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  1. Sometimes, I wonder: what if Colombia adopted the Netherlands' pillarized model of public broadcasting?
  2. A compilation of material from Channel 10 Melbourne on the 1983 Ash Wednesday fires, with some glimpses of Collier Concepts' work for the station:
  3. Well, "On Top of It All" isn't "Move Closer to Your World". It sounds completely different.
  4. Also, here's a collection of material from various Colombian newscasts in the 80s and 90s:
  5. Most (?) of 24 Horas, one of the Colombian separate newscasts in 1986: With that, here's an HQ version of the graphics:
  6. And here is the full version (unfortunately, this copy has a few glitches in the encoding):
  7. Is there anyone who has full audio cuts of this theme? I think it holds up surprisingly well to this day, it wouldn't be out of place in a modern newscast.
  8. You guys remember this Klein& theme, right? I don't know for the life of me what that was all about. But anyway, apparently it found use on Panamericana Television in Peru for their news program Panorama. Here's one example in 1986 (at the end): A 1991 close with that theme: 50 minutes worth (but probably incomplete, since no credits are shown) from the same year: Around 1992, they started remixing the theme: 1998 remix: A year later, it se
  9. A bulletin from CFCN Calgary c. 1988 (w/full voiceover; apparently it's Beau Weaver, per the NMSA):
  10. That's what a lot of people were asking.
  11. From Papua New Guinea's first television network, EMTV (at one point owned by Nine Network Australia): A history of their news operations, including audio of their version of the "Who's Who of News" campaign, plus shots of their news set: A 1989 tape consisting primarily of advertisements, but glimpses of the title sequences for National EMTV News (one segment showing that they too used Nine Network's version of "Tar Sequence" and the ABC News globe - they're still using the 2000 National Nine News version of that theme to this day, actually) and Bisnis (a business p
  12. NWS-9's Nine Action News weather update, with "Tar Sequence":
  13. Variety article. https://twitter.com/mgolingan1/status/1384183553777233928
  14. Evidently, this video suggests what the NMSA labels as the "KNTV 1985 News Theme" was intended to be used by (if not composed for) WDVM. And speaking of which, here's two opens from KNTV, which does use the theme and with Collier Concepts' animation work, so it doesn't seem like a waste. 6PM open (unfortunately someone - the person recording the tape? - overdubbed the open): 11PM open: And of course, KGMB used it too (sourced from a documentary, which I'm also posting here):

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