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  1. It looks like they’re keeping the secondary studio / temp set for interviews, events, and the green screen.
  2. It looks like they also have a seamless stand up wall. I’m guessing they kept the grid 3x3 as it’s still fairly new.
  3. KFMB debuting new set at 11am show today.
  4. Preview of the new set? Used for an interview piece.
  5. Jenny is still doing traffic from the chroma key. I doubt they'd get rid of the chroma key as they use it a lot and for commercial production.
  6. I watched today's shows and it sure felt like it was permanent.
  7. KGTV still hasn't gone live with the new graphics, for their newscasts, the updated graphics shared here were from a Scripps syndicated program. KGTV has been mid-graphics change for the past month and a half.
  8. KGTV San Diego (10News-ABC) is a Scripps station that still has the old (Fake CNN) look. Is there an estimated time when the station will get the updated graphics?
  9. Wow.. I feel like I'm in 2008. I haven't seen that mic flag in a while. KFMB Morning Anchor Stella Escobedo was up covering the Grammys, then the death of Kobe Bryant. Maybe they're promoting their "News 8 Throwbacks" on YouTube. Lol.
  10. Here is the News 8 @ Noon opening. Additionally, it seems that the Noon newscast is solo anchored. News8OpenNoon.mp4
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