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  1. Most likely won’t because they don’t want to be continuously switching graphics I think that’s why they did these in house.
  2. The weather department has their own set of graphics they aren’t using Nexstar’s versions like in the past both KARK and KLRT uses these instead of constantly switching the graphics to show FOX 16 or KARK (been like this since 2020).
  3. The broadcast last night has the Nexstar ticker and a new logo but still using the old graphics
  4. KOKI used to be a Burlington Coat Factory store before becoming a event center then the tv and radio stations. And KOTV’s old building at 3rd and Frankfort used to be International Harvester building they transformed it into the first television station in Tulsa they remained there until 2013 when they moved north to the Current building that also houses their radio stations they own.
  5. I have to admit this set is amazing.
  6. Same with Oklahoma City they have lost a few good anchor, reporters, and meteorologists to DFW.
  7. She was diagnosed last year and just finished chemo a couple of weeks ago and started working again last week.
  8. Honestly I'd be okay with the old circle 2 especially since it's still painted on the Doppler on top of the station but I don't even see anything wrong with the logo they have been using for years.
  9. Well KJRH is updating their logo from what they have used since 2001 to an ugly 2 and dropping the Works For You name as well. They changed the logo on RoKu, and YouTube, and website but not on social media as of yet. I put 2 pictures of what will be the new logo and a picture of the current logo not sure when this logo will go on air as of this morning for the morning newscast it's still the current 2.
  10. It's basically what Boston 25 has been using I just hope KOKI-TV gets this and scraps the current package they have been using since 2013.
  11. I can confirm they are still using the old raycom graphics they are live on the new set now.
  12. Yeah he is taking over for Tony Laubach who's leaving to move back home to Colorado.
  13. They been using it for a couple of months now.
  14. Tulsa already has Newsy as a tv channel.
  15. Now if only Gray would go to KXII and redo the set there. They have the same news desk just needs a new set.

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