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  1. WBZ's 8pm newscasts on WSBK-38 now seem to be running as a relay of the online CBSN Boston feed, full with the CBSN graphics instead of WBZ. As an aside, I don't think that having 2 different brandings of news for the same team really makes sense, especially in a market where the calls and station identity is important. Edit: I've linked what the 8:30 open on WSBK looked like (standard CBSN open/graphics) https://youtu.be/iq7zAP-Yw1I
  2. I saw a ticker on 15-1 though like a week ago for a few minutes, saying that this would only affect those watching on 60-5. So yes they ran a ticker at one point, whether or not it was enough is fair game.
  3. I seriously don't get why NBC has an obsession here with having channel 10. It would've made more sense as 12, 14, or 15.

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