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  1. Not sure yet they won’t show them but I could vaguely make out the gray standard used in this
  2. Supposedly Tuesday KSWO-TV in Lawton/ Wichita Falls will be getting Gray’s graphics package
  3. I saw something last year posted by someone who works at KTVT saying they were going to be getting a new set.
  4. Has anyone heard or seen a time frame of when they will be on the new set?
  5. I honestly think it just depends on the contract conditions when Clint left he couldn’t announce where he was going until the contract was up so I think his contract was done at the end of December since that’s when he announced where he was heading. Kinda like when Mike Collier left 8 he wasn’t actually supposed to be on air for another week but KJRH said screw it kicked Brett Anthony out during severe weather and had Mike go on.
  6. One more update Megan Gold is the second meteorologist for KOTV’s weekend team she will be on the Weekend Mornings while Clint will be Weekend Evenings they both started at 6 yesterday. Megan is fresh out of school from OU and was part time at KY3 in Springfield so she’s no stranger to Oklahoma.
  7. Update on Clint Boone he has joined KOTV replacing Kendell Smith who’s with FOX Weather and Sawyer Wells who left the station yesterday to become a doctor (His replacement starts soon from what Sawyer told me). Clint rejoins Travis Meyer who was his boss at KTUL in the mid 2000’s he will be on weekends starting next weekend.
  8. Weekend Meteorologist Clint Boone at KJRH has announced today (12/19) is his last day with 2News Oklahoma he has spent 3 years at 2 when Mike Collier hired him from KTUL. He hasn’t announced plans for 2022 yet but said he will let people know soon.
  9. The only thing i saw was a small glimpse of the set in the story I shared and you could see some parts of it as the reporter walked out the studio door.
  10. This weekend will be the final shows at Victory Park. https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/local/bye-victory-park-wfaa-moving-to-innovative-new-studio/287-998f955f-f59a-47b3-a05b-44779411bd43
  11. Update the 17th will be her last day on air
  12. At KOKI they have only lost two people in the past couple of months Anchor Clay Loney who is in Texas taking care of his family members and weekend morning anchor Naomi Kitt who is now at KJRH doing the weekend evenings.
  13. I am also looking for KOKI-TV 2009-2010 using the Fox O&O graphics from 2006-2008
  14. Well KJRH’S Mike Brooks evening anchor is no longer with the station not sure if he left on his own or was forced out. He posted on his bio on Twitter “Former evening news anchor and budding YouTuber”
  15. Yep now if Sinclair will now give KTUL one
  16. New set debuted last night according to Sydney Welch
  17. Jesus Fox come on and give them a new set already quit slacking they remind me of Sinclair when they bought KTUL… KTUL has been on their set/news center since 1999 with small changes such as the demolition of the interview set and performance set and they moved the Good Day Tulsa set to where the interview set was and they added the monitor wall.
  18. According to FTVLive KTUL NewsChannel 8 anchor Neilie Jones is also leaving the station on Lookout Mountain her last day will be December 9th this was the email sent to the staff at the station.
  19. KOKI isn’t the only station to have the same set…. WIFR also has the set.
  20. KTUL’s weekend anchor Kim Jackson announced that this is her last weekend and will be leaving KTUL after 20 years her and her husband are moving to Washington DC.
  21. Former KSWO chief meteorologist Austin Bowling is back on air in Lawton/ Wichita Falls tv market freelancing at KFDX.
  22. Ktul was finally able to start producing Good Morning Oklahoma from 4:30-7am during the hack they only did a hour at 6am then 5-6am. The rest of the newscasts from 11am through the evenings shows went on as normal because they could get what they needed for the newscast within a time limit unlike GMO where they had to continue the same stories through the morning.
  23. Naomi Kitt left KOKI-TV and is joining KJRH as the new weekend evening anchor after Vincent Hill left 2.
  24. KTUL was effected to where they couldn’t do a full Good Morning Oklahoma newscasts they were just doing 6:30am till this morning when they started at 5:30am they also couldn’t produce Good Day Tulsa not sure about a midday.
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