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  1. I liked ESPN's coverage overall more too, like when they were going for the extra point conversion it showed you where all 3 conversion lines were, also ESPN seemed to do the mic'd players and coaches more. Overall I really liked the XFL, its better than the 1st time around since that had too much other nonsense, and even better than AAF which felt like a watered down nfl. The differences the xfl has I am liking.
  2. Searchlight Pictures just sounds and looks empty now.
  3. It will be interesting to see if it says A Walt Disney Company on the bottom.
  4. I just noticed PHL 17 finally updated their logo recently, looks like it happened March 1st, good to see they finally got rid of the my network tv checkered background, took them long enough, tho I think they could've done more. phl17.com https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DXrbcgPXUAEt_ty.jpg:large
  5. Yep, I'd rather watcher either of those 3 than fox29.
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