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  1. Kenny Albert and Eddie Olczyk are expected to be Turner’s lead announcing team. NBC has also chosen Albert as the announcer for the Finals for this season. https://awfulannouncing.com/turner/turner-will-reportedly-pair-kenny-albert-eddie-olczyk-as-top-nhl-broadcast-team.html
  2. If John Forslund doesn’t get a major role with either network then we have a problem
  3. Hockey is also at the bottom. I’m not here for any of this.
  4. NHL on Fox on Sinclair on NBCSN. Don’t remember them showing any non-NBC RSN feeds before this year but they’ve done it a lot this week.
  5. John Forslund is no longer under contract with the Hurricanes because ownership severely lowballed him, so he will be more free to work more of NBC‘s games. He will not be a part of any Fox Sports Carolinas broadcasts. Ends a 20+ year run with the franchise if an agreement can’t be reached.
  6. NASCAR is back and has not changed, so it looks like the new graphics are just for football right now.
  7. Same case with IMSA and Supercross, using yet another font
  8. Glad to see Raycom’s look live on, really gonna miss their ACC broadcasts and the hometown feel it brought.
  9. I’m able to pick them out easier when the colors are geared towards the actual car. Just depends on how you interpret it I guess.
  10. Here’s a change for 2018 that really bothers me. For some reason on their NASCAR Xfinity Series coverage this year NBC decided that all cars will be the same color (black/red) on the graphics and leaderboard. To me this comes off as lazy and frankly unacceptable for it to be 2018 (this hasn’t been a normal thing on NASCAR telecasts since 2006). Here’s a comparison of last year and this year.
  11. Very disappointing. As somebody who has spent their life so far in the Charlotte market and has also spent plenty of time in Myrtle Beach, I have always been a fan of how Raycom stations are run. I am worried of how this will affect things. As somebody who is also a huge ACC sports fan, I am also concerned about the future of Raycom Sports, even though it may not last past this upcomig season anyways thanks to stupid ESPN. ACC on Raycom is a North Carolina tradition.

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