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  1. Only the Twins, Guardians, Diamondbacks, and Rangers are part of the ruling in the article.
  2. Those shows have very high production values. The CW's crop doesn't.
  3. One of them, Children Ruin Everything, is a "Roku Original" in the US.
  4. The network's first upfront under the new ownership took place on Thursday, and here is an interview with the programming chiefs.
  5. The article said that CW stations are only contractually required to air primetime programming, so the CBS and Tegna-owned stations' affiliations are safe.
  6. The Main Studio Rule was abolished in 2019, and every ION station office closed up soon after. An hour of public service programs on weekday mornings produced by those stations were accordingly canceled, according to Wikipedia
  7. KSKN. the CW in Spokane owned by Tegna, is listed as carrying it. Is that a mistake?
  8. That makes more since because if you take that article at face value, it implies that WGN and WCIU were simulcasting.
  9. Nexstar has announced that LIV Golf has cleared 100% of CW stations, "as well as Nexstar owned and operated stations in key markets including Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Tampa and Hartford": https://deadline.com/2023/02/liv-golf-tour-clears-100-percent-of-cw-stations-1235259435/
  10. Here a more sober outlook at the difficulties of broadcast TV from the business end: https://deadline.com/2022/12/broadcast-networks-death-declining-ratings-streamers-1235203489/
  11. The disputed involved the entire affiliate body on DirecTV Stream, for however many people actually use that.
  12. The Rams-49ers Monday Night Football game will air tomorrow on KABC and KGO, two of the stations that are part of this.
  13. As the day begins in Britain, BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, 2, and 6 have begun somber music attuned to their existing formats.
  14. BBC Radio 3 is now playing somber music in line with its established format, while the other national BBC music stations are still running the special coverage.
  15. Seinfeld had transitioned to HD masters with new formatting (cropped in some areas, originally unused portions of the film image in other areas) by the time it left TBS.
  16. Donald Trump used the words "Time Warner" in connection with DirecTV's pulling of OANN, despite there having been no company with that name since 2018, and there being no cable company with that name since the Charter purchase in 2016. Who do we blame more: the confused former president, or the journalist from The Independent who believed he was talking about Time Warner Cable (depite there being no evidence that it or Spectrum ever carried the channel)?
  17. I'm not sure Disney is committed to over-the-air broadcasting beyond it being a pass-through for programming from their television divisions. They could make the network cable-exclusive if worst comes to worst anywhere.
  18. The deal closed today. https://deadline.com/2022/01/univision-televisa-close-merger-spanish-language-media-1234923348/
  19. Hulu put up a news special from co-owned KTRK about the Astroworld tragedy, Astroworld: Concert From Hell. After people on Twitter assumed it was a documentary, Hulu removed the special: https://variety.com/2021/digital/news/hulu-pulls-astroworld-concert-from-hell-documentary-backlash-1235124470/
  20. If I had DISH I would not have half of my market's big four stations (and The CW) right now. (I could still get CBS in SD from Pullman's KLEW as DISH and Sinclair continue talks.)
  21. A right-wing YouTuber issued a racist diatribe on KPIX' Betty Yu, and the station manager and CBSTVS comes out in her defence: https://deadline.com/2021/10/steven-crowder-racist-remarks-condemn-betty-yu-cbs-in-and-out-burger-1234859549/
  22. The LV, St. Louis, and Cleveland sites now redirect to CBSNews.com. CBSSeattle.com still exists, despite the station group only owning KSTW, a CW station.
  23. The FCC has known the ownership of Cunningham the whole time. We ourselves know of the whole situation because of the ownership reports on file with the FCC. They just haven't done anything about it.
  24. https://deadline.com/2021/09/tv-reporter-interview-street-nba-the-team-how-d-1234844207/
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