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  1. I think someone mentioned on another thread that NBC affiliates can get the O&O looks for free. Is that true?
  2. Now they need rights to air sports telecasts
  3. Linear Drift has only one syndicated package that I know of (WLEX's current graphics). Everything else is custom looks (other than the stuff they did for Nexstar)
  4. I think at least WOOD and WISH will end up getting the WFLA/WCMH look. As for WAVY... they'll find a way to keep the water theme going for them.
  5. Giant Octopus, not the one owned by FX Group, but Ruth Dial's recent "revival". No new clients since WFMJ, newer syndicated packages going unused, and now - their website is down. Is Ruth Dial closing down shop for good?
  6. Yes. They appeared to be the first-generation franchise transitions/stingers
  7. From what I can understand about the previous look: - National Ministry of Design (based out of Boston) came up with the concept and did at least the news opens and background animations. They have a compilation of the graphics here: http://getnmd.com/hearst-tv-news-package - Hothaus was indeed involved with the graphics package, but they was limited to the teaser graphics: - A Canadian firm, DKE, did the first versions of the franchise opens and stingers (I can't find their website anymore) EDIT: rkolsen found those. See his previous post. - Finally, HTV Design (Hearst's graphics hub) did everything else.
  8. Is it possible that Hearst may have collaborated with Hothaus for this redesign? The animations feel similar to their recent works.
  9. Not sure if they got them yesterday or this morning, but WLWT is now using the new graphics. EDIT: I didn't see MyNewsArchive's post.
  10. WLWT aired a promo last night for their 70th anniversary, and in that promo included someone watching a newscast from their phone. It had the lower third and bug from the new diagrid look in there. Turned on their news tonight and no new graphics at all! They played us.
  11. WLWT is using the new ticker right now.
  12. kfc513

    Cox graphics

    Some graphics package samples I found, all of which seem to be for Cox Media's stations. They were made by Filip Prochazka. First set of graphics are for KTVU, before Fox brought them: https://www.behance.net/gallery/30236047/KTVU-San-Francisco-Rebrand Next ones are WSOC's current graphics: https://www.behance.net/gallery/30250237/WSOC-Station-Rebrand This one is an unused set of graphics for WFTV, which is a modified version of WSOC's look: https://www.behance.net/gallery/30250427/WFTV-Rebrand Last but not least is some styleframes for a "Fox 29" which appears to use KABB's news logo (despite them being owned by Sincrap), but it uses images of Philadelphia throughout so it might have been a pitch for WTXF: https://www.behance.net/gallery/30248201/FOX-29-Station-Rebrand
  13. Hate to bump this thread, but what was that graphics company in question? And what was their website?
  14. I thought it was a motion graphics firm that I never heard of that produced WTHR's 2001 graphics. That's what I get for having no interest in TV news music.
  15. I'm not sure what "Rainmaker" is...
  16. Or WPTV, as that's where they tend to start out.
  17. If it is Hearst's goal to get those new graphics onto all their NBC stations before the Olympics, then no progress is being made at all. The Olympics start in two weeks and so far, only ONE NBC affiliate is using the full package. So unless Hearst wants their NBC stations to launch the new graphics all at once on the same day, then they might want to start rolling them out RIGHT NOW!!!
  18. Not really. Only difference is the font. Design is pretty much the same as before.
  19. I think WLWT's versions (or rip-offs) looked the cheapest out of all of them.
  20. Nope. Still on the same ones that they've been using.
  21. *maybe except for WMUR. They might end up with an entirely different look (with elements formatted like the standard design) like last time.
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