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  1. Station management probably doesn't want to say anything on the record in case they end up in a lawsuit over this. They wouldn't want to make any public statements that can be used against them in court.
  2. I also haven't seen it on Fire TV as of the last time I checked a couple days ago. It must be a slow rollout.
  3. Fox has already extended its MLB rights, including exclusive broadcasts of the World Series, through 2028 so ABC won't be airing World Series games anytime soon.
  4. How was it a "big mistake" for the Royals to re-sign with FSKC? The team still gets paid its rights fees, even when providers drop the network. It's Sinclair and the rest of the ownership group taking all the risk regarding carriage. As for the Royals having their own RSN, been there done that. It lasted four years before going dark and signing with FSKC.
  5. Just came across this video when going down a '90s WVIT rabbit hole on YouTube. Was going to post it here but I see I don't have to. I was shocked to see this totally random newscast today. The townhouse fire at the end of the clip was in the complex my family lived in at the time, we were two townhouses down from the one that caught fire. And that's my dad who Tom Monahan asked if the neighbor was a smoker. I remember that from when it aired back then, but I definitely wasn't expecting to see that clip on YouTube almost 23 years later. Pretty cool.
  6. I think I remember reading an article before NN launched that said it would have an expanded show on election night beyond the normal 8-11 live time, so maybe NN has the ability to make it longer than three hours if it's planned ahead of time and WGNA can schedule around it, but NN might not have that flexibility in a breaking news situation? Which obviously isn't a great situation for a news show to be in.
  7. Not overnight, but Rachael Ray airs twice in Albany. It airs on both stations of the Hubbard duopoly, at 9am on WNYA and 2pm on WNYT. According to Zap2it, it's the same episode in both slots.
  8. I live in the market. I have sources.
  9. Meanwhile, in Albany, Hubbard sister station WNYT will be relegating Tamron to 2:37am as of 9/14, when Drew Barrymore takes over the 11am slot. But Tamron is being added to duopoly partner WNYA's schedule at 7pm starting on the 14th. So an improved time slot on a lesser station.
  10. The weekend edition of Meredith's upcoming People newsmagazine is only 30 minutes. The title of that show, BTW, is now People (the TV Show!). Yes, including the exclamation point.
  11. That is the same special I posted about last month that Nexstar is syndicating to its OTA stations toward the end of this month. I assume it's similar (if not identical) to the video on YouTube. So it's getting more play than just one Saturday airing on WGNA.
  12. Six episodes of Feud is going to be the norm. They are adding two more feeds, making it six per day. My information showed the two extra feeds starting on 9/14. Maybe it's already started, at least in some markets.
  13. This is admittedly pedantic on my part, but it's my job to notice minor details like this so it's bugging me. Nexstar needs to decide if it's NewsNation or News Nation and make sure everyone on staff is formatting it the same way. They're formatting it both ways. The Twitter account is formatted NewsNation Now, but the YouTube account is News Nation Now, and even the four videos they've uploaded to the YT account don't all have the name the same way in the titles. Again, that's something that most people won't notice, but it looks bad to people who do notice it. Get the branding correct one way or the other.
  14. I think that was a mistake and/or unclear writing by Deadline. This Pacific Business News article doesn't mention the D.C. bureau, and RBR's article about the sale mentions the station has access to a D.C. bureau: I don't think Allen is getting the D.C. bureau as part of the acquisition.
  15. Fox announced in the (pre-COVID) offseason that the NFL theme would only be used on NFL and college football telecasts now, so it would appear that the return of the MLB theme will be permanent. (The second item in this story.)
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