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  1. Today is the start of the change CBS Mornings on KOTV 7-9am while Six In the Morning is now on the Tulsa CW during that time and the 9am show News on 6 at 9am will debut after CBS Mornings.
  2. That is correct they are also switching anchors during that time so LeAnne, Tess, and Alan will do the 7am hour while Tess, Dave, and Stephen does the 8am hour on the CW then Dave, LeAnne, and Alan will do the 9am on 6. Tess will continue to do the newscast at 4:30am with Stephen then report from the field or newsroom during the 5 and 6am broadcasts. This is what Stephen Nehrenz put on his Facebook “You'll also see a few anchor shuffles during that entire 5 1/2 hour stretch: 4:30 AM (CBS): Tess and me 5 AM - 7 AM (CBS): LeAnne, Dave, and Alan 7 AM - 8 AM (Tulsa CW): LeAnne, Tess, a
  3. I was watching them last night till midnight when it went to a replay of 10pm.
  4. Meteorologist Kendall Smith left KOTV as of yesterday she’s moving to New York and joining FOX Weather.
  5. They only use KQCW for the 8am hour of Six In The Morning and then at 9pm for the night newscast. So if they do move CBS This Morning to 7am then they could possibly use 7-9am on the CW and then still do the 9am show on 6.
  6. The promo didn't show or say I just saw it on TV and they said there is a new newscast at 9am on 6.
  7. Starting September 13th KOTV will be having a 9am newscast following their sister station KWTV that premiered theirs earlier this year. LeAnne Taylor, Dave Davis and Meteorologist Alan Crone will be the main talent.
  8. Tulsa’s FOX23 News anchor Clay Loney has announced he will be leaving FOX23 he’s been on family medical leave taking care of his sister who has breast cancer and other family members in Dallas he had been with FOX23 since 2004.
  9. KJRH is debuting the logo tonight at 5pm they have been spending the past few days switching the banners in the studio to the new logo as well as in front of the station.
  10. Big news for KWTV this morning. https://www.news9.com/story/60ec5ea1f3c12e0bf07e6675/news-9-griffin-communications-moving-to-downtown-oklahoma-city?fbclid=IwAR2NB73ydRhfvkRZILfATsd6tmjMkyXboJl5Sr0UklJASByAdTehRiUQOAA
  11. Most likely won’t because they don’t want to be continuously switching graphics I think that’s why they did these in house.
  12. The weather department has their own set of graphics they aren’t using Nexstar’s versions like in the past both KARK and KLRT uses these instead of constantly switching the graphics to show FOX 16 or KARK (been like this since 2020).

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