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  1. The last 3 minutes of GMA's Kape at Balita (Coffee and News) from March 1992, in the run-up to the Philippine presidential elections. https://www.facebook.com/Viewonthe3rd/videos/362534914411567/
  2. A collection of 70,000 tapes worth of TV news from 1979-2012 has been released to the Internet Archive.
  3. E. R.

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    Attacked from all sides for the new year: Andy Cohen of CNN ordered by Times Square Alliance to close his umbrella despite the rain during New Year's coverage, accuses them of threatening to remove their press credentials a la Jim Acosta.
  4. Apparently the building was demolished only a few weeks after they filmed that: the tapes are apparently gone.
  5. Not sure if this was posted anywhere else in the forums... KIRO-TV, 1985, an Eyewitness News promo from the "News Specialists" campaign. The music (believed to be by Klein&) has evolved, and is now accompanied by an orchestra, giving it a more lush and bolder sound.
  6. From the Philippines, Jojo Bailon's View on the 3rd Facebook, the final segment of ABS-CBN's TV Patrol from November 14, 2000. This one has: Presenter Noli De Castro, before he joined politics, in a live shot Marc Logan, the Jeanne Moos of the Philippines according to one commenter Philippine politics (very strange back then) a slight technical error and Frank Gari's Allegro, including a close! Moving forward, to January 16, 2001, the 23rd day of the Philippine president Joseph Estrada's impeachment trial. ABS-CBN's cable news channel, ANC, covers the proceedings:
  7. Could it be actual rostrum machines and very complicated camera work, like in Klein& spots by Calico Animation?
  8. This question has been in my mind for sometime now. You know Collier Concepts' "The One to Watch" spots?How were they able to make the images move like that? Was it some sort of rostrum sequence? How were they also able to make things in the pictures light up and sparkle?
  9. Hi, my name is Ryan. I have been lurking around this site for a while. Always good to see the posts on the Classic Video Thread. Here's my first contribution, something very rare: segments of NewsWatch circa 1978 on Kanlaon Broadcasting System (KBS) in the Philippines (later RPN, today known on-air as CNN Philippines), presented by Ramon Imperial (no open or anything else, unfortunately).
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