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  1. Wow I am hoping and praying that Carly is okay. She answered one person on her Facebook saying "thanks for you're message" an hour ago.
  2. Former WTVA chief meteorologist passed away at 80 years old he was the longest running chief meteorologist in Tupelo. https://www.wtva.com/content/news/Chief-meteorologist-emeritus-Dick-Rice-dead-at-80-573608771.html
  3. WLFI meteorologist Anne Brown is leaving the station and heading home here to Tulsa joining KJRH as the new weekend morning meteorologist.
  4. Former meteorologist Bob Becker in Knoxville Tennessee passed away with his family by his side. https://m.facebook.com/WATE6OnYourSide/photos/a.205213286178001/4404643016234986/?type=3&sfnsn=mo
  5. I can tell you they dropped Live with Kelly and Ryan for the 9AM newscast they didn't renew the contract to air them on KWTV.
  6. He's going to CBS42 starts after the new year. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbs42.com/news/local/cbs-42-announces-dave-nussbaum-as-newest-member-of-cbs-42-storm-team/amp/
  7. Glad to see him get a chief position again I've been friends with him for a while when he was at KJRH I hate how they screwed him out of the station.
  8. Nope same set they have had since 1999 the only changes have been the monitor wall added and the desk in the weather center and newsdesk when they went HD in 2011.
  9. Jackie is joining Sinclair after being with CoxMedia.
  10. Maureen Wurtz from KTUL and Jackie DelPelar from KOKI have left their stations here in Tulsa Oklahoma. Jackie is heading to Nashville joining FOX17 as for Maureen she hasn't announced just yet where she will go. Maureen said in her post on Facebook that she made the decision on New Years that 2020 would be her last year in Oklahoma.
  11. KCTV has swapped graphics and logo and switch the music to CBS enforcer.
  12. I'm not 100% sure about there ratings. I know that Bud and Broadway was on Twister only before moving to St Louis and now they are simacasted across the us on radio stations like KVOO and on the iHeartRadio app while doing the show from Bud Ford's house in St Louis. So I just read that it had a 3.0 rating which puts it way behind K95.5 but ahead of Twister while KVOO'S sister station Big Country 99.5 (classic country) has a 5.1 rating.
  13. So here in Tulsa we have a radio station KVOO-FM which has been around for a very long time as it originally started as a tv and am station before going FM well they are now changing the over the air name to 98.5 The Bull starting on Monday and having a new morning show and afternoon show (Bud and Broadway which used to be here in Tulsa) on Tuesday.
  14. I noticed that KXII finally updated the weather graphics to Gray's new style to match the newscasts graphics after using the previous graphics since 2015.
  15. I agree worst mistake on KJRH's end but that's always how they have been as you can tell by how they kicked out Jeff Lazalier, Dan Threlkeld, and Brett Anthony.

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