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  1. What will happen to that hour? Since Kathy is leaving in April, NBC should move Hoda to the 9am hour to co-host the show with a new person, and the 10am hour will be what the current 9am hour is.
  2. Since Comcast bought NBC back in 2010-11, they had several opportunities to get college sports as some of the contracts were up at the time until present day. They didn't get the rights to those conferences since they did not want to spend the kind of money that the other networks were offering. The same was true when the baseball contract was up back in 2011, & NBA contract in 2014. Even the ivy league football conference were up earlier this year and ESPN was able to get a contract to air the games instead of NBCSN. My question is, if they did not want to spend the money on the
  3. Why does NBC not show more college sports, especially on their sports network? I know they have not spent that much on college sports besides for Notre Dame football for the past couple of decades, but if they want to build their sports network, they need more sports programming. If they can get pro baseball in a couple of years and more college football and college basketball, they should be able to be more competitive in terms of programming. They need to keep pro hockey and pro soccer in addition to their nascar coverage as well in order to have programming that people will want to watch
  4. I think ktla will stop showing Jerry Springer. Kdoc is now airing the show at 9am.
  5. NBC should try to keep the NHL the next time the contract is up, plus try to get a piece of the MLB contract. If they can't get any of the college football conferences, try to build on their ivy league conference deal. I think that they should air more than the 4-5 games they have been doing the past few seasons for college football. For college basketball, build on their CAA & Atlantic 10 conference deal. I heard they used to air 60 games for Atlantic 10, but now only 25 games. Why not try to add more games with their current deal? If NBC really wanted to expand their presence
  6. If KTLA get rid of their talk shows, then they should just have news from 4am-8pm & 10-11:30pm every weekday. Then they can put their comedies reruns overnight or put infomercials.
  7. KTLA is not showing news at 11am. What date will they start showing the newscast at 11am?
  8. Hopefully, Sinclair management will not turn this hour into a political news hour.
  9. KTLA should get rid of their talk shows and air entertainment news programs. Let Sam Rubin host the show and Doug Kolk report for the show.

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