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  1. The source says Hispanic leaders in the area aren't pleased.
  2. The network didn't actually have a deal with the NWA, and they were also talking with the producers of syndie staple Championship Wrestling from Hollywood alongside WWE.
  3. AEW promoter Tony Khan owns it now and their weekly shows run only on their HonorClub streaming service (but the ROH belts are frequently defended on AEW TV shows). AEW currently airs on Warner Bros. Discovery's TNT and TBS and is trying to reach a long term deal with them that includes streaming rights, so they've made it clear they don't want deals with any other company at this time.
  4. Yes, the CBC does get to put their logo on shows with a "produced in association with" credit, but that tag you speak of actually says "A CBC Original" (they go into more detail here).
  5. CTV dramas Sullivan's Crossing andThe Spencer Sisters, as well as most of the Thursday sitcom lineup: Son of a Critch, Run the Burbs (both CBC) and Children Ruin Everything (CTV, previously streamed in US on The Roku Channel) making 3 1/2 hours of programming. The shows are either supplied by their individual producers or CTV (the CBC isn't allowed to own its prime-time entertainment programming).
  6. For those not in the know, CTV2 is a separate service from the main CTV network airing less prominent programming (their local O&O stations' newscasts are branded "CTV News" because using the CTV2 brand would imply that they would be a lesser product).
  7. That's even less likely than normal because of the Canadian shows on the network schedule (at normal this proposal files against long-standing ownership restrictions against non-Canadian broadcasters).
  8. Comcast and Imagicomm have reached a carriage agreement.
  9. A marginal ratings improvement on the syndie fare that's usually in those slots?
  10. Rupert remains in control of the trust that owns 40 or so percent of the company for the benefit of his children, yes.
  11. The NHL owns the rights to all national game telecasts after they're over, so that shouldn't be a problem.
  12. But Worldwide Pants produced several weeks of guest hosts early in 2015 before Corden took over (but not the week of episodes from New York including the legendary Adam Pally ep or the special late episodes of The Talk). Edit: A search of the trademark database says that Worldwide Pants still owns the Late Show trademarks As for Pluto TV repeats, there are rights issues with the musical guests (there is an official Letterman YouTube channel with choice segments and interviews dating back to the NBC era).
  13. Narrowing that down to what is actually realistic: The feature films don't fit in the timeslot (and Paramount only owns their post-1951 features, the Republic library, and the films that previous incarnations of CBS have financed), Much of the early CBS primetime was wiped or not owned by the network, and Worldwide Pants owns the entirety of the CBS late night talk show lineup from 1993 to 2014, leaving for CBS The Pat Sajak Show. That still leaves a significant library of 70 or so years or surviving comedy or drama programming owned by the network, Paramount Television, other smaller producers Paramount owns, or their cable networks.
  14. KMCC's inaugural prime time slate: endless cycling through of the Knights' Stanley Cup Final games from last season. At the very least, there were other playoff games from that campaign that could've been used.
  15. Bump has been pulled from the schedule with 5 episodes unaired: https://deadline.com/2023/09/australian-dramedy-bump-dropped-cw-summer-schedule-canceled-1235538673/
  16. The CW on WADL rolled out yesterday, despite the sale being ongoing.
  17. The team for Inside the NFL has been announced, with Ryan Clark hosting a panel of Channing Crowder, Jay Cutler, Chad Johnson And Chris Long: https://deadline.com/2023/08/inside-the-nfl-adds-ryan-clark-channing-crowder-jay-cutler-chad-johnson-chris-long-the-cw-1235532082/
  18. The current listings for PCH in Canada on TVTV for Monday have Son of a Crich and Children ATM.
  19. The FCC has opened up the WTXF license hearings, giving them permit-but-disclose status: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2023/08/petition-to-deny-fox-tv-license-over-false-election-info-gains-steam-at-fcc
  20. The company reported an 8% revenue drop for Q2 this year over last, with non-political ad revenue down 3%: https://deadline.com/2023/08/sinclair-inc-results-slip-in-q2-company-reorganizes-operations-1235453538/
  21. The Media and Democracy Project has filed a petition against WTXF's license renewal, citing Fox News Channel's settlement with Dominion Voting Systems over lies made by FNC hosts about Dominion's operations, as well as the cable channel's coverage of the 1/6/21 riots. Featuring testimony from former FBC executive Preston Padden, the petition impugns Fox Corporation's appropriateness to hold broadcast licenses and takes issue with Fox News-produced national footage that has aired on the station, but it does not bring up any material produced in Philadelphia. It is implied that the group will file other petitions against the rest of FTS as their renewals come up.
  22. I actually wonder if they can get good hosts, as a considerable body of NFL analysts are already under contract to the various sports media groups.
  23. They're going to try to build an NFL studio program from scratch.
  24. Only the Twins, Guardians, Diamondbacks, and Rangers are part of the ruling in the article.
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