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  1. Overnight, BBC News debuted new graphics using the network’s new custom font, Reith. It first appeared on air during the 9am (GMT) newscast on the BBC’s domestic news network. Local news has also received an upgrade, while the BBC’s morning show will debut its version of the graphics Tuesday morning.
  2. Brand new graphics are coming today: https://twitter.com/todaygraphics/status/1082072066357161984?s=21
  3. "Taped programming"? Because we really need more Forensic Files on HLN, don't we (!)
  4. At 6am, 9News sits at 2.19 — more than twice as much as Fox31, which registers a rating of 0.90 — and the shares notched by CBS4, Denver7 and KWGN/CW2 hover in the 6 range.
  5. Their World Cup studio is even better. I'll try and find a photo.
  6. I bet the staff couldn't either, which is probably why this happened.
  7. So all this is because of the Redstones?
  8. The BBC? Slick? Good execution? No chance
  9. This only proves that ABC is vastly undervalued by Disney. They haven't really invested a lot recently, they've only been taking away to fund other endeavours.
  10. It's not possible to out-sleaze Daily Mail.
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