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  1. Meteorologist Jordan Evans has left KTUL for WJLA in DC joining former KTUL weekend anchor Kim Jackson.
  2. New pictures taken by someone who was at the ribbon cutting on Friday morning.
  3. I think that is what they will use for News 9 at 9am and 4pm.
  4. Here’s a couple of pictures from NEWS 9 This Morning as they talked about the move and new set. Starting tonight at 10 and through all of next week they will have stories on the old building and will debut the new building on Sunday at 5:30 as planned. They also held a dedication ceremony this morning at the new building and had OKC mayor along with owner David Griffin make statements.
  5. Kwtv is set for the first broadcast to be Sunday November 13th. And while the set is still technically not available for the public to see pictures of yet until the debut Karl Torp is working at the downtown studio today and posted this from the set’s Bob Mills weather center.
  6. Also remember they have other tenants that will occupy the building it won’t just be News 9. The Oklahoman (newspaper) will remain along with several restaurants and a YMCA as of now so space was probably limited for sales to be separated from the newsroom.
  7. KWTV employees were given a tour of the new facility on Thursday they were only allowed to post photos of the new newsroom that will House everyone from Sales, News, and 9 Outdoors (billboard advertising) the studio is being kept under wraps from the viewers until launch day sometime next month.
  8. So they are getting closer to debuting the set they have been in the studio testing the new set.
  9. Good news I just talked to someone with Griffin Media here at the Tulsa State Fair and the move for 9 isn’t delayed they will start moving office people (sales and outdoor media) in 2-3 weeks and the news broadcasts in November.
  10. Right? Just like the lighting on the desk it doesn’t matter as long as the desk works for them so be it.
  11. I just noticed that WJLA is using the First Alert Weather branding now.
  12. This is what Trevor told me about the design of the set.
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