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  1. Kcbd has moved from A Ave to 98th and Broadway (FOX34 Studios) in Lubbock.
  2. KXAN is on the current set for the final time they are currently on a temporary set while a new one is built.
  3. Update confirmed Aaron will be joining KOTV he was at the Storm Team meet and greet today at Bob Mills Furniture in Tulsa this morning.
  4. Actually KOKI has been using this logo and graphics since 2013 not 2006.
  5. Aaron Reeves KTUL meteorologist leaving the station as of today he can’t announce until this weekend what or where he will be going but speculation is he will be going to KOTV as weekend evenings Meteorologist replacing the late Clint Boone who passed away a few months ago from a heart attack.
  6. If that’s the case why is cbs O&O’s and some Hearst stations still using it?
  7. I agree but the twitter post I shared shows the anchor desk as well. This is the main studio where the old set sat.
  8. Nope this is the main studio apparently.
  9. KTEV debuts their new set tonight at 5pm way smaller then other Nexstar sets.
  10. It will be a bit before they probably switch same with the ex-Meredith stations.
  11. Don’t forget KAUZ they haven’t gotten the new graphics yet either.
  12. Michael is joining KJRH as the weekday Morning meteorologist and lead meteorologist storm chaser during severe weather he will start on air Tuesday. Anne Brown will go back to Weekend Mornings ,Brandon Wholey will stay on Weekend Evenings, Chief Meteorologist Mike Coller says on Weekday Evenings, and Emma Landeros will be rotating covering shifts.
  13. KSWO finally made the full switch
  14. KOKI FOX23 meteorologist Michael Seger has left the station after 14 years yesterday was his last day at 23. He will be announcing soon where he will be going and doing.
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