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  1. The CBA ends after the 2021 season. If there's a strike or a lockout, it would affect the 2022 season, not 2021. Next year will be a full season, assuming things are OK as far as the pandemic, of course.
  2. According to Zap2it's advanced listings, the noon news is slated to return next Wednesday.
  3. It doesn't look like the GMA3 brand is going away. According to TV listings, as of yesterday ABC changed the name of its 1pm ET hour from Pandemic: What You Need to Know to GMA3: What You Need to Know. It still has the same hosts as under the previous title, rather than the GMA3 crew, but it seems like ABC is keeping the GMA3 brand alive for the show's eventual return.
  4. The syndicated Live PD has been cancelled, effective Friday the 19th, so any affiliates still airing it will be replacing it soon (Got the info at work so I don't have a link to share)
  5. According to Deadline, some stations are already dropping Cops from their syndicated lineups. Disney is working with them on replacement shows; the syndie Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is a possibility. And WGN America isn't going to renew its contract for Cops when it expires at the end of the month, though it's possible they had already made that decision before this.
  6. It might be better this way to use the week before Labor Day as sort of a "soft launch" to get some of the kinks out of the way when there is potentially a smaller audience. Chances are there will be some issues/glitches when the show first launches.
  7. Not just Sinclair's legal team, but also the FCC's compliance officer who is tasked with keeping Sinclair in check. That, I imagine, will be the bigger obstacle than Sinclair's own attorneys.
  8. ScottJ

    Out & About

    WLEX meteorologist Jill Szwed's last day at the station is May 24. WTEN has hired her to be the station's new weekday morning meteorologist. She starts at the Albany station next month.
  9. A lot of retailers and restaurants across the country are either closed or operating in a limited capacity right now. The travel and hospitality industries have virtually been shut down for the most part. Either those businesses don't see a need to advertise right now while they're not running at full capacity or they have had to cut back on their advertising budgets to help deal with less revenue coming in.
  10. It'll be WTTV (Indianapolis) this weekend, with Debby Knox anchoring on Saturday and Bob Donaldson Sunday.
  11. I'm convinced Broadcasting & Cable doesn't have any editors. They have way too many factual/spelling/grammatical errors to have editors checking stories before they're posted.
  12. Cuomo's start times have varied. Usually in the 11:00 hour, but he's started as late as after 12:30. When his conference goes past noon, WNYT has typically been shunting it off to sister station WNYA to get to the noon news on time unless he's talking about something important -- like yesterday when he was talking about the process of reopening the state. WNYT stayed until about 12:10-12:15 before sending Cuomo to WNYA and going to the news (I don't get WNYA OTA so I don't know if they've been showing the full press conferences or just when 13 pulls out).
  13. It seems to be spreading across the market. Today WNYT is airing an infomercial for an Emeril air fryer instead of 25 Words or Less. But this doesn't seem to be a last-minute change, because my TV's built-in guide is listing Emeril 360 in this slot. I wonder if the stations are doing this to recoup some of the ad revenue they're losing from having to cut out of their syndicated shows to air Gov. Cuomo's daily press conferences.
  14. Disney couldn't buy the Fox network. Federal regulations prevent one company from owning two of the Big 4 broadcast networks. Disney would have had to sell ABC if it wanted to acquire the Fox network. And the Fox RSNs were part of the sale to Disney, but the Department of Justice forced Disney to sell them in order to gain approval for the rest of the deal. They eventually went to an ownership group led by Sinclair.
  15. Meteorologist Neal Estano was doing the weather from his home on WNYT's noon news. Today is the first time I've seen the work-from-home approach on the station.
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