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  1. AmericanErrorist

    Out & About

    The 700 Club thing is just a perpetually valid contract. Disney offered CBN a year's worth of the money they get from airing the show and its semi-annual telethons to buy it out, but Pat declined.
  2. AmericanErrorist

    Last Call for Carson Daly

    Daly limited his role to the host segments back in 2013 as he joined Today.
  3. AmericanErrorist

    Fox in talks to sell to Disney

    A gentle ribbing. Seth MacFarlane talked to Bob Iger when the deal was first announced and has reassurance that Disney won't mess with his shows. The Fox cartoons mock the network and Rupert Murdoch all the time.
  4. AmericanErrorist

    Fox in talks to sell to Disney

    Fox left there very recently (the country's economic crisis has been a very sudden development tied to the rapid drop in oil prices).
  5. AmericanErrorist

    Fox in talks to sell to Disney

    The major film studios do not do business in countries where average discretionary income isn't high enough to support going to movies, and most of sub-Saharan Africa is below that level. Most imported programming is likewise delivered to the continent from satellite TV stations based in South Africa.
  6. AmericanErrorist

    Fox in talks to sell to Disney

    Highly unlikely this company would be intertwined to Disney in such a manor to have the ESPN branding, as what is being mooted is a spinoff of the RSNs to Disney shareholders. The Murdochs (as this would be after the completion of the main deal) would be the only major non-investment bank shareholders these companies would have in common.
  7. AmericanErrorist

    Gray/Raycom Merger Thread

    Wikipedia says that Gray now owns Raycom's radio stations. Are those going to be sold?
  8. AmericanErrorist

    A day in TV license court

    The trial period in which Radio 2 (now CBC Music) aired commercials ended back in 2016.
  9. AmericanErrorist

    Amazon interested in Fox TV stations

    Bezos has enough shares in Amazon to file with the FCC as an attributable owner should they take this path.
  10. AmericanErrorist

    Amazon interested in Fox TV stations

    According to the company's last proxy statement, Bezos owns 16.3% of Amazon stock.
  11. AmericanErrorist

    Retransmission Consent squabbles

    The Justice Department's suit in its appeal form only seeks for AT&T to sell Turner. This interview with Makan Delhaim stated Justice has no problems with AT&T owning Warner Bros. or HBO.
  12. AmericanErrorist

    Retransmission Consent squabbles

    It could be worse if the Justice Department's case wasn't predicated entirely on Turner Broadcasting (AT&T will get to keep HBO even if Justice wins).
  13. AmericanErrorist

    Retransmission Consent squabbles

    Dish is reportedly giving its customers statement credits.
  14. AmericanErrorist

    2018-2019 DMA Rankings (The Reboot)

    Nielsen has apparently figured out who is cancelling cable TV, but do they have methods to figure out who is buying OTA antennas?
  15. AmericanErrorist

    Fox in talks to sell to Disney

    To re-write the original deal, Disney and Fox would have to change the cost, get another approval from shareholders, and go back to the Justice Department and overhaul the consent decree. This would be an administrative hurdle that no one appears to want at this point, especially since Fox is only discussing the possibility at this point.

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