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  1. They been using it for a couple of months now.
  2. Tulsa already has Newsy as a tv channel.
  3. Now if only Gray would go to KXII and redo the set there. They have the same news desk just needs a new set.
  4. Keith wasn't the only one at KTUL that got the axe 9 other KTUL staff got axed as well but Keith was the only on air talent that got it compared to the new on air talent. And Keith had just celebrated 20 years at 8 in December of 2020.
  5. Former KOTV anchor Clayton Vaughan passed away today at 86 he is survived by his wife, four children, and seven grandchildren. He worked at KOTV until 1999 when he fully retired from the station he retired from anchoring in 1997 but stayed two years as editorial manager. https://www.newson6.com/story/6040104512a18e12f21cc903/former-kotv-news-on-6-anchor-halloffame-journalist-clayton-vaughn-dies
  6. WJZY is on a temporary set for both the news and weather. Looks like Nexstar has decided to go on and give them a new set.
  7. Everyone has been saying that for awhile why FOX isn't wanting to touch their set is anyone's guess now.
  8. No surprise there knew they would acquire Quincy.
  9. Wow I am hoping and praying that Carly is okay. She answered one person on her Facebook saying "thanks for you're message" an hour ago.
  10. Former WTVA chief meteorologist passed away at 80 years old he was the longest running chief meteorologist in Tupelo. https://www.wtva.com/content/news/Chief-meteorologist-emeritus-Dick-Rice-dead-at-80-573608771.html
  11. WLFI meteorologist Anne Brown is leaving the station and heading home here to Tulsa joining KJRH as the new weekend morning meteorologist.
  12. Former meteorologist Bob Becker in Knoxville Tennessee passed away with his family by his side. https://m.facebook.com/WATE6OnYourSide/photos/a.205213286178001/4404643016234986/?type=3&sfnsn=mo
  13. I can tell you they dropped Live with Kelly and Ryan for the 9AM newscast they didn't renew the contract to air them on KWTV.

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