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  1. Maybe it's because people were tired of hearing about death and everything. I mean, just as His Royal Highness was lying in his deathbed, Northern Ireland was in chaos.
  2. Back to Australia and 1981, coverage of the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan as recorded in Melbourne. ATV-10: GTV-9 (including a snippet of the original "Tar Sequence"!): ABV-2: Channel 0/28 Multicultural Television (now SBS):
  3. Yeah, but they didn't play the national anthem. Any footage on how the news was received in other countries, particularly places sharing the monarch?
  4. Isn't it automated to override the schedule in the event of the death of a member of the Royal Family?
  5. Again from the 1990s, here's NEW-10 Perth's version of the 1992 Ten Eyewitness News/Hinch promos: Two years later, a promo promoting the various Australian metro anchors of Network Ten: Same year, but up to the Philippines, and a GMA News Live bulletin, from April 23 (the Evander Holyfield vs. Michael Moorer bout was mentioned, which took place on April 22 in Las Vegas, April 23 Philippine time): Another bulletin, three days later (crash in Nagoya, Japan): Another bulletin, possi
  6. And of course, an HQ version of the second version, commemorating their first anniversary: Speaking of which, TVQ-0 (now 10) Brisbane had their own adaptation, which didn't use the Collier Concepts graphics (at least, as far as we know): Here's another promo from them, plus a late night newscast, June 7, 1983: Here's a couple of 1986 TEN-10 bulletins with "The One to Watch" (first one from Frankster's archives, reuploaded to YouTube - wonder what happened to him?): And from the same
  7. Uploaded last year, stuff with Collier Concept's "The Team to Watch" campaign. Someone uploaded TEN-10's version of the promo in April: Final minutes of TEN-10's Eyewitness News with Dal Myles in 1985 (with a close), uploaded in October:
  8. WSOC's 1985 open with VTS's "The Team To Watch" theme is using the Collier Concepts graphics, suggesting a link between it and the campaign.
  9. More news material from the Philippines, this time from the '90s. GMA News Live update circa 1995: Ending to ABS-CBN's The World Tonight, from March 11, 1991) via DX: Coverage of the inauguration of Fidel Ramos in 1992 from the Associated Broadcasting Company (ABC), now TV5:
  10. There's a dearth of potential archival content from the Philippines, and there's a tendency for people to grab footage and claim it for themselves or something, creating confusion. It's hard to explain.
  11. Once again, from View on the 3rd, RPN's NewsWatch: The Prime Cast with Harry Gasser, May 7, 1991. Note how the headlines are sponsored:
  12. The last 3 minutes of GMA's Kape at Balita (Coffee and News) from March 1992, in the run-up to the Philippine presidential elections. https://www.facebook.com/Viewonthe3rd/videos/362534914411567/
  13. A collection of 70,000 tapes worth of TV news from 1979-2012 has been released to the Internet Archive.
  14. Attacked from all sides for the new year: Andy Cohen of CNN ordered by Times Square Alliance to close his umbrella despite the rain during New Year's coverage, accuses them of threatening to remove their press credentials a la Jim Acosta.
  15. Apparently the building was demolished only a few weeks after they filmed that: the tapes are apparently gone.

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