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  1. KJRH is having the Meteorologists work from home starting this evening at 5pm the only time they will be in the studio will be during severe weather coverage.
  2. All stations in Tulsa are doing social distancing as well.
  3. All stations are doing it in Tulsa.
  4. Waco Texas would be another conflict due to KCEN and KWTX.
  5. It is the same bug just smaller then the other one.
  6. It passed close to them
  7. Meteorologist Mike Grogan that left KOTV a couple of months ago has announced that he is remaining in Tulsa and joining KOKI-TV and the FOX23 Severe Weather Team starts next week.
  8. KWTV's is actually known as SkyNews 9HD or as Bob Mills SkyNews 9HD and KOTV's is known as Osage SkyNews 6HD. And KFOR's is known as Air Comfort Solutions Chopper 4.
  9. ScottSchell

    KFSM 5News

    I am not sure if I am in the right place to ask this but does anyone have a full newscast of 5News in Fort Smith with the new Tegna grpahics and the old Tribune graphics they were using?
  10. Here's the 5pm open sorry for the sound. VID_20200130_165958.mp4
  11. KJRH has swapped the weather graphics to the new ones these are from their YouTube page they have went to the graphics.
  12. KDFW has the new graphics
  13. Looks like KJRH will debut the graphics at 10. I will post video and pictures if they do.
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