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  1. New 6abc logo has been spotted with new larger abc logo that is now really consuming the 6.
  2. Will be a tough spot to fill. They have Walter & Sara as anchors tonight (It's usually just Walter on weekend nights). Update: And the news just ended, a nice sendoff, showed a montage of Melissa clips and everyone wished her the best and had "We'll miss you Melissa Magee!" in the credits under producer (Which they played the current bumper portion of the mctyw theme, instead of the proper theme)
  3. Seeing Philly & Pittsburgh teaming up for anything is just weird.
  4. Glad to see she popped up since when she left it was mysterious what she was going to do.
  5. Ah well, that is fine by me, if say the 6abc WPVI app has live streaming news on it when the broadcasts happen.
  6. That's a shame because I liked XFL 2.0 alot more than XFL 1.0. It didn't even last longer than the short lived AAF.
  7. I got to say I am really liking CBSN Philly, especially on my roku tv thru the CBS NEWS 24/7 app. I really hope ABC and NBC does something similar (As I usually prefer their news to CBS)
  8. Really good to see these news channel doing these measures. Very very interesting times right now.
  9. Yea, they had to suspend it once all the other did, have to play things safe. Hope they can continue next year.
  10. I liked ESPN's coverage overall more too, like when they were going for the extra point conversion it showed you where all 3 conversion lines were, also ESPN seemed to do the mic'd players and coaches more. Overall I really liked the XFL, its better than the 1st time around since that had too much other nonsense, and even better than AAF which felt like a watered down nfl. The differences the xfl has I am liking.
  11. Searchlight Pictures just sounds and looks empty now.
  12. It will be interesting to see if it says A Walt Disney Company on the bottom.
  13. Yep, I'd rather watcher either of those 3 than fox29.
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