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  1. I did see KJRH using a different graphic for a couple of promos for stories they were going to air
  2. She didn't fully say all she said on her last day at WFAA was she is going to spend time with her family before starting her next pursuit.
  3. She is a lawyer now but I think does the news on the side
  4. I doubt it but it would depend on his contract he signed with Tribune before the sell.
  5. Koco in OKC has two weathers pods as well but uses the second one mainly for severe weather coverage.
  6. Kolo tv in Reno has the new graphics as well they got theirs way before KXII.
  7. That I'm aware of they had the previous graphics since 2013.
  8. Wow that I'm shocked by but I'm glad they do. They had the old package for years especially when I lived down here in 2015 but I see they keep the weather graphics the same.
  9. These are what KJRH have been showing before the newscasts and 1 during the news when they are doing a "covering" a county spot.
  10. Mike Brooks left Kokh Fox 25 in OKC moved back to Tulsa and joined KJRH and will be on air starting Monday evening August 19th
  11. Add WSET to the list of stations to get the new graphics package from Sinclair.
  12. Kotv here in Tulsa has reported Bob's death.
  13. The way they put it they will still have employees at the old studio covering news in Fort Smith but majority of the station will be in Johnson at the new facility I know that one of the anchors and her family moved to Johnson or near Johnson.
  14. Tonight will be the final newscast in the Fort Smith studio they will move after the 10pm newscast and switch everything over to the new station and will debut the news set that evening.
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