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  1. There is the theoretical chance that Byron Allen running stations with only his shows (whose production costs have already been paid for) could be profitable enough to survive low ratings, but it's more likely he'll run them as normal stations with outside syndicated product.
  2. I bet he'll fill all the non-network and non-news hours with his own programming.
  3. This is heading into the Terrier deal.
  4. When writing to the FCC, you have to note objections in terms of the Public Interest. It is unclear that the business failures by themselves are harmful to the public interest, but it could certainly spinned that way. I'm more concerned about the degree of consolidation involved/potential job cuts whether than if Apollo can actually make money off of the stations.
  5. It is because FX and Disney Channel are both cable networks now owned by The Walt Disney Company. It's that simple. If you started seeing FX stuff at Disney.com that would be weird, but the corporate website has a different audience.
  6. The relevant language from the Fox Corp. registration of securities: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1754301/000119312519003906/d624266dex991.htm
  7. There's Blue Sky, two rows below Pixar.
  8. 20th Century Fox and Fox Searchlight are staying. Disney is licensing the trademarks from Fox Corp., and Disney is taking ownership of the FX brand. The branding of the merged 20th/ABC television studio is uncertain.
  9. It's all about that tourism money. Wisconsinites may have to do business in Alabama sometimes, so why not plug a potentially nearby golf course.
  10. I was just replying to the last post on the subject. Sorry if you felt singled out.
  11. This discussion about entertainment programming should be moved to the Breakroom.
  12. The 700 Club thing is just a perpetually valid contract. Disney offered CBN a year's worth of the money they get from airing the show and its semi-annual telethons to buy it out, but Pat declined.
  13. Daly limited his role to the host segments back in 2013 as he joined Today.
  14. A gentle ribbing. Seth MacFarlane talked to Bob Iger when the deal was first announced and has reassurance that Disney won't mess with his shows. The Fox cartoons mock the network and Rupert Murdoch all the time.
  15. Fox left there very recently (the country's economic crisis has been a very sudden development tied to the rapid drop in oil prices).
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