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  1. One America News Plus to launch as OTA subchannel in Las Vegas and will expand further https://www.nexttv.com/news/oan-ott-launches-on-las-vegas-ota
  2. This isn't the national CBSN Is it? Is it still available on the .2 subchannel?
  3. Scripps is launching Newsy as an OTA subchannel in October. Newsy went from being an OTT channel then launched on satellite/cable and now is launching OTA. Wonder will any of the streaming news channels like ABC News Live launch OTA now? https://tvnewscheck.com/top-news/journalism/article/scripps-to-offer-newsy-as-free-ota-network/
  4. Has anything changed with This TV's programming since it was sold? Wonder what is planned for it?
  5. I wonder would they have been better going the Discovery/A&E/National Geographic route of airing more cheaply produced 'reality' series/documentary series? WGN America had an original series featuring Dog the Bounty Hunter a year or two ago. If news doesn't work like it is now ratings wise do you think they will close it entirely or go a different route with the channel?
  6. ViacomCBS show some recent enough content on Pluto. Maybe they might add more recent youth skewing content to this channel?
  7. This must just be a soft launch for the channel with a proper launch in January? Dabl was given a proper launch with lots of articles about it launching. So far this has absolutely nothing
  8. What programs has Fave TV being showing for the past few days?
  9. You'd think there would have been someone kind of an announcement like there was with Dabl if this was a proper channel launch?
  10. All The Grio TV will be is reruns of his cheap syndicated shows he has on his 'cable' channels. If he hasn't put proper content onto them before, he is not going to do it with The Grio TV.
  11. So it's basically a rerun channel of very old Viacom reality shows with a few old movies thrown in? CBSViacom seem to have more newer reruns on Pluto. I thought they may have launched a Spike type channel as a male-orientated version of Dabl with reruns of Spike series like they have on Pluto (almost like the old Spike on cable). Even re-establish the brand on OTA?
  12. CBSViacom recently launched a new free to air channel in Australia called 10 Shake with programming sourced from MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central. Why is OTA so developed in Australia but not in the US? You'd never see CBSViacom launching an OTA subchannel like this in the US? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/10_Shake
  13. It hardly is a brand new subchannel? Wasn't Dabl announced long before it even launched? Probably just some religious/foreign type channel.
  14. Wonder what they will do with This TV? I presume that they don't still have the content deal with MGM?
  15. His 'cable' channels are just his crap syndicated shows on loop. Can't see this being any different.
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