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  1. WJAX/WFOX aren't using the Scripps graphics - but they do share similarities. The actual Scripps graphics, however, is apparently syndicated now as KNBN is using them. http://www.newscenter1.tv/story/31013182/watch-previous-newscasts
  2. I guess this is Nexstar's response to Sinclair's "Journalistic Responsibility" promos.
  3. That weather alert bar has been around for a while with the previous diagrid look. It's shocking to see that WISN is just now using it.
  4. You know what's really shocking? News at 4:30am in 1990.
  5. I'm not sure about mornings, but I'm pretty sure they're #1 at 10pm. Also... - I don't think Raycom wants to get rid of WXIX anytime soon. - Didn't Fox consider buying WSTR from Sinclair?
  6. I never realized that! Also, that graphic at the beginning of the morning news promo looks familiar nowadays - it's from the the 2nd generation O&O look (you can see it at 0:44 in this demo reel) [MEDIA=vimeo]17683240[/MEDIA]
  7. But wait, there's more! https://www.behance.net/gallery/2098448/O-O Here's another demo reel: [MEDIA=vimeo]17237543[/MEDIA]
  8. That's not Calibri. That's actually Myriad, the default font in After Effects. The time/temp bug uses Verdana. It still makes it look horrifyingly ugly, especially the lower thirds. I can't imagine what the rundown above the bug looks like - if they even use it. THEY NEED TO FIX THIS ASAP.
  9. And another thing for KYTX: It doesn't make any sense for them to not have the Proxima Nova font loaded into its servers when they're using the font in their logo!
  10. Fox News designed the first O&O look from 2006 and maybe the 2008 HD redesign. The hub was always located in Tampa Bay.
  11. Network graphics are handled at Fox's headquarters in Century City. O&O graphics are handled by the graphics hub at WTVT in Tampa Bay. However, if they wanted to, they could have the network's graphics department redesign the on-air look of the O&O stations if they wanted to.
  12. Stations not using the new graphics yet: - KTHV - KFMB - WUSA - WMAZ - WLTX - KXVA/KIDY - KIII - WFAA - KHOU As far as KYTX's implementation of the new graphics... WORST VERSION OF THE GRAPHICS I'VE EVER SEEN!!! I hope the designers over at Troika were prepared for this small-market graphics abuse...
  13. Speaking of Cincinnati, here’s what news opens I wish would resurface: - WXIX’s opens between 1996-2005 - WSTR during Sinclair’s “News Central” era
  14. WKRC uses the "Curves" music with their graphics.
  15. Two possible reasons why this happened: 1. Sinclair executives are just now finding out about KOMO's "must-run" scheme; they threatened to fire the news director if the segments didn't come on during times when people are actually watching. 2. Ratings for KOMO's 6pm newscasts are taking a nosedive for some reason, so they're temporarily dumping the "must-runs" there until ratings pick back up.
  16. There is a typo in the open (and I'm placing all of the blame on the graphics hub for this)
  17. "We don't feel like finding WKYC's actual logo to put in the demo reel, so we'll just make a different version and hope nobody notices"
  18. A "Glass" version of this graphics update should not exist if it's going to look like THAT. Now let's see how long until WBFF launches the updated Curves/Smart Glass graphics.
  19. I think at least WOOD and WISH will end up getting the WFLA/WCMH look. As for WAVY... they'll find a way to keep the water theme going for them.
  20. Yes. They appeared to be the first-generation franchise transitions/stingers
  21. From what I can understand about the previous look: - National Ministry of Design (based out of Boston) came up with the concept and did at least the news opens and background animations. They have a compilation of the graphics here: http://getnmd.com/hearst-tv-news-package - Hothaus was indeed involved with the graphics package, but they was limited to the teaser graphics: - A Canadian firm, DKE, did the first versions of the franchise opens and stingers (I can't find their website anymore) EDIT: rkolsen found those. See his previous post. - Finally, HTV Design (Hearst's graphics hub) did everything else.
  22. Is it possible that Hearst may have collaborated with Hothaus for this redesign? The animations feel similar to their recent works.
  23. Not sure if they got them yesterday or this morning, but WLWT is now using the new graphics. EDIT: I didn't see MyNewsArchive's post.
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