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  1. I hear you there been waiting on KTUL here in Tulsa, Oklahoma to get this new graphics package as well.
  2. Mandy Bailey formerly from KSWO that was fired for that brain binder has landed a job at KTEN as the Chief Meteorologist after David Siple left. She will be on air next week at 4,5,6,9,and 10
  3. Officially retired during the 6pm newscast in which Channel 8 renamed the Newscenter (newsroom) after him.
  4. I think that eventually both stations weather graphics will get updated it actually took them a while to get the graphics they have now for weather on air when they switch it from that 2016 package
  5. Nope KWTV has there own newscasts that runs from 4am-7am
  6. They don’t simulcast on news 9 but there talk radio station in Tulsa that Griffin owns Talk 1170am simulcasts the 5am show which started in November/ December time frame I believe
  7. And they took a page out of Sinclair’s book and added the bar on the right to show weather and the time and temperature during the morning news
  8. Both Griffin stations KWTV News 9 in OKC and KOTV News On 6 in Tulsa updated the graphics package they have been using and went back to the slogan “Oklahoma’s Own” replacing “On the scene, On the story” they gave sneak peaks of it on Facebook prior to Super Bowl.
  9. Brian Sanders is leaving KJRH for KMGH to be the morning anchor.
  10. From what their news director said on Twitter they will be going to a new graphics package later this year but didn’t say what package or if they are going to do a completely different one then Nexstar’s FOX package
  11. Preview of the new set. They aren’t using the Nexstar FOX graphics and they don’t have the Dalek desk.
  12. It debuts tonight at 5:30
  13. No there’s two desk if you noticed the main anchor desk curved out towards the cameras on the front. While weather’s is curved in towards the monitors
  14. Not sure what is going on with meteorologists leaving KTUL I think it’s mainly issues with the management and Sinclair.
  15. He also joins Taft Price who is also a former KTUL meteorologist there as well.
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