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  1. Would not have expected to see the Raycom look for a team outside the southeast, interested to know the story behind that.
  2. Reviving an older thread as many may have missed the brief return of Fox’s (in this case, Speed’s) early 2010’s graphics during NASCAR Race Hub’s throwback show this week. Was a pleasant surprise to see.
  3. Hockey is also at the bottom. I’m not here for any of this.
  4. NASCAR is back and has not changed, so it looks like the new graphics are just for football right now.
  5. Same case with IMSA and Supercross, using yet another font
  6. I’m able to pick them out easier when the colors are geared towards the actual car. Just depends on how you interpret it I guess.
  7. Here’s a change for 2018 that really bothers me. For some reason on their NASCAR Xfinity Series coverage this year NBC decided that all cars will be the same color (black/red) on the graphics and leaderboard. To me this comes off as lazy and frankly unacceptable for it to be 2018 (this hasn’t been a normal thing on NASCAR telecasts since 2006). Here’s a comparison of last year and this year.
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