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  1. I really like the set. Here’s some photos I took from the video.
  2. No only ones that the competitors don’t use the First Alert branding.
  3. All the stations have rebranded the CBSN names to CBS News (then city or state) but no new graphics.
  4. Gray’s graphics debut at 4pm on KWSO. Looks like they are using what KXII on the other side of Texoma uses. Take that back only weather is using the new graphics.
  5. Not sure yet they won’t show them but I could vaguely make out the gray standard used in this
  6. Supposedly Tuesday KSWO-TV in Lawton/ Wichita Falls will be getting Gray’s graphics package
  7. I saw something last year posted by someone who works at KTVT saying they were going to be getting a new set.
  8. Has anyone heard or seen a time frame of when they will be on the new set?
  9. I honestly think it just depends on the contract conditions when Clint left he couldn’t announce where he was going until the contract was up so I think his contract was done at the end of December since that’s when he announced where he was heading. Kinda like when Mike Collier left 8 he wasn’t actually supposed to be on air for another week but KJRH said screw it kicked Brett Anthony out during severe weather and had Mike go on.
  10. One more update Megan Gold is the second meteorologist for KOTV’s weekend team she will be on the Weekend Mornings while Clint will be Weekend Evenings they both started at 6 yesterday. Megan is fresh out of school from OU and was part time at KY3 in Springfield so she’s no stranger to Oklahoma.
  11. Update on Clint Boone he has joined KOTV replacing Kendell Smith who’s with FOX Weather and Sawyer Wells who left the station yesterday to become a doctor (His replacement starts soon from what Sawyer told me). Clint rejoins Travis Meyer who was his boss at KTUL in the mid 2000’s he will be on weekends starting next weekend.
  12. Weekend Meteorologist Clint Boone at KJRH has announced today (12/19) is his last day with 2News Oklahoma he has spent 3 years at 2 when Mike Collier hired him from KTUL. He hasn’t announced plans for 2022 yet but said he will let people know soon.
  13. The only thing i saw was a small glimpse of the set in the story I shared and you could see some parts of it as the reporter walked out the studio door.
  14. This weekend will be the final shows at Victory Park. https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/local/bye-victory-park-wfaa-moving-to-innovative-new-studio/287-998f955f-f59a-47b3-a05b-44779411bd43
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