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  1. When KRCR-TV switched to the Sinclair Curves graphics last year, the weather graphics were (and still are) from the new package, albeit with a few elements (e.g., radar legends, basemaps) from the Bonten-era package.
  2. This marks KHSL-TV's 4th owner (and KNVN's 4th operator) in almost 7 years. In that time, those stations have gone from Catamount to GOCOM to Heartland to Entertainment Studios.
  3. KRCR-TV only recently (within the past few days) got the Sinclair graphics... and it's the old package (Curves), complete with the flag lower thirds. Has this occurred at any of the other former Bonten stations?
  4. KRVU-LD/KZVU-LD had even replaced its longtime KTVU simulcasts with KidsClick. I wonder what will replace it...
  5. xoddf2

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    When I awoke this morning, I saw that they had returned to their own facility. Additionally, KHSL-TV took their Redding translator, KHSL-LD 36, off the air because of the fire. It returned (I think) a few hours later.
  6. I can confirm their Chico-Redding station (KRCR-TV) still being on the old pre-Sinclair graphics (and Signature music package).
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