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  1. ScottJ

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    Why would that be a better scenario for CBS? I'm sure using existing resources at the O&Os is cheaper for CBS than outsourcing the newscasts to competing stations in the markets. Outsourcing would also help promote the rival stations. Since this is likely just a quick cash grab for political ad revenue, the best scenario for CBS is the one that costs the company the least. Which is likely what they're doing.
  2. That's not happening. WGN9's status with national programming is done. Which is why I don't understand why Nexstar doesn't rebrand WGN America.
  3. PTI is debuting a new set on Monday, which I imagine will also be Scott Van Pelt's SportsCenter set when his show moves to D.C. in the summer. There is now a LED wall behind Tony and Mike, and the on-screen rundown will have a slight change to better utilize the 16:9 format. ESPN's PR blog Front Row has pics of the new set, which definitely has a more SportsCenter-esque vibe to it than the current set.
  4. The Ringer published an oral history of Stuart Scott's life and career yesterday to commemorate the fifth anniversary of his passing, in case anyone's interested.
  5. ScottJ

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    Sports anchor Sherree Burruss has left WRC in D.C. to take on the same role at the CBS Sports HQ streaming network.
  6. That's what I'm thinking, unless they're trying to up the perceived value of WGN America for an eventual sale.
  7. ScottJ

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    That's probably what happened now that WSB is owned by a hedge fund, which are always looking to cut costs whenever possible.
  8. Tegna just launched a true-crime podcast, The Officer's Wife, produced by WXIA.
  9. U-verse blacked out WISC (CBS/MNT, Madison, Wisc.) last night. The dispute doesn't seem to include DirecTV or the other Morgan Murphy-owned stations.
  10. Longtime ESPN Radio executives Traug Keller and Marcia Keegan are retiring, with ESPN radio and TV veterans Dave Roberts and Amanda Gifford succeeding them. Could this management change lead to a shakeup of ESPN Radio's programming?
  11. ScottJ

    Out & About

    Reporter Anayeli Ruiz has left WMAQ for KHOU.
  12. ScottJ

    Out & About

    The fourth hour of Today moved into Kansas City Live's 10am slot, with back-to-back episodes of RightThisMinute filling the 1pm hour where Today was previously.
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