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  1. KMGH Denver7 has also went to the new graphics well on YouTube they are using it.
  2. Well that answers who's next that isn't an ABC station.
  3. I'm honestly liking the new graphics.
  4. So KJRH used part of the new graphics package on one of the news stories about Tulsa Public Schools superintendent wanted to close some schools to save money but is still using the current graphics for the newscasts.
  5. I've asked a couple of people at KJRH one never answered and the other said he doesnt know when production hasn't said anything to any of the anchors.
  6. Looks like KJRH maybe getting closer to the new graphics this was on their Youtube page along with the banner (which I couldn't save a picture of).
  7. they have been known as ABC 15 Arizona for a few years now on the newscasts.
  8. Stephanie Burgmann signed off from KSN 3 in Wichita today after 30 years she didn't say if she was retiring or going somewhere else.
  9. My guess would be WRTV next and unfortunately no on the timeline I've asked the gm at KJRH but haven't gotten a response to that.
  10. And I believe KWCH had it a longer because they were the first station I remember broadcasting a newscast for FOX Kansas.
  11. So Jay Prater chief Meteorologist at KAKE tv in Wichita posted this on his Facebook starting tonight at 9pm KAKE will now produce FOX Kansas News at 9 Sinclair owned station newscasts. Added some photos that Jay took on set and that Dave Grant (a Kake reporter) took they are using the old gray television graphics package instead of using Sinclair's graphics like KSN used when they produced the newscast.
  12. Just wanted to put this out that Apollo and Cox was originally going to name themselves as Terrier Media but now is saying that it will be remaining under the name of CoxMedia Group.
  13. Plus KAMR in Amarillo is also hiring for a Meteorologist since Britany Trumpy left for Myrtle Beach. And I believe KXXV in Waco is also.
  14. Mike Grogan has left KOTV after 9 years Christmas night was his last broadcast hasn't announced yet where he will be heading next.
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