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  1. Deadline has some information about You Bet Your Life. Most stations will be airing it between 5pm and 8pm, so decent clearances it seems, and about 80% of the 190 markets that have picked it up will have double runs. As for the groups that have picked it up (not sure if this was already known):
  2. The latest move at WNYT sees Subrina Dhammi leaving the morning show after nearly a decade to take Benita Zahn's former anchor slots at 4pm and 6pm. The station is looking at internal and external candidates to replace Dhammi on the morning shift.
  3. Especially since the quoted tweet doesn't mention that it's breaking news. WPXI might have called it breaking news on air, but if the tweet you're quoting doesn't say it, it makes WTAE look bad in my opinion.
  4. That's why it's important to read the whole article. There's a limited amount of information that can be conveyed in a headline. The details are in the actual article. Plus headlines are often used for clickbait and shouldn't be trusted by themselves.
  5. I don't think TNT has any more golf (outside of those made-for-TV The Match events). The PGA Championship moved to ESPN last year, and I think that was Turner's last golf tournament. And even if Turner did still have golf, wouldn't it be US-only? Probably didn't have any international rights that would have helped GolfTV since it's not available in the US.
  6. Discovery is trying to diversify its portfolio. It doesn't have any scripted/entertainment cable networks in the US, which makes its streaming service pretty niche. But buying/merging with Warner, Discovery can reach a more mainstream audience than it does now and it'll make Discovery+ more appealing to more people.
  7. It's going to be low-cost programming that will likely appeal to women/young adults to counterprogram against Saturday night sports. If CW expanded to Sundays despite Sunday Night Football, college football certainly wouldn't stop them. With the programming that'll be airing, CW likely doesn't need high ratings for this to make financial sense. Two hours on Saturday night will probably be worth more than the five hours on weekday afternoons that is going back to the affiliates.
  8. Streaming isn't going to collapse, it's going to consolidate. Some of the smaller/niche services will shut down or be acquired by the big companies, but it's not going to collapse. It's only going to get stronger as cord-cutting continues and content continues moving from TV/movie theaters to streaming. Cable is going to collapse, not streaming and certainly not both.
  9. I was referring to the ESPN+ exclusive games that are part of ESPN's new rights deal.
  10. ESPN owns a minority share in TSN so it wouldn't be surprising to see some of the games on ESPN platforms (particularly ESPN+) be produced by TSN.
  11. Andrew Marchand is reporting Fox, Amazon and the NFL have reached an agreement that allows Amazon to take over TNF a year early, starting in 2022 instead of 2023.
  12. He may be interested, but I don't think ESPN or Turner would have much interest in a soon-to-be 73-year-old who hasn't regularly called hockey in several years. ESPN might give him a couple assignments because of his history with their NHL coverage but I don't see him getting a regular spot with either company.
  13. The 2005 CBA is irrelevant. There was a new CBA ratified in 2013 which is the current agreement and the one that currently applies. Here's the current CBA. Honestly, I don't think the '05 CBA had that clause either. Two games of the SCF have aired on cable (OLN/Vs/NBCSN) every season since at least 2006. Until a legitimate source confirms such a clause exists -- not some random person on Twitter -- I'll assume it's not true.
  14. Why does there have to be an OTA component? Outside of the NFL and maybe an occasional ABC simulcast of some ESPN events, OTA simulcasts of cable sports isn't a thing nowadays. I doubt Turner paid as much as it did for the rights if it wouldn't have the SCF exclusively in the years it has it.
  15. Andrew Marchand is tweeting it's just Turner, no other partner is involved, and that some games will end up on HBO Max.

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