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  1. CBS8.com has been updated to the standard Tegna website. As of this post, TheCWSanDiego.com remains on Frankly. Update: The new site is very, very broken.
  2. Steve Fiorina "Retired" at KGTV, then shows up a few months later at KFMB as a reporter. Does Tegna pay that much more than Scripps?
  3. KFMB has hired Stella Inger Escobedo to be the new morning anchor:
  4. I can imagine the CW San Diego, 100.7 San Diego, and AM 760 websites all looking similar to that, with the tie in to News8.
  5. They went virtual again last night. That same cheesy studio that doesn't match their current look. Additionally, they replayed the 5PM newscast at 10 rather than another live newscast. I hope that's not a new trend for them.
  6. Is there any news about KFMB getting a new set? It's been 5-ish years since their last refresh.
  7. According to her Instagram, she's on "Medical leave". Although I imagined it may have to do with her contract... Tegna continues to kill KFMB.
  8. I know this is meant to be a TV forum, but KFMB-FM has been slowly dropping it's KFM-BFM branding. It's been referred to recently as "100.7 San Diego". On the CBS8 homepage the logo for the FM station was updated to this, so a logo change may be coming: (Largest resolution I could find) The old logo is still present on the radio station website. I wonder if Tegna is trying to de-emphasize the "KFMB" for the radio stations for a possible sale?
  9. I wonder if they'll ever have disputes with online TV services like Hulu or YouTube TV?
  10. I believe that was only a one-day thing. Barbara-Lee was still doing the 5PM as of last week before Thanksgiving. In the open Marcella said she was in for Barbara-Lee. My guess is Barbara-Lee had to do something at 5 and was running late? What I have noticed is that the 10PM vacant anchor spot rotates between Carlo and Barbara-Lee now weekly, and most likely will continue to do so until they're able to find a full-time 10PM anchor to join Marcella. Also, for the past few weeks they have been re-airing the 6:30PM show at 7. It could be that when they do hire a 10PM anchor that they and Marcella will anchor the 7PM, or they're just going cheap.
  11. I have issues, even when accessing the stream directly from Akamai. There's something on KFMB's side. KFMB, fix it! Here's the stream file: http://kfmb-lh.akamaihd.net/i/KFMB_1183@52182/master.m3u8 (Only works during newscasts)
  12. It's completely crap. Its not on my end. I have the same issue on three separate internet devices on three different connections and browsers. I emailed them too.
  13. KFMB re-added their meteorologist job posting. I wonder if she's applied?
  14. She's the third person to come from XETV after KFMB took the CW affiliation from them. Kerri Lane Amanda Shotsky Neda Iranpour Good pickup, KFMB! Neda is great.
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