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  1. Hopefully you will like this picture they used for the open for 6pm.
  2. Add KTUL to the list now and they have went back to being called NewsChannel 8 while keeping the current 8 logo. VID_20200713_155806.mp4
  3. I'm wondering if and when KTUL may get this graphics update.
  4. Shoot it's about time I wish KTUL would get there heads together and get a new set though.
  5. The set is kinda like KSHB and WCPO sets.
  6. Only problem is that Joplin is the same as Springfield. Morgan Murphy has the cbs and fox stations while nexstar has the nbc and abc stations.
  7. They aren't they are just using what was already made for Scripps.
  8. Thank you. And that's what I'm wondering I was looking around online and found this made my a guy named Jeff Seed when he worked for Hothaus Creative in Houston, Tx. I doubt that this will be the graphics but it looks really good.
  9. At least this current set is better then what they had from 2002 till 2011. The old set was a thrown together set.
  10. I agree however the crawl doesn't go with the current package.
  11. KOKI-TV FOX23 in Tulsa has put a new crawl and time and temperature bug on air the only bad thing about it is the time and temperature bug is small above the 23.
  12. She's gotten screwed by KJRH as well when they got rid of her and Daniel for Scott Thompson and Lisa Jones...
  13. Don't mean to change the subject but wanted to put this on here. Congratulations goes out to KOTV Meteorologist Stacia Knight and her husband Josh they are expecting their first child in September. https://www.newson6.com/clip/15042051/oklahomas-own-stacia-knight-has-a-suprise-announcement
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