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  1. FOX59 in Indy has debuted a new set after being in the newsroom for 3 months while building this set. https://fox59.com/news/fox59-unveils-spectacular-new-studio/?fbclid=IwAR0b1mmIRVM_REf14yo1gzhW9U7FxaSfdFloYdZp3XZ_3G-R1qgtH7YkPv0_aem_AZuvnTG5tjzryoOSGrAtf4qUz3Sprhksf6NNSjC_NH-RToqcaGVMZTdF1uiCEUlvg9E
  2. KTUL’s Chief Meteorologist Dan Threlkeld is retiring on the 29th of this month after 40 years of being a broadcast meteorologist. He helped cover the OKC bombing for KFOR as well as the May 3rd tornado that impacted Moore and Stroud. After leaving KFOR he joined KJRH as chief replacing Jeff Lazalier and was at 2 for 11 years before being replaced by Brett Anthony and after a few years off TV working for Oklahoma State University in Tulsa he made his return to news at KTUL helping them out when Mike Collier left to join 2 during the flooding in 2019 Dan ultimately became chief not to long after. His replacement has been chosen but hasn’t been announced as to who it is yet.
  3. Yes the blue background is what they typically use at their stations for the temporary set.
  4. WWBT has the GrayOne graphics now.
  5. That’s correct KMBC uses the First Alert branding.
  6. KTVT CBS News Texas is apparently rebranding once again and dropping News from the name. They are also dropping the 6pm newscast and adding a 7pm newscast on KXTA all starting September 11th. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2023/8/27/cbs-oampo-ditches-6pm-newscast
  7. And now WMBF News has the GrayONE graphics.
  8. KTIV has gone to the GrayOne graphics. And they have a brand new production center as well.
  9. It will show that but I’ve watched it. All it is is web stories they air 24/7 online when the newscast isn’t on air.
  10. I can tell you that here in Tulsa KJRH doesn’t do a 4:30 anymore they show their web streaming news, KOTV still does a 4:30, KTUL does a 4:30 and KOKI does a 4:30 instead of a 4am. As for OKC KWTV has a 4am, KOCO does a 4:30, KFOR does a 4am and KOKH doesn’t do a 4 or 4:30am.
  11. Meteorologist Bud Ford is leaving KTUL for a second time to do another adventure outside of tv. If you recall he was at KTUL 2010-2012/2013ish and left to focus on his radio show he was doing in St Louis (Bud and Broadway) then came back to KTUL in 2020 during the pandemic leaving St Louis and the radio show. He hasn’t announced where he is heading or what he will be doing but mentioned college where he’s heading. He also loves doing jokes and picking on his co workers while doing the weather. https://ktul.com/good-day-tulsa/segments/take-a-look-back-at-some-of-our-favorite-moments-with-bud-ford-on-good-day-tulsa?fbclid=IwAR3L727czomHfsU7ym_qCwu0P6q23H_n2v7b-u23_84uIAmo_eMtihwOASY
  12. No they don’t do a weekend morning newscast at the moment.
  13. another Win for Ktiv as they have hired Cat Taylor where she will be meteorologist and storm chaser for the Gray Television station. https://www.ktiv.com/2023/05/26/ktiv-storm-team-4-welcomes-meteorologist-storm-chaser-cat-taylor/ Yeah our idiot governor has it out for the senate and legislators at our capitol because some of them won’t do his education plan he wants passed.
  14. Kait have switched logos and brought back K8 while keeping the current graphics package.
  15. Just an update for you on SkyNews 9 it’s been back up in the air for the past week has the new windshield. They used it for the grow house fire in Logan County as well as the OKC bombing memorial run to remember yesterday.
  16. I just used the word annually it always goes in every 100 hours especially as much as 6 and 9’s helicopters are used in Oklahoma between both stations and the three pilots (yes KWTV technically has two pilots).
  17. Understand just saying what KOTV and the pilot said why it was there.
  18. No SkyNews 6 was at Shawnee for its annual maintenance inspection Dustin flew it down on Monday.
  19. KARK 4’s Chief Meteorologist Keith Monahan has officially retired at the end of the 6pm broadcast. https://www.kark.com/news/local-news/kark-4-looks-back-on-the-career-of-chief-meteorologist-keith-monahan-on-his-last-day/
  20. The building is small as it is they didn’t have a lot of room in the studio as it was with the old set.
  21. Here is the camera shot of the anchor desk and weather center together.
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