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  1. So the affiliation switch has happened today, with no build-up?
  2. The WoF matter was entirely Sony Pictures Television's decision; it's just a coincidence that the CBS-owned Judge Judy made the same decision. (What exactly is the benefit for the Sony game shows to stay with CBSTVD since Sony has its own distribution?)
  3. Could WAPA launch as a sub-channel on Univision-owned stations on the mainland in markets with a large Puerto Rican population?
  4. The pro-Duterte majority in the Philippine House of Representatives has approved a temporary extension of ABS-CBN's broadcast franchise through to October. It still needs to get though the Senate and ultimately needs the President's signature.
  5. This seems unlikely without a strong schedule of entertainment programming. A fourth network newscast is possible, but an all-news primetime is generally the domain of cable.
  6. Do you consider NJTV News, still in operation, not to be a local newscast?
  7. The MyNet in my town is an Antenna TV subchannel with their primetime removed and a "My28" bug on the screen at all times.
  8. I wonder if the sale includes the Uni affiliation, or will they just move it to WSTE.
  9. Tegna also owns KTTU in that market, so that would make three stations this possible pre-divestiture merged company would own (Gray currently operates Tegna's Tucson stations),
  10. They don't even put it in front of the Star Wars or Marvel films, despite their merchandising and marketing for those properties using the Disney brand.
  11. They didn't do it for Touchstone or Hollywood Pictures either, nor when they owned Miramax.
  12. This only commits Sinclair to ending a certain type of must-run. Note that Sinclair is committing themselves to more "investigative journalism", not specifically local reporting.
  13. The Cowles stations in Washington state and Montana were hit by a cyber attack: https://www.spokesman.com/stories/2019/dec/10/khq-tv-part-of-cyber-attack-that-hit-news-stations/
  14. Comcast is the parent company, NBCUniversal is their content generation subsidiary.
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