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  1. Here's a behind the scenes photo they showed today, in tribute to the director who is leaving. Really sad what the quality of this show has become.
  2. At least they are bringing back the glass music stand with the Sunday morning book. Still looks terrible, though.
  3. I can understand they did this at the start of the pandemic when they were most likely shooting at home, but to make it permanent is ridiculous. During Thanksgiving and Christmas, they did shoot the show on a set, but it was a scaled down version. Stilled looked better and had more depth than the awful look it has today.
  4. It doesn’t have the warm feel the show used to have. Feels stiff and looks low budget. Wish they had kept the studio.
  5. When they pandemic started, they, like many shows, started broadcasting from home. But they never went back to a "live" broadcast. Appears they may be in a studio, but it's all green screen and I the quality looks terrible. Would be nice if this show would go back to live, provide the headlines, weather forecast, and other features like the Sunday morning almanac, and weekly calendar. And an update of who will be on Face the Nation, Was hoping to see this in the fall, but appears the green screen format may be forever.
  6. I’m not a big fan of the recent changes to NN. I don’t like how the opening is so quick, and the show is timed so there is no closing credit. Oftentimes, our affiliate is cutting off the last few words since it runs long. Thankfully the weekend edition still has some room to breathe
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