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  1. This is what Trevor told me about the design of the set.
  2. Sucks that because of football anyone who lives out of the Memphis area can’t watch the newscast to see the set debut.
  3. Whoops looks like they may have a delay in moving into the new building they had a crane and construction crews working to remove this video board outside and the crane tipped over onto the building so now they have to have an inspector come look and see how bad the damage is and if it will delay the move there is damage to parts of the outside of the building.
  4. Part of the reason this is the other reason saying the morning show (when they announced it in 2020) should be centered around her. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/10/14/pissed-off-in-atlanta%3Fformat%3Damp
  5. I know this doesn’t really have to do with graphics but KWCH dropped the Eyewitness News branding to become 12News debuting a new logo with a white circle with the 12 in it and a cut off N in news.
  6. New set debuted at 11 according to Patrick.
  7. KJRH is going to try to do an hour long 6pm newscast for the second time they tried it a couple of years ago for a few months then scratched it due to low ratings. The List will be moving to 4PM along with a new show at 4:30PM called Afternoon Focus.. Kelly Clarkson will stay at 3PM and 25 words or less will remain at 2 and 2:30PM.
  8. Minus KJRH they finally learned their lesson with the blue backdrops and replaced them.
  9. Looks like since about Wednesday or Thursday of last week KXII has been on a temporary set looks like Gray is finally getting them a new set they were on the previous one for several years (at least 2008) pictures include the old set with the last set up used and the temporary set ups.
  10. What’s even weirder is the fact they have two support beams right in the studio this one here and one next to the weather center.
  11. They have officially launched the new building and set and switched graphics to the usual gray graphics like WMC’s from the 360.
  12. New set and home debuts this weekend according to Rusty Lord.
  13. Joie Bettenhausen formerly at KWWL has joined KTUL here in Tulsa Oklahoma as meteorologist/ traffic anchor for Good Morning Oklahoma and the Midday News she had her first on air appearance this morning on GMO doing traffic.
  14. NBC 5 Chicago is now getting a new set or at least an update to the current set.
  15. Griffin Communications posted pictures of owner David Griffin giving OKC mayor and other dignitaries a tour of News 9’s new media center at the Century Center in Downtown OKC while it’s still under construction they show a part of the set where in studio interviews will be done along with other stories also have pictures of what will be the newsroom and I’m guessing the lobby.
  16. Brian Dorman is leaving KOTV for CBS47 in Fresno California where he will be main anchor for the 5, 6, 7, and 11pm shows. His last day will be Friday with 6.
  17. Kcbd has moved from A Ave to 98th and Broadway (FOX34 Studios) in Lubbock.
  18. KXAN is on the current set for the final time they are currently on a temporary set while a new one is built.
  19. Update confirmed Aaron will be joining KOTV he was at the Storm Team meet and greet today at Bob Mills Furniture in Tulsa this morning.
  20. Actually KOKI has been using this logo and graphics since 2013 not 2006.
  21. Aaron Reeves KTUL meteorologist leaving the station as of today he can’t announce until this weekend what or where he will be going but speculation is he will be going to KOTV as weekend evenings Meteorologist replacing the late Clint Boone who passed away a few months ago from a heart attack.
  22. If that’s the case why is cbs O&O’s and some Hearst stations still using it?
  23. I agree but the twitter post I shared shows the anchor desk as well. This is the main studio where the old set sat.
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