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  1. Here's a wide shot of the area around the 3x9
  2. Jenny is still doing traffic from the chroma key. I doubt they'd get rid of the chroma key as they use it a lot and for commercial production.
  3. I watched today's shows and it sure felt like it was permanent.
  4. This intro uses part of C-Clarity and other production music. KFMB seems to be using a hodgepodge of music.
  5. The Kearny Mesa area of San Diego experienced a power outage last night, where two of the local stations are based. KFMB (CBS/CW) and KSWB (FOX) both went down for hours last night and did not air their scheduled newscasts. https://www.cbs8.com/article/news/local/power-outage-in-kearny-mesa-leaves-kfmb-studios-in-the-dark/509-63152ed3-2c00-4922-84c5-c67c1e0265a0 KFMB ended up carrying a feed from Tegna sister station KXTV (ABC) in Sacramento, where their newscast was going over the governor's new policies and changes for reopening. It was quite confusing for some viewer
  6. KGTV still hasn't gone live with the new graphics, for their newscasts, the updated graphics shared here were from a Scripps syndicated program. KGTV has been mid-graphics change for the past month and a half.
  7. KFMB Update: Everybody separated, weather and traffic now done from reporter's homes.
  8. Here in San Diego, KNSD (NBC O&O) kept the anchors completely separate KFMB (Tegna) kept their anchors on opposite ends of the desk KWSB (Nexstar) kept their anchors fairly far apart KGTV (Scripps) isn't practicing social distancing and KUSI (McKinnon Broadcasting) is solo anchoring their newscasts
  9. No, not sped up. I think the folks at KSWB agreed, the ticker slowed way down today.

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