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  1. That maybe so I actually like there's as well. I don't care for FOX23'S current package but can't wait to see this debut.
  2. No it used to be then SJL bought it from Hearst.
  3. Does anyone have an update on how the set is coming along?
  4. 40/29 news anchor Craig Cannon just announced his retirement from NW Arkansas news
  5. Meteorologist T.J. Springer is leaving KSNW-TV in Wichita to take over Elisa Raffa's spot at KOLR 10 November 2nd will be his last day at KSN.
  6. I haven't seen this posted but KOLR 10/ Ozarks Fox meteorologist Elisa Raffa has left to join Nexstar station Fox46 in Charlotte.
  7. KAUT Freedom 43 in OKC has been doing an hour preview as well.
  8. KOKI, KTUL, and KJRH are still social distancing the anchors, meteorologists, and sports anchors while KOTV has allowed them to sit together again at the desk.
  9. Even Fox4 Fort Myers has a virtual set and it's ugly.
  10. I absolutely hate the virtual set look.
  11. KOKH Fox25 hasn't changed graphics yet but meteorologist Danielle Davis posted this on her twitter and it showed Sinclair's new graphics.
  12. Sorry to bump the thread but KVEO also did an update to the NBC set.
  13. WZTV FOX 17 in Nashville has switched to the graphics.
  14. And both KPLC and KSWL towers we're destroyed and KLCH radar has been destroyed.
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