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  1. Meteorologist Neal Estano was doing the weather from his home on WNYT's noon news. Today is the first time I've seen the work-from-home approach on the station.
  2. Not to take this thread too far off topic, but I tried to join the Discord yesterday, too, and when I clicked the Join link, I got this error message: That might be what EastTenneseeWXGeek is talking about when he says it won't let him join.
  3. I enjoyed what I watched of XFL 2.0 (though I never saw a full game), but the ratings had been dropping every week. The two Sunday games in what ended up being the final week of the season each dropped below 1 million viewers. That's the only thing that concerns me about getting another season. But I think I read the league signed three-year deals with the networks, so hopefully it'll be back in 2021.
  4. Broadcasting & Cable has more on the end of Judge Judy and the upcoming Judy Justice. According to the article, the Judge Judy repeats are being sold in three-year cycles at about 60% of the show's current license fees. Due to the lower price, the repeats are apparently being bought my many stations that don't currently air the show (CW and MNT affiliates and indies). Judy Justice has been pitched to station groups, but none has signed on yet. It's also being shopped to cable and streaming. Near the end of the article, there's some info about the upcoming Drew Barrymore and Nick Cannon shows. Both are having trouble getting clearances across the country, and they're getting less-than-ideal time slots in small and mid-size markets.
  5. In a different type of syndication news, Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune have announced they will be taping episodes without a studio audience for the time being, due to coronavirus concerns. I wonder if other shows will follow suit.
  6. According to Reuters, Apollo Global Management has also expressed interest in Tegna.
  7. Here's Sinclair's statement. FS West and Prime Ticket were dropped, along with YES. The other 19 FS-branded RSNs will remain on YouTube TV.
  8. That article was from last week. See the links in my post above the one you quoted. YTTV dropped YES and Fox Sports West/Prime Ticket (maybe others too) overnight last night. From tweets I've seen, YTTV is dropping some of the Sinclair-owned RSNs but has not released a full list of which ones are being dropped.
  9. After a short-term extension, YouTube TV has dropped at least some of the Sinclair RSNs, including YES -- which tweeted a pretty angry statement, even throwing Sinclair under the bus.
  10. I think they probably decided it makes more sense to have it on CBS after the Big 10 title game. That gives the NCAA the best ratings for it.
  11. The selection show was scheduled to be on TBS this year, but there was a late change made over the weekend and it'll be on CBS instead. CBS apparently promoted it during their coverage over the weekend.
  12. The deal closed today so after years of going after KCPQ, Fox now officially owns the station.
  13. Who says the new show is going to be a daily strip? Given that Judy is 77 years old (and will be closer to 80 when the new show starts filming), she may not want to do that many episodes in a season anymore. Maybe it'll be more of a weekly series, which would open up the possibility of it ending up in network primetime. Going back to my point in my previous post, there are a lot of unanswered questions about Judy Justice, which is why it's too early to speculate too much about who is going to air it. I wouldn't rule anything out until we know more.
  14. Her quote in the THR article makes it sound like the new show is going to start in the fall of 2022, not 2021. "But I'm not tired, so Judy Justice will be coming out a year later." That sounds to me like Judy Justice is coming out a year after the Judge Judy originals end, so it doesn't look the new show will be a direct replacement for the current one on existing affiliates. Plus there's no guarantee it'll be syndicated. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it's not. Let;s not get too far ahead of our ourselves.
  15. ESPN has cancelled afternoon show High Noon. It'll air through next month.
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