the clickbait headlines he uses. I agree with your assessment of his writing, which is why I avoid clicking on links to his site whenever I can. I don't like giving him hits.
  2. The story has been updated, it's actually WGGB not WFSB. "Editor’s note: This story was updated to correct the call letters of Meredith’s Springfield, Mass., station."
  3. Starting March 1, the third hour of NewsNation will be replaced with a nightly talk show hosted by Ashleigh Banfield, which is apparently going to be similar to Larry King Live. Notable from the linked Variety article, as most of us expected:
  4. ScottJ

    In Memoriam

    Bill Lambdin, who spent most of his 41-year career as a reporter for WNYT in Albany, died from cardiac arrest yesterday at age 69. According to the linked obituary, he "was said to have covered more stories for [WNYT] than any reporter in its history." He worked at WNYT from 1980 until he retired in 2014. Here's a (short) story from the station reporting on his death.
  5. According to someone at the 506 forum who says he lives in the Charleston, WV area the Fox affiliation has moved from Cunningham-owned WVAH 11.1 to Sinclair-owned WCHS 8.2. That seems to be confirmed by Zap2it, which shows 8.2 as Fox now, with Antenna TV having moved from 8.2 to 8.3. I don't see an article about the change on the stations' sites. Zap2it is still showing Fox programming on 11.1 so both stations may be simulcasting for now.
  6. Just weeks after Jim Kambrich retired, WNYT is losing its 11pm female anchor. Karen Tararache's last newscast is January 8. She is returning to Spectrum News to work behind-the-scenes as a senior managing editor.
  7. I agree that it's not necessarily a good fit, but it makes sense because FBN and CNBC rarely have live programming on the weekends so it's easier to pre-empt the repeats/infomercials they air (which probably don't get many viewers) than whatever their sister networks are airing.
  8. The Fiesta Bowl on January 2 is Mike Golic's final assignment with ESPN.
  9. I highly doubt it. Politicians send those types of letters to make their constituents think they're trying to end the dispute, but I doubt they do actually do anything. It's mainly just for show.
  10. I would imagine this new Fave diginet will be added to Pluto sooner or later since Pluto is owned by ViacomCBS; DABL is on there.
  11. Comcast and Hearst have reached a new retrans deal covering the entire group, including the out-of-market stations that were scheduled to be dropped later this month. Those stations will remain on Comcast systems in the affected markets.
  12. It's to make it easier for people watching on mobile devices to be able to read the graphics better. Smaller screens need bigger graphics.
  13. The link answers that question. According to the story, WTIC is beating the network shows from 7-9.
  14. But those are separate disputes. The FCC does not allow station groups to include stations they don't own in retransmission negotiations, even if they operate the stations through sharing agreements. So Nexstar can't include the sidecars in their negotiations.
  15. On Jim's last day at WNYT, reporter Mark Mulholland confirms he will slide into Jim's chair on the 5 and 6pm newscasts. I haven't seen information about who will take over the 11.

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